Thursday, March 19, 2009


Sometimes I feel like I do so much in a day and at the same time do nothing. All I know is that today I didn't do much housework but Levi and I sure had a pretty fun time.

This is a felt book with Elmo and friends. Levi really likes to take out the little characters and stick them in the book. I took one and put in on his shirt. He thought it was halarious and thus had to cover me with them. Luckily with this ever expanding prego belly, there was enough room for Elmo and all his friends.

Though Levi has been eating 'real food' for a long time, the concept of using a spoon or fork has recently been introduced. He absolutely loves it and can get pretty mad if you try to feed it to him like a baby. He's getting pretty good....but still makes a decent mess most of the time.

Also today we:

Made cookies - Levi LOVES helping and gets offended if you don't let him 'assist'....and taste.
Stared at Jason's HUGE 125 gallon fish tank. He recently bought new fish.
Watched Sesame Street....his favorite. Who knew he'd like Elmo so much.
Read a ton of books in his newly redone 'Jungle Room'
Colored (a little, he lost interest pretty quickly).
Played with blocks, trucks and balls.
Counted with our number flash cards...he mostly just likes the pictures and to make a mess.
and oh, so much more.

It is never a dull (or quiet) moment with Levi around.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I never thought...

I love to make things. Ever since I was little, creating things always seemed second nature to me. I sewed, made jewelry, quilted, crocheted, knitted, embroidered, even did furniture. You name the 'craft', I was probably into it at some point, to some extent and perhaps still dabble in it.

This love of crafting comes from a long line of women who, similarly, love to create. It's in my blood.

Now. I thought I had a lot of crafting supplies (updates on the new craftroom soon to come), but I found out today that my grandmother takes the cake when it comes to craft supplies.

Since we found out my grandmother will be coming back to her house in less than a month, we are beginning on cleaning up the downstairs of her house and converting it into a place for her and her room. Right now we (and by we, I mostly mean me, since I am puttering around the house the most) are in the cleaning and organizing phase of it all. Today I decided to begin the process of moving and organizing the quilting supplies, which is in the space we will soon need to remodel.

At first I was only going to work on it for one hour and get to the other things I had on my list. Then it turned to two, then to three. I have only just quit because I don't think I can handle looking at one more piece of fabric, which I never thought I would say because I practically drool when going into any sort of craft/fabric store. There are piles and bags and boxes of fabric. At first it was sort of fun to go through because there are so many different, fun prints. After hour 2 they all just seemed to mush together. I think it's safe to say grandma wins when it comes to having the most crafting supplies in the family. I wonder if that will make Jason tease me less about my stash....doubt it.