Sunday, September 28, 2014

Puppets and Camping

Just a tiny bit done on my picture wall. This group now has a picture of each of the boys when they were newborns with a small number on them saying which # they are in the family. I love looking at my babies every time I go up the stairs. I can't believe how big they all are. Now to get working on the rest of that wall......I wonder if I ever will finish it.
And randomly the boys decided they wanted to put on a puppet show and so instead of dragging all the chairs out front I had them use the backdrop frame I use for baby pictures. It was perfect! This puppet show was about knights in shining armor and dragons. I'm pretty sure they used each of the puppets we had.

Davis just crawled around eating leaves like usual.
Then we had to go to the store, which I normally avoid with the plague with any kids, let alone three but we did it all just fine. No problems or whining. They actually are good at stores and I don't usually have problems, I think I'd just rather do it on my own. I guess in my world it's a vacation.
And then a family camping trip. It has been the summer of camping which I didn't really thing was going to happen because I pretty much refuse to camp while pregnant or with babies but Davis is a great sleeper. It's still an extremely akward time to camp because he's very much wants to crawl everywhere and put everything in his mouth but we managed. He slept well, took naps, played. I can't wait until next year when he can actually walk and I can let him roam a little bit. I felt like we were holding him most of the time he was awake or he was in his high chair. Next year bud.
Oh, he did love playing in the tent. This kid loves to play catch. While Jason and the older two were off him and I were on our air matress and I threw a partially full bottle of water to the corner then he would get it and throw it back. He did that about 20 times before he got tired of it.
Lots of card games were played.

And crawdads eaten (not by me, no way, no how). After the boys had eaten what they caught Max stuck a pincher on a tail and fell in love with it. Looks like some sort of creepy monster.
Then we went for a walk and while Jason and Davis were off we hid from and tried to scare Jason.
Can't wait for next year.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Knights and Dragons

That time the boys decided they needed to have a puppet show. Finally putting all those puppets to use!
 Then Davis went off to get dirty and chew on a couple of leaves. He did fall but only cried for a minute. I couldn't help myself, I had to take a picture.

Friday, September 19, 2014


 A while back we went to my dads house and I finally got to meet my Aunt Suzie. My dads dad has kids from several different people and while I've met one Aunt I haven't met this one (some sort of family feud thing. I don't get that but it is what it is). Looking back I always wish I took more pictures. Like of her. But at the same time I don't want to be in everyone's face snapping pictures so I resign myself to taking a lot of kids and the little man because it just seems easier.

So without further delay.  The huge. The slobbery. The bald. The curious. The awesome. Davis.
 And proof there are times, rare times, that Davis doesn't take a good picture.
 And my dad played a game of checkers with the boys. It was with different kind of dinosaurs and there was a volcano somewhere so the boys were in. 
 And my mom has trained Davis to beg for ice anytime he sees it. He can't get enough of the stuff.
I love the diaper ruffle!

Boy in the Fireplace

 I happened to have my camera out from taking baby pictures and I was like "I should be taking pictures of MY kids. Lots more." Cause their so dang cute. I mean look at this kid. I love every little face he makes.

He loves exploring and wants to be moving all the time. This little man is pretty much happy all the time so long as he's fed, somewhat well rested and can move around with his favorite people.
 Also he sticks everything in his mouth. Even really old popcorn.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Baby Jessop

 I got to take some hospital pictures along with baby pictures for Jessop, Matt's little one. I think this was proably one of my best shoots yet both in the hospital and with my baby setup. Each time I learn something new. I love being to capture these moments for people even though it takes a bit of time on my end. I just remember how kind it was for someone to take them of Levi when we were still at BYU free of charge. They mean so much!

Now I just want to remember to get them done if I ever have a baby again. I remember with Davis telling myself I was going to do my own shoot but surprise surprise. I was pretty tired and still recovering from the c-section. Then the gall bladder surgery. So I have learned my lesson. While I can do it for others I can't really for myself, no matter how much I think I can. Remember that future Kendra if you ever find yourself pregnant again!

Friends over and Anniversary

Brothers. I love how cute Levi is with his little bro. Davis also is now decided he wants to be a laundry helper. It's great.
We had Cameron and KJ over for the day while their little cousin was being born and fun was had by all. A little before noon, after I had asked if people were ready for lunch, Max hands me his Pizza Party card Santa gave him. Whenever they present their cards I try to do my best to do whatever it is that day, though some days I can't and we have to plan it for later. And while I had 5 kids over we ordered some pizzas and all hopped in the van to pick it up. They were thrilled. Pizza in the middle of a Wednesday? Who wouldn't like that?
Davis liked the pizza too. The bigger boys just grabbed a couple pieces and ran out to the back yard.
Levi and his pile of books. He decided he wanted to read Captain Underpants again. They are pretty silly, I kind of want to read them again too. 
And of course all the boys played legos and with all the other figures we had around the house.
And for dinner it was so stinking hot upstairs and I didn't want to be totally lame and do sandwiches or cereal so we did pancakes on the BBQ.
Max and Cameron spent quite a bit of time at the piano. Cam kept talking about him playing the piano and that he had a recital and lots of other stuff about him playing the piano. While I don't know everything about what's going on with the Carter family I was pretty sure he was yanking my chain.  So then I asked him what his teachers name was and he quickly responded with a name (I forgot what it was). I just laughed because Brooke has told me he likes to make up stories and I usually just go with them but this one I had to ask and texted her. She answered me and said he just likes to tell tales. Funny boy! They had so much fun just making up their own music though. I'm excited for Max to start lessons. A little nervous because I don't know how he'll do. He's a lot tricker to convince than his big bro.
After that all the boys rolled around while KJ colored. Davis loved it and did his best to keep up.
Later in the day after Jason got home I took Levi to the store with me to get some milk and bread. We were out and I'm normally better about planning and buying for a full two weeks but everyone has been eating more it seems. I blame Davis. That kid loves toast. After that we went to the toy section and I asked him what he wanted for his b-day. This was #1. It was spendy! I later got it as his big gift. Then it was still pretty late but since it was the end of summer and we didn't really have to be up early the next day we stopped by McD's for yogurt parfaits which we love. Love my big man.
The next day was a crazy busy one. I don't remember what I did but it was a lot of running around non stop. By the end Davis passed out in the car and let me carry him while sleeping to bed. He normally wakes up rearing to go. I LOVE when I actually get to snuggle with this guy.

And I chipped my front tooth. Awesome!
Before school started we wanted to have our friend Jacob over for the afternoon. His big brother came and they played in the pool and then with the mini action figures. I love hearing the stories they come up with.
Daddy and Davie. Jason is much better at getting this kid to laugh than I am.
And cooking on the BBQ again. This time I did homemade sausage muffins, a favorite of Levi's.

Max and I have been reading more and more. By reading I mean him reading. He just started being able to read some of the words himself so I just followed his lead. Right now he loves the Biscut books. Grandma Tami got a book store gift card and this was the book he had picked out, it was actually 5 beginning reading level books in one. It is so cute to see how much he loves that little puppy. Some nights he makes it a point to kiss every picture he sees of him.
And the Captain Underpants series continues.....
And we got to celebrate our anniversary a week early! Thanks to my madre we got to go a whole 24 hours without kids. Oh, actually my dad ended up taking the bigger boys so I guess it was a group effort. Oh and Cheryl took them all earlier in the afternoon so I could go get my tooth fixed. It takes a village.

I was nervous about Davie because he's the trickier one. Not so much at night but just making sure you do naps. Also I didn't want my my to stress too much. She's seemed stressed lately. Anyways. She took Davis, my dad took the boys and we went off! To Bridgeport. I know, not super far but when you only have 24 hours why spend much time on the road?

First we went to go see Guardians of the Galaxy which was awesome. Actually way better than I expected.  It has been a long time since I went to a movie theater. There have been very few that I thought deserved an actual in theater watch. Lots of Red Boxers out there. But this one had Christ Pratt who I think is hilarious so I couldn't wait.
Right next to the movie theater is a jewelry store. Not like Jared's or anything like that but an upscale handmade jewelry store so I of course drooled over everything. And yeah, those earrings cost like $100. I can totally make them.
Then off to dinner. I forgot where we went....I want to say Cafe Rio but they don't have one here... something like that. It was good. And a couple of pictures of us. Jason (and I) hate getting our picture taken but I figured I would.
And the real reason we picked this room: If I ever have my way I will have a huge jetted tub. I love baths.......
Goodbye hotel!
A little more window shopping and off to the last hour of freedom at Applebees. And more pictures of us.
Love notes.
And this was just a quick picture of the pictures I took of baby Jessop. I think this was my best shoot so far. He was so dang cute. I miss my little babies. They are so sweet and cuddly. I'll show more of the pictures I took later. Probably. If I ever get my act together. I swear I need two personal assistance to get everything done.