Sunday, July 27, 2008

July Adventures

Farmington Ward Pioneer Day - July 26th 2008

Although Jason and I have attended numerous pioneer days we have never put one on and it was quite an adventure. I learned a lot from the experience, such as:

1.) Don't forget the napkins. Or the lighter fluid.
2.) Assume that everyone will take at least two plates and two napkins, possibly more.
3.) It is really difficult to get 150 people gathered (half being children) together for a program no matter how much or how loud you yell or how many people are helping you.
4.) Expect the unexpected.
5.) It's ok when everything doesn't go to plan. That's life.

This is probably my new favorite picture of Levi because it shows so much of who he is. One word: INTENSE.... Even when he's just saying hello to mommy. When he wants something he goes for it with all the gusto an 11 month old has and can't be distracted.

For our pioneer day the little kids were in a parade. It was actually tricky to get them to stop marching.
Jason tug-o-waring against the primary. Seconds later Cory (the big guy in white) was able to lead the kids to victory.
For an activity the kids made butter. It took some time to catch on but they loved it. The next day in church parents kept telling me their children made them toast and butter for breakfast.

Washington County Fair 2008
Levi was very interested in the flashing lights as the police man drove around on his bike (he looked like he was having WAY too much fun).
Levi, Katelyn Morin and her family's big bull 'BUBBA'
Try as I may, it is quite difficult to keep Levi away from junk food when his grandma, aunt and uncles are around. He enjoyed the elephant ear. And the curly fries. And the shaved ice. Oh yeah and some funnel cake. Hmmm.
My buffalo burger. I have been wanting to try one since I visited Montana. Unfortunately I never got one. Jason being the thoughtful guy he is, found one for me at a booth at the fair. My review: 5 stars, 2 thumbs up... It was delicious and has a 'cleaner', less greasy taste to it. Definitely better than a regular beef. So go and try some.

Family Night

It is not often that all us 'White' kids are able together. But we were able to get most of us together to have a fun night in downtown Portland, where my oldest brother lives.

First we went to The Screen Door, a great restaurant serving southern cuisine. Good home cookin'. I personally had some mac and cheese. Best I've ever had. Ever.

Then off we went to a ice cream place called staccato gelato who specilizes in homemade Italian ice cream.
Levi, of course, got a taste from Uncle Isaac. Grandma. Aunt Rose. And I believe Uncle Preston.
I might have given him a bite too. I don't remember.

I'm sure all this ice cream helped him stay up until 11pm without much complaint. Because after dinner and dessert we went to my brothers apartment to play a rousing game of Apples to Apples. Or as my mother calls it "Apples to Oranges"

Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Travels: Washington Family Reunion

The German Gamboree

This year we attended the annual "German Gamboree" in Jason's family held up in Kenniwick, WA. It was very well attended and was the first one I (and Levi) attended. As with all of Jason's family functions I knew only a small handful of people. I'm learning all their names and faces, maybe one day I'll remember who's who. Maybe.
The five dollar race! The younger kids at the family reunion decided to race. As you can see Jason decided to participate (with Levi in his arms). Though they did come in first Jason was disqualified for obvious reasons.

Levi was a little timid with playing in the water fountain at first but soon warmed up to the idea. By the end we had to pull him away screaming.

Levi hanging out with grandpa Larry.
Levi was an amazing sport, being woken up early, driving for 4 and a half hours and then playing for 5. But all good times come to an end and even Mr. Party Animal couldn't resist the comfort of daddy's arms. Didn't last too long though. Soon Uncle Alex (eight) woke him up. Then Levi freaked out because he was REALLY REALLY tired.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer Travels: Montana

This is what a total of 40+ hours of driving will do to a baby.
He went crazy after what I thought would be a taste of a Gogurt. There was a crazed look in his eye and boy was he mad when I took it away. Yogert everywhere.

Grandma Tami and Aunt Pegi live next to Flathead lake so we decided to take out the pontoon boat. The little ones were out soon after we left.
Us at Glacier National Park. It was breathtakingly beautiful. You can tell by our attire that we didn't really believe the "Glacier" part.

This is the mountain sheep that tried to kill me. No really, but it did get pretty close. When we pulled into the parking lot the sheep was in a hill a ways away. So of course I get out to take a picture but by that time he had moved a bit closer and was right in front of me several yards away while I was trapped between two cars. Several seconds he stared at me wondering what to do. I really wasn't scared he would come at me because I thought, "That stuff only happens in movies."
Addision and Levi hadn't seen each other since Christmas, when all they could do was eat, sleep, and barely skooch around.

Grandma Tami and Little Levi, they had a grand old time

Grandma Tami has branched out from Harley's to go carts and Jason got to take one out for a spin, though it wasn't on a real track and it the engine wouldn't start. It still needs some fixing for the next race. Next time. Maybe by then she'll have one for little Levi! His other grandma would LOVE that.

Summer Travels: Yellowstone

We just got back from the last (well, almost) of out travels for the summer. First it was Levi and I in Yellowstone, then all of us heading off to Washington and Montana. Then Washington again. Levi was a trooper though and took advantage by getting a lot of sleep. He is a great traveler.
Because Jason had to work it was Levi and I along with Grandma, Auntie Rose and Uncle Preston who were off to West Yellowstone to see my brother, who is a Playmill Theater actor for the summer. He was great! Levi got to hang out with his cousin Eli a lot and loved it.

As the two boys pulled most of the pots and pans and other assorted kitchen ware, I suddenly felt bad for poor little Eli (and his mother) because I could see in some distant future, my little Levi coxing his cousin (and I'm sure siblings, neighbors...) into all sorts of trouble. Sorry Kara.
Uncle Gabe with both the boys. Gotta love those chops. Don't worry he only had it for the play. He was Judd in Oklahoma. It's amazing how he can be so the play that is

Levi is what most people would call a "squirmer" making it impossible for him to sit long for any length of time. Hmmmm. I wonder where he gets that from.....
The dishwasher....I'm not sure if putting liquid soap in was my moms idea or my sisters. Either way, it was hilarious.
Me and my baby looking at a waterfall at Yellowstone. He was VERY interested.
Ahhhhh! No one got hurt. The buffalo decided to stop roughing it and started waking on the roads. They are HUGE! They stopped traffic for almost an hour. As if people had seen a buffalo walking on a road before.

Levi and I got home late and so we didn't even get to say much of a hello to daddy because everyone was tired from a 12 hour drive. The next day we went to see Jason on his lunch break and have a picnic. He really missed us.