Thursday, August 13, 2015

Couches and Spaghetti Face

Can you tell we just went to the library? Whenever that happens it's a lot of snuggling up to good books. For Levi it was surrounding himself in books all about Greek mythology.
We got new couches!!!!! After saving up for a while (like 9 months or so?) we decided we needed new couches. Actually I did. The one upstairs was getting really gross no matter how much I cleaned it. We have been here for 6 years and then my grandparents had it for a while before that, I don't even remember how long.

After going to many, many, many places we found exactly what we were looking for at the price we wanted. It was about as fun as  car shopping is. As we were doing it though I realized that it was the first time Jason and I have ever bought a couch together. For the two years we were at BYU we had furnished apartments so didn't get any then. Then we were at my moms for a year or so and she had hers we obviously just used and then when we moved in here we basically just moved into their furnished house and had the couch they did. It's weird being married 10 years and never having bought a couch. First time for everything I suppose!

Anyways it finally came and we were all excited to try them out. I was mostly excited I could wipe them down.
That day Max promptly turned in his Easter coupons for ice cream and a movie which he wanted to share with his brothers. Who wouldn't want to stretch out and watch a movie with those couches?
Figure out spaghetti is tricky.
When we were going to the library and I burst out laughing.
I seriously see Gabe's initials everywhere. I'm pretty sure I've seen it over 6 times. Mine? Never.
Ashley was carpooling home and asked if she could take Levi and the gang to the park. Uh, let me think about that one!
He looks so big in this picture with his hands in his pocket.
And of course, chasing geese. Good, they are jerks.
A friend of mine posted a free picnic table and since I was actually in the process of looking to buy one I quickly said yes. I knew it needed a little work but I was surprised when I saw it. Not because it was worn, I was totally expecting that but because of the shape. I thought it would be the traditional rectangle one but I LOVE this round one which has four benches that can be moved around. Love it.
It took several days to get everything washed then painted because I could only do so much at once. But it got done and Max even helped. He loved it.
Trying to keep the grapes from Davis who kept wanting to dump them.
The power of paint.
Mom and Aunt Rose took the boys off to the flower gardens or something. I don't remember but they had fun and got sodas which they were excited about.

Watching Harry Potter! Davis was very fascinated.
Max had finished the first book so this was his first time. I can't tell you how fun it is to watch your kid watch Harry Potter for the first time. He loved it.
This time spaghetti was a little messier.
Every year at Levi's school they do a living museum where each of the kids get a different person from history. They learn about them, do reports then write a summary they can use to memorize and give for this night. They are all in the hall and have  a round sticker on their hand and when you press it they give their story and information about who they are.

For this Levi got assigned Asop, as in Aesop's fables because his teachers know he loves to tell stories. We totally winged that costume. It is a sheet with a slit cut in it, a piece of brown cloth and then another piece for a belt. So easy to do even though it did shift around a bit. But for an hour of presenting it was worth it.
Davis likes his books. And being silly.
One of Max's best friend Sam had a Lego birthday party. He was thrilled about the whole thing. He loves Sam!
And guess whose becoming a pretty darn good reader? He loves Pete the Cat.
So does Dave.
During a crazy stressful week I was informed that my VT-ee was also busy, stressed, sick and husbandless for the week so I did dinner which was super easy. At first I'll admit I didn't really want too because it was a crazy time for me but I'm glad I did because she seemed so relieved when I brought it. Costco chicken, rolls, salad and banana bread. Done.