Thursday, May 27, 2010

Halarious Levi Part 3

Me: "Levi, stop picking your nose."
He tries to eat it
Me: "Don't eat your boogers, it's gross."
Levi: "Stop!" (he likes to say stop when he wants you to stop saying something he doesn't want to hear). He's done this a ton of times. Stop! Stop! This time? He tried a new strategy. After yelling "Stop!" he says, "Tickle, tickle, tickle!" and proceeds to tickle me. He new method of distraction. I love it.

I was getting extremely frustrated putting a drawer (that he had pulled out) back in. After seeing me grunt and groan to try and get it back in he exclaims "Calm down, calm down!" He has since started saying "calm down, calm down" any time I say anything he either doesn't want to hear or say in a stern voice. Terribly frustrating and terribly cute.

Dad had just told Levi not to do something he wanted to do. Sometimes when that happens he comes crying to me (yes, I'm the sucker and he knows it). So he came crying to me and said "hurt my feeling". He got his feelings hurt. Then said "going bastroy him". I'm going to destroy him. "with little gun." With my little gun. It was a very funny conversation. He doesn't even have a gun. Where the does he learn all this stuff??? But it was very nice to see he was able to recognize his feelings though he wanted to 'destroy' dad. Don't worry he didn't, he forgot all about it after 30 seconds. Dad did not get 'bastroyed'.

One Sunday I had Levi with me while I was working on some projects and watching some conference talks. I put on one with President Monson and asked Levi who it was. He wasn't looking and said "Joseph Smith". I told him to look at it and asked again to which he said "President Monson". I told him he was correct and that Joseph Smith died a long time ago. His reply: "Joseph Smith, robots got him". So creative he is.

Lately he's been in to naming things. Some names: cuatroped the eagle (after cuatro like the number four in Spanish, he can actually say the numbers in Spanish as well, if not better, than he can in English), fire trucky the dragon (which has now been changed to Fred), chi-chi the other dragon, Mr. Robot (the robot)

"I have two doggies. Tina and PJ" These are dog of other family members who might think they are their dogs, but really they are Levi's.

Our family names, which Levi uses often: Captian Daddy, Leutenient Levi, Major Max and Soldier Mommy (Jason gave me the name Sargent Mommy but somehow Levi changed it to Soldier)

He's figured out tomorrow means later, and he's using it. A lot. Any time he doesn't want to do or eat something he says 'that for tomorrow'.

The missionaries stopped by to use the restroom and of course we got them a glass of water. Levi LOVES the missionaries and he wanted a drink to, so I got him one. Then he, on his own, not only got himself a straw but then went and got one for each of the missionaries.

In the car he's found he can take off the material arm rest covers off his car seat and now he puts them on his arms. He then starts waving his arms around saying "I am a robot, I am a robot" which Max thinks is HYSTERICAL. I do too.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Super Duper Party!

A delayed post, but still good! We had a simple and fun birthday party for mr. Max.

We were at the store and I let Levi pick out a present for Max. What did he pick? Swords. And I knew I couldn't just get one or they would be forever fighting over it. Boy, do they love those swords! I wasn't really a fan when they were picked out, but I couldn't resist my cute little man.

Also he got a set of new animals from the zoo. This time: Arctic animals with penguins, a polar bear and a strangely huge snow rabbit. And from grandma and grandpa an awesome set of mickey mouse characters which Max (and Levi) love!
Several weeks ago I asked Levi what kind of cake we should make for his birthday. His reply "Super man cake". Then over the next weeks that morphed into a "Super Duper Baby Cake". This is what I came up with.
While Levi LOVED the super duper baby cake, Max could have cared less what it looked like. He just knew it was cake. And boy does he love cake!
Zero hesitation.
At first it was fun and exciting but then he didn't like being so messy (hmmm wonder where he got that from!)
But he didn't mind a bath to clean up!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Whole Year

What a year it has been! Exactly one year ago I met one of the most wonderful, sweetest, spirits ever created. My little Max! It was a wonderful day, with no surprises, just calm, joy! You were bright eyed from the start yet with a very quiet and calm presence.
Fast forward one year and it is amazing to see your development. A calm presence yet with lots of excitement and energy, you have been the perfect addition in our family. You love to watch and observe but love to be part of the action.

Lately you have loved playing 'chase' around the house. Daddy will start crawling behind you saying "I'm going to get you!" and you'll put your head down and start crawling as fast as you can. Or we'll tell you to 'go get' someone like dad or Levi, and you'll make a beeline to them and start 'tickling' them. It's the cutest thing ever!
You are very mobile and I don't doubt you will be walking soon enough. The other day I was thinking about how very soon I will be the mother of two little boys, with no babies. Being a mother of little babies is very hard work but there is something about holding my own little baby and having that little one wiggling while I'm holding you on my hip. Maybe it's those cute little cheeks, or the bald head, or how you grab food with your cubby little hands and put it in your mouth.

One of your favorite toy lately is the toy kitchen (ok, ok it's not kitchen, it's Elmo's restraunt, dad is forever clairfying it's not a kitchen but a restraunt) from grandpa and grandma. You love to 'cook' for us, it's so cute!
You also love your the music play table and to 'dance'. You dance more with your head and shoulders while your brother was more of a hip dancer. It's so cute!
When night time comes you LOVE to do story time, though if were reading and laying on the floor, you mostly love to sit on the book, but you always want to be part of the group.

While you have always loved your big brother, you are finding him even more hilarious lately. You giggle hysterically when he starts dancing around the house or spinning in circles. You squeal for delight in the car when he takes off his car seat arm covers, puts them on his arms, and pretends to be a robot. And since you two got those swords for your birthday you haven't stopped playing with them. It's SOOOO cute!
You're five toothed smile is infectious and I love how you kiss me every time I ask for a hug. You are forever wanting to give kisses, especially if you see dad or your brother kissing me.

We love you more than words can express Max and we are so grateful you were sent to be a part of our family!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

That time of year!

Weathers been great lately, know what that means? Mmmm, the smell of fresh cut grass. I looked out the window and what did I see? A father with a son following perfectly!
He's got great technique!
Now push!
Then he brought me a flower. Just like his dad does.


Levi makes at least, on average, 2 masterpieces a day and I love them all. Usually they end up on the fridge but lets face it, one fridge can only hold so many works of art and occasionally I'll do a cleanup of them all at night when the boys are sleeping. Normally he doesn't notice it's gone, until today.

As he was putting up another work of art he exclaims 'it's gone!'. After asking, he told me, my picture was gone and 'they took it'. I asked him who took it. 'Toy soldiers took it'.

Every now and again Levi will talk about the toy soldiers doing this or that. I am not positive but I think these are the toy soldiers in Toy Story.

I did not fess up to him and for now, I'll let the toy soldiers take the blame.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tricky, tricky!

I never thought how difficult it was to do a thumbs up until we've began to teach Levi. It's tricky stuff!
Almost got it.....
Got it!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Faithfully remembering to water his 'garden'

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yee Haw!!!

Lately we've been dressing up a lot, well, Levi has. So far we have in our costume box superman, fireman, ghost (any blanket will do), and now cow boy. Levi was a cowboy for his second halloween and while he doesn't fit in the vest and chaps the hat and holster do!

Though I'm not a big fan of playing guns I couldn't resist the cuteness of it all.

Pow pow!
Look at that face. I love it!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not So Secret Anymore

Lately Levi has been quite a hoarder. By hoarder I mean every time he sees Max go after a toy he likes, which is basically all of them, he puts it the foot or so space we have behind the couch. It is awful. I hope no one goes looking back there because no matter how much we clean it, it keeps being filled with cars, dragons, balls and even sometimes a snack or two. It's crazy.

While Levi and Dad were on the father/son camp out this weekend, guess who found the secret stash??? He was thrilled. And, yes, that is a carrot bat. It has a pea ball that goes with it.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Most of the time I let Kendra do the blog because she is the creative one in the family. But once in a while I take the liberty of posting something. This is one of the times.

To My Mom

I love you Mom. You have probably had the greatest influence where I am in life today. As I grow and mature, I find that I am a lot like my Dad in personality. But I don't think I am as strong as he has been, to be able to rise above the difficulties he had growing up. I am where I am today because you pointed me in the right direction. It was your loving guidance that gave me the strength to move forward. The best parts of my life would not have happened with out you. I would not have been active in the church, I would not have moved to Portland, I would not have gone on my mission to Chile, I would not have gone to BYU, I would not have meet my wonderful wife, and would not have my two amazing boys. My life would have been ok, but it would not have been the great life I have now. I love you Mom.

To the Mommy of my Boys

I love you Kendra, and so do your boys. I might be the fun guy to the boys, but you are Mommy! I don't have the ability you have to make them feel better. And I definitely don't have the patience you have to care for them day after day. I am their second choice when they need someone to snuggle with when they are sad. And when they are happy, daddy time is crazy, silly time. Mommy time is peaceful, loving time. I know which time is really better for them. I am so incredibly, inexpressibly thankful to have you here with us. I love you and the boys love you too.

To My Step-Mother

Thank you Richelle.
You are an awesome mom. I love having three little brothers, but having them here for a week during spring break made me realize how good you are as a mother. All three are great boys and will be great men soon enough. I wish I had more time to spend with you and be closer to you. I love our chats when we get the chance. My boys love you as a grandma. You are just as good for my dad as you are for my brothers. Thank you, and I love you.

To My Mother-in-Law

Thank you for raising my wife. You did good. You are just as good as a grandma/Nessie. The boys love their time with Nessie. I am glad to have you around while I am so far away from my mom. I am glad mothers-in-law are not the monsters-in-law that people like to make jokes about. I like my mom better, but I can't think of anyone that I would like more for a mother-in-law.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I know traditionally it is girls who love to pose for pictures, but whenever I have my camera out Levi demands I take a picture of him. Here's what we got this time:

This one is my favorite, big brown eyes with him sticking out his lip.
When asked to smile. Ever since he was little he always blinked instead of smiled.....
As a dinosaur.
Just a boy.
Ummmm I don't know what he's doing here.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

C is for what????

Yes, this is just one Oreo.