Monday, April 6, 2015

Dirt and the Great Outdoors

 Monday morning. Back to the grind. This calls for spinning on Dad's chair in the office!
 And I wasn't feeling so good in the morning and not up to much so Studio C with the boys it was.
 Bed, blanket and bottle time. My favorite. I seriously am going to be so sad when the bottle goes. It is really the only cuddle time I get. Otherwise it's go go go for this kid.
 A moment reading. Ok, there are a lot of those with this kid. He loves his books. Both Jason and I have suggested and gotten several but he likes what he likes. I don't care so long as he's happy reading. Also he does like to read his Eyewittness books not just the fiction.

On the floor you can see the quilt my mom made. She made a pink one and blue one before I found out if #3 was a boy or a girl but she was so nice she gave me the pink one (they both have a big heart) so it is my valentines quilt.
 Climber boy.
 And he has discovered how awesome the back yard is and never wants to leave. Like never. He freaks out after we have to go in even if he's been out for hours. Oh, and that's him giving kisses to his big bro. I love Davis kisses.
Doctors office for Levi. He got a cold which triggers athsma and his airway gets blocked off. So time to see the Dr.
 Davis napping. In our closet. I wish I could get a better picture of him sleeping. I love babies sleeping with their little butts in the air.
He's on round three of reading the Harry Potter Series.
On his little bros bed. Davis is clueless so it's more of a communal bed right now.
We found a car cart! I think it was Davis' first time. He was confused at first but got into it.
Teacher conferences at Max's school. I wish I didn't have to take this guy but it is what it is. He was all over the place. At the end he grabbed the teachers bottled water and crumpled it a couple of times. I felt terrible. Oh well. She says Max is doing great, is a great listener and is doing a good job in his reading progress. Yey Max!
One of the science experiments the boys did was making a hovercraft out of a cd and a balloon. You fill the balloon with air and it hovers. Davis tried hard to blow it up but got a little frustrated when it didn't quite work.

This is so gross and embarrassing. But it is what it is. Davis sleeps in a pack and play in our closet so it doesn't have sheets on it or anything. I noticed it was pretty dirty so I took it out and scrubbed it hard. It was amazing the transformation. And it made me feel a little bad he's been sleeping in such a dirty pack and play. Oh well. He's tough. I think serving my mission in Bolivia has made me realize that things could be a lot dirtier. I remember visiting so many people whose houses were made of adobe. That is dirt. But they did just fine, a little dirt never hurt any one.
Always trying to get on the table.
Since the weather has been so nice Jason has been working on the back yard which meant cutting a down a number of huge branches on the trees. Hopefully that will let more sun in and keep it from being so squishy and mossy. Max, of course, wanted to get out his tools and help dad.

Oh and show me how he could climb the truck.
Did I mention how much this kid loves to climb?

Larry and Richelle were over for the weekend visiting. Richelle and Max spent a lot of their time coloring in a superhero book she brought for the boys along with some new colored pencils. They did this for hours.
And someone found the scooter.

Another helper. Got to train them young. 

Feet in the Air and Shadows on the Walls

My boys can be such big helpers sometimes. Now that they are getting bigger I've been trying to find ways to give them more responsibilities. So now I have one of them put the cart away when we're grocery shopping although not when it's super crazy, like Costco on Saturday because that is just insane. I can barely handle maneuvering between the cars.
Exercising. I've been loving my  zumba classes and boot camp classes. I'm still too nervous to hit the weight lifting machines. One day.
Elmo in Grouchland. He looked so sweet with his little feet in the air.
Jason set up the crib and put the lovesac in the living room. The boys decided they all wanted in. Now it's since been adjusted and is a toddler bed that the stuffed animals and sometimes Max, sleep in.
Max has got my camera figured out even though it has a password on it. I asked him to bring it to me from my room and when I was looking through it found these. He still swore up and down he didn't take any pictures. Someone's pants are on fire.
We had to pick up Max from the bus stop and running errands Davis fell asleep in the car so miracles of miracles he stayed asleep in my arms for a good long time. Then decided to bust out some tunes.
More Max pictures.
So funny. Max was crawling around with this box on his back like a turtle and then went still. Taking an opportunity Davis decided to get on top. He was only up there for a little bit before I got him down and Max only screamed a little bit. :)
Volunteering at Max's school! It went well, made copies, helped kids. Max was very excited about the whole thing. I always wanted to be one of those volunteering moms. When I was a kid my mom could never volunteer because she worked a ton and I was secretly jealous of some of those kids who had their moms come in to volunteer or bring in treats on their birthday. Now, as an adult I know that was silly to be jealous, my mom worked her butt off so we could all have a home, food and all that other stuff. She rocks. Still, I wanted to do it if I could. And I can, so I do!
Playing at Miss Lola's house.
We were snuggling and he fell asleep. I am going to miss these bottle, bed and blanket times with this guy.
And we thought it was high time we introduced Davis to the button box. Of course he fell in love. Later we had Lola and Elsie over and they had a blast playing with them. Heck, I love playing with them and the older boys still love it.
Tough boys. I remember a time when I would say no weapons or fighting in the house but let it go to some extent and now roll with it unless it gets too crazy or loud. I am pretty sure it is just wired in boys to do that sort of thing. Boys/men are hunters and fighters and have been for thousands and thousands of years and it has really only been in the last hundred and fifty years, which is a relatively small time frame, that they have not needed to use those hunting and fighting instincts but it's still in there. I like to think I would have some great hunters and protectors if I ever needed it. You know. For the Zombie Apocalypse.

Time for books, lunchable and some more buttons. This is a busy man.
My dad took the boys off for the night and they went off to his house as well as OMSI. Also they got ice cream. Spoiled boys. Max's flavor? Chocolate. Plain old chocolate.
Jason and I went on a date night. Afterwards we went to Fred Meyers to pick up a couple things and Jason couldn't help doing this.
And then he gave me a pedicure. Pedicures by Jason are the best.
It's Sunday baby! Davis has been working on figuring out how to get down the front steps all by himself. Also ONE MONTH till nursery! I have been sneaking him in the last hour though. There are only a couple of other kids and the teachers don't mind. I just sit there and he plays. Fingers crossed it will be an easy transition.

Davis somehow got the whole bunch of bananas off the counter and decided to get started on his own. For some reason he thinks you eat the peel. I've tried convincing him numerous times but he insists.
We went for a little walk and played out back because the weather has been amazing. Looking forward to summer!
He could sit on this swing for hours. Ok. His max was just over an hour but still.
Hates to get off. HATES it. And going inside.
Max had been brushing his teeth after taking a bath so you could really see his curls. He gets that from grandpa we think.