Sunday, February 18, 2018

Harry Potter Party and Levi Turns 8!

First he sees his prey...

Then stealthily attackes.

Savor the sweetness of a fresh 'kill'.

What can I say, my kids love cereal with a passion.

This is how I remember what they want for birthdays and christmas. Also once I started saying I would take a picture the whining about buying stuff almost stopped. Win win.

Color time!!!!!
Why this photo? Just because. Also you can see Max and Levi's name done in HP Letters!
Making scarves for the HP party! I was kind of crazy to do it for all the kids but I wanted something really fun that they would actually use again unlike some stuff you take away from parties and immediately throw in the garbage. All the kids loved them!

Getting ready to make Negini or a basalisk depending on which kid you're talking to!


Hidden treasure for the horcrux hunt!

Finally got all those scarves done.

And pizza. So much pizza! But that is what the birthday boy wanted.

We all gathered for a brief second before the games began.

They made feather 'quills'.

'Potions' which were mixing powdered drinks in vials and then putting them in bottled water. They seriously loved it and Aunt Rose was so patient with the mess.

He insisted on carrying his own chair and even another. Also can you tell what color he's been into?

First day of scouts! I was so proud and he was so excited about joining some of his friends.

Oh Max. I love his little face. He was excited about the whole thing and trying to figure out when he would get to join his brother.

So during the scout thing one scout (I won't name names) locked the key in their van which he had done on more than one occasion. Instead of having someone come from 20 minutes away with a spare Jason impressed everyone, including me, and unscrewed the antenna and shimmied it down the seal of the door to push the unlock button. Everyone stood in awe as he did it. Such a clever guy I married.

This was pretty much the cutest thing ever. Matther asked Levi if he wanted to show him where to go and they just held hands together. I don't know if I'll ever see this again just because he's growing up and transition from that little kid to big kid phase where things like that just aren't cool.

This was part of the HP prep. I spend DAYS making the backgrounds out of old sheets I dyed. Then made a rock vinyl stencil and spray painted stone. It looked way better than I thought they would to be honest.


AND it was a busy Saturday/party day because he had a football game.

Morning football game, party at noon or so then evening scouts. It was one busy day for this 8 year old.

Lots more party pics because it was a lot of fun to do and we actually ended up keeping everything up for a while. Far longer than Jason wanted!

The family party! Fun but a LOT less stressful and more hanging.

AND super random. Because I needed to get rid of them but didn't want to forget. My shoes from my mission. By the end they were so beat up. I walked so much. And since my feet are gigantic especially compared to petite Bolivians I couldn't really replace them. I did have them fixed a number of times. If you look on the left you can see where it was sewn up. The sole got so cracked it went through the whole sole so they sewed it up. I later had it replaced. They were so worn but took me many places and helped me to meet so many wonderful people. Oh the stories these shoes could tell. 

Also the amount of times they were polished is crazy. Missionaries gotta keep them shiny! 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Splashing Around and Let the Season Begin

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming....
We stopped off at the craft store for something and of course the boys found the dragons. We always take pictures to help remember (for me for gifts!) and also it curbs and whining about buying whatever it is on the spot. We say it's to save up for and remember and has seemed to help.
Working it at Winco.
And making wands. They had fun picking out different beads and painting their own wands.
Air hockey at swimming lessons!
We got all of our kids together. So many kids in such a small space. I believe there were 18 kids I believe, 6 moms and Justin. We joked that this must be what a polygamist family would be like.
I brought a ton of water ballons and the kids had a blast throwing them at each other. Davis mostly just threw them at the ground.
A sign of a good summer afternoon.
And more water balloons in the backyard.
Then we all went up and this is what Dave did. He was having so much fun.

This kids loves his blanket. He has like 5 favorites.

I got me some baby time while the boys ate their lunch.

The water area always makes me the most nervous with Davis because he always gets completely soaked, so I try and save it for the very end.

Oh and this air machine with the balls. He seriously played with it for 45 minutes straight and wouldn't let any other kids near 'his' tube.

I took this because I thought it was a clever way to hid ugly trash cans. I'd love to get Jason to do some but I don't know where they'd go.

Guess what time it is?
RS night. I liked this activity. It was just a garden party but with it everyone was supposed to bring dressy type cloths for a local organization to use for women who were in need of work cloths. I think we need to do more of this combining with all these fun activities with giving for others.
Not many grapes but they're there!
Football practice! His first year of tackle and he's got a great attitude.
The Carstens invited us over to watch a movie with their new projector.
My deep clean list. It probably needs updating.
Brothers. I love both these little men.

Homemade popcorn and kettle corn is just better from scratch.