Monday, April 27, 2009

Mis primeras palabras

Since both Jason and I speak Spanish fluently, I have always wanted to teach our children Spanish. If we didn't, I think it would just be a waste of all that lernin', and I know I'd regret it if we didn't do our best.

While we were on a library trip this weekend, I saw the Spanish section in the kids department and went a little crazy. I got a bunch of little kids Spanish books and dvds. We are so lucky to have such a great resource aound here! Somehow I made it out of the library without dropping everthing in the parking lot in the typical Kendra, pregnant way.

So today I pulled out the books for our pre-nap reading time. It started off well, because they have such fun pictures. Then he pointed to a ball and said 'ba' (that's ball for Levi). Usually I say the word after he does and this time instead of saying 'ball' I said 'pelota'. Levi repeated, 'ba', I said 'pelota'. 'Ba', 'pelota'. Scream. I don't think he likes the idea of learning another language.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This year for Easter I think I was way more excited than Levi was. OK. I KNOW I was. About a month before my mom bought plastic eggs for him to play with. He LOVED them. Who ever thought little pieces of plastic shaped like eggs would be so much fun? A number of times we had 'practice' egg hunts, so he'd be ready for the big day. I was so excited about it all I bought everything so far in advance we had to replenish some of the goodies because they just didn't make it that long.

We love to pose.
Levi's Easter basket. I kept it pretty simple and put in some bath toys and a toy truck and a couple eggs. He was excited about the little whales. And even more excited when he found the eggs had food in them. I mostly put in bite sized cookies, peeps, gummi bears...and other things he would like. If I could have I would have put in string cheese or a hot dog (His personal favorites)
Cookies........As we went around looking for eggs he HAD to open each one as we went and eat whatever was in it. We had a lot of eggs though, so by the end he was a lot more generous of his treats.
I'M DONE! he says. For dinner we had turkey and normal fixins. Levi didn't like any of it. But I suppose nothing compares to all the Easter sweets. He got quite mad at the whole thing, until I put some ketchup on his plate to dip stuff in. I wonder if I ever liked ketchup as much as he does.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Eight down......

ONE left! Months that is, until our little boy will make a grand entrance in this world. I can hardly believe how fast it has gone. It seemed like a much longer wait the first time around, but I bet having an extremely active little toddler, among other things, has kept me pretty distracted.

For the past several months I have been working on cleaning and organizing the house. Which I probably will continue until he comes. Right now I am wanting to paint our bedroom (either this or next weekend) and do curtains as well as make my baby announcements (at least the card part). I love doing them myself because for me they are just fun to make and it is a creative outlet for me. We'll see what other projects I start for myself.

On a different note...

Every Tuesday and Thursday night Jason goes to play volleyball. And for some reason this Tuesday while he was gone, I had the hugest fear that I would go into into labor right after he left and then he wouldn't be there when the baby came because he doesn't answer his phone during volleyball. I don't know if I could handle it all if he wasn't there. What would I do with Levi? My grandma (who we live with and 'take care of' )? Who would be with me in the hospital? It would be AWFUL!!! That whole night I prayed nothing would happen and when he got home I made Jason promise me he would frequently check his phone while playing. So far he has. Hopefully it won't happen like that and everything will be smooth. I don't know why I suddenly had this fear because my first pregnancy it didn't even cross my mind, though I probably would have been wise to at least think about it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Large and in charge

Right now I am looking at my continually expanding belly and see lumps shifting everywhere, reminiscent of an alien horror movie. Feeling a baby move is one of the more wonderful things of being pregnant. But I must admit, watching it, especially in the latter stages of pregnancy, is kind of creepy looking (and feeling). I remember when I was at this stage with Levi sitting with Jason and watching all the belly action take place. His response to it all: "Gross". I keep looking at it , wondering how it's all staying in, almost expecting something to pop out, like in Spaceballs (a great flick BTW).

On another note. Levi has never, ever been the clingy type, especially to me. If any clinging was going on, it was with daddy. But within the last month or two he has been wanting me to be around all the time and freaks out when I leave or when I am not with him. I have a theory. I think somewhere in his baby/toddler mind, body, chemistry...whatever, he knows what is coming. He knows he will no longer be the center of attention, a position which he enjoys thoroughly. I kind of think it might be when animals know a natural disaster is coming. Just a theory. I wonder if any studies have been done........

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Look what I can do!

I don't know what it is with kids (or babies) and electronic devices. It is as if they are somehow drawn to them the moment they leave the womb. Since Levi was little, he loved anything even semi-electronic. Now he is older, a bit wiser and knows where I hide such devices. In the past it was pretty easy to distract him for a moment and put whatever it was away. He'd get a puzzled look and get on with whatever it was we were doing.'s a whole different ballgame. He knows when I hide something it doesn't just disappear. I guess it's all a part of growing up. This has happened not only with electronics but for 'treats' as well. He knows exactly what a cookie is and is very quick to beg, cry, get one if he knows it's around.

Lately he's been loving playing with my camera. He especially loves it when I take a picture and then show it to him. So while we were playing, he somehow 'found' my camera and we just had fun with it. Here are some of the pics we took (this was last week, he had a bit of a cold so forgive the red watery eyes. He's all better now.)

Cheek (that's a new one, so is chin, forehead, and eyebrows, which he doesn't quite get yet. Eyebrows are kind of wierd anyway)