Thursday, August 28, 2014

Decorating, Dumb Birds and Fair Food

I haven't done too much shopping with just Davis and I because I either do it by myself, with the older boys or with all of them but I can't remember much with just this guy, specially now since he's a pro at sitting. Turns out he's pretty easy to shop with. You just have to make sure things are out of reach because he'll grab any and everything and to make sure he's strapped good and tight. Other than that he's good to go.
I don't remember how it happened but both boys were gone (maybe they were at my dads or with my mom?) but it was just Jason Davis and I for a day, Davis was napping and the pool was finally open and I could swim without kids jumping all over me or spraying me with water. So got in a floaty chair and floated around for a while. After a half hour or so my Great Aunt Sharon who had been inside visiting with my grandma (her sister) for the past few hours came out and grabbed a chair. We chatted for well over an hour as I floated around. I always like talking to her, she was always one of my favorites even as a kid.
And Levi wasn't feeling so great so sometimes when that happens I let him sleep in our bed because he thinks its so much more comfortable. It is.
Davis loved pool time. At first I wasn't going to pull out the 'little pool' but did and got it all cleaned out. He's loved it.
More reading. As always.
Max is my night owl, always has been. Well sometimes Jared comes late to help my grandma and while Levi and Davis have been out for a half hour Max is going strong. So Jared asked if he could just take Max for the night and the next day. Max was so excited and of course I said yes. You only get so many times like this as a kid. So off he went for the night and day.

From what I heard he didn't go to bed until almost one. That would be a record for him. Then he got to go to the bike shop where Miranda works and they got him a new (used) bike which he helped 'fix'. He also scored some sweet bandanas from Uncle Jared's collection. Lucky duck.

More food pictures. This time with a hammer thrown in. He was so excited!
Max has been so tired lately. For a couple of weeks he took a nap about every other day (maybe it was all that staying up till one with Uncle Jared stuff.....)  He would just say he needed to take a nap and then I would find him passed out somewhere in his room.
And this is what I found when I opened the fridge. Snuggle bear! Max said he was hot and also that he wanted to surprise me.
I have been way off the ball getting menus done and being all organized (Am I ever organized? Not really, just sometimes more than others).  But I had done a quick menu and Max had officially requested pulled pork sandwiches which in a twisted turn of the tables has been something Max loves and Levi hates. Oh well, can't please them all I suppose.

In this picture he was acting like Gollum and saying 'My precious' to the sandwich. What a crack up. He had also requested that we eat dinner out front which I was more than happy with considering our house is extremely hot during the summer. Oh the fun of living in the top story of a non air conditioned house.
He just needs his blankie and bottle.
When Max got all dressed for the day with shoes and all I told him he reminded me of Benny 'The Jet' Rodriguez from the sandlot and he was so excited he actually requested for me to take his picture. I was happy to oblige.

One of the 'treats' I get the boys sometimes are Danimals which they absolutely love when they get them. Normally it's for road trips or something like that. This time it was just because. I got a pack of 6 and instead of me telling them when they could have them I told them since there was six they would get three each which they could choose when they wanted to drink. I left them as they were drinking their first. At the end of the day this is what I found. I found four empties in the garbage. Max had drank all his pretty much one right after another. Levi ended up having just the one and then didn't drink his other two for days. They are just so different those two.
And it was that time again. Piggy bank clearing time. Levi picked out a couple of Lego things and Max, who had a bit more money thanks to family members for his birthday got a couple of bigger things. He got ninja turtle side daggars and a power ranger gun thing. Later in the day as they were playing Max decided he wanted to give Levi his little Power Ranger gun because he (Levi) liked it. It was terribally sweet and definitely not something he would have done a year ago. But he did it even when I told him that it would be forever and he just bought it but he said he was fine with it. And he was! Then Levi gave him one of the little lego things he had purchased. What sweeties.

I had got a shower curtain which I took back because Jason didn't like it. I think it was too white for him. And maybe a little too girly. One of the things I've found in being married is we have drastically different opinions on home decor. Usually I get my way but to be fair I AM the one who is home all the time and have to look at it and clean the place.
Another attempt at bathroom curtains. He said he had wanted navy blue. It was a no go. But I did find some socks for the boys. I love these because they are so easy to see whose is who. M for medium and Max. L for large and Levi. How perfect is that?

Davis is getting to be more of an independent eater. I tried giving him this banana with me holding it but he refused to eat it. He would only eat it after I gave it to him to hold.

Levi really wanted to give Davis his bottle.
So Jason was gone for scout camp for three days and usually while he's gone I like to work on a project. I know he gets frustrated with all my projects, mostly with the mess they always make so I like to make my mess and have it cleaned up by the time he gets back. Also that way he's less likely to object to whatever changes I've made! He hates change.

Anyways. On the first day I was gone my good friend Julie came over and we talked about different ideas. She is great. Probably because she was in product and development for pottery barn kids. Hello decorating helper! She found this picture for me and I am mostly copying it. I'm just not feeling very origional. So I went on the hunt for the curtain, towels, bathmats. It was kind of tricky getting all the right colors.

So far Jason has already objected to the mats, specifically the green ones which he thinks look too much like shag carpet. To me it looks good, maybe a little bright but we didn't really want to do white, so I though grey? Eh. I'm no good at this stuff. Anyways, I kept the bathmats because I lost the receipts. Well, I lost it, then found it, then lost it again. I'm the best loser in the world. I'll probably do white ones once we need to replace them. 
A few months ago the boys made volcano and we hadn't erupted them yet, so we decided to play with baking soda and vinegar.
Then I made my kids clean the kitchen cabinets. They get so gross so fast. Just wait till Davis starts walking! They actually did a fairly decent job. Got to make these kids earn their keep.
I didn't hear anything for a while and I peeked out the window and saw the boys in their Lego fort. It's been so nice having all the Lego's out of the dining room, they were driving me crazy. Now they go out and for the most part don't fight. I've found that I used to have to break up more lego fights and now that they are a little bit further away they seem to work it out on their own more. Yes!
Then I saw the bird nest. This nest has been here for a couple of years and so we have seen/heard lots of little birds. This time we had a bunch of very cherpy birds that we would see being fed by their mom and dad. It was very cute to see. All the sudden mom or dad would fly in and you would hear lots of chirping.

Well, I was admiring these cute little birdies. Little did I know they were going to cause me a huge pain in the butt for the next week or so. A couple of hours later I went to my back bathroom, where the air conditioning unit was attached to and noticed these little bugs. They were teeny tiny. I had seen one earlier on my hand and thought it was from some raspberries I had picked. Oh how wrong I was. So as I looked around the window inside my bathroom I saw them all around inside. Normally I would call Jason but it was day one of him being gone for 3 days. Not wanting to wait and being throughly creeped out (especially since it was so hot which makes me a little more itchy anyways) I called our bug guy.

He came out and quickly identified them as bird mites. I had no idea they even existed and never even thought that's what they were (not that I really did have an idea). All the sudden those birds were not so cute anymore.

He told me some days to keep them from coming in and how he could treat them. He was awesome and was able to get them taken care of and we kept it contained to that bathroom and had no problems after he sprayed. It did creep us out a little bit though it being so close to our bedroom.

So word to the wise if you have bird nest anywhere on or close to your house get rid of it!!!! He said he's seen a lot and that this wasn't a bad case at all. Luckily I caught it early on. So good bye bird nest.
My cute man. His smile makes me so happy.
The boys love crawling around the floor with their little brother. I can actually get a few things done if they are in the room with them. What a lucky spoiled boy he is.

The day after Jason came home we went off to the fair. You can't not go to the fair when it comes to town. So we watched a show, made dirt babies, went to the reptile tent (thank goodness they came back this year, we were sad when it wasn't here last year), went to the OMSI tent, watched dirt bike tricks and had some amazing fair food.