Monday, March 21, 2016

Busy Days in Ogden and Provo

After our big trip and getting our souvenir coins we had a easy next day relaxing and swimming and adding the coins to their collection.

Then Jason and the boys were awesome and let me stop by to get some of my favorite shirts. I seriously took way too long but they were patient. Thank you boys!

And awesome man cleaning bugs off the window. We had a lot of bugs.
And we finally made it to Ogden to see Gabe and his family then since he had to do some work designing sets we met him at his school and in his classroom. It's so weird to think of my little brother as Mr. White, high school teacher.

Max wanted to play student. 
And Davis wanted to be the teacher.
Or just play around on the computer.
So since Gabe had a lot of work to do I set Jason off to help him so he could get things done even faster. It was a lot of building and Jason's handy like that and didn't mind lending a hand.

Then Kara and I took all the kiddos (I think we had 7) to the local children's museum and they all had a blast. I kind of let the older boys run off (it was not a huge children's museum so I wasn't too nervous) while I kept an eye on Dave.
Of course he loved the fire engine.

And trains.
And wanted to milk some cows.
And fix things.
And hag with his cousin.
Then he saw there was an area with REAL tools and wanted them. Like father like son.
For a few minutes I couldn't find the older boys and took a minute to find them. They were in the top floor in the corner where they had this huge castle area with knights and stuff. Of course they were there.
Part of me felt bad tearing them away from it but it was closing and we stayed till the last possible second.
We had a little more time to kill before the 'working men' were done so we went off to get some snacks and go to a nearby park.
They didn't care much what we did, just loved hanging with their cousins.
And who doesn't love fruit?
Seriously, those boys can eat strawberries and grapes so fast.
Or sandwiches shoved in the face. Thank you Max.
We finally met up with Jason and Gabe and at the park there were these statues of two kids throwing a baseball back and forth. You might not be able to tell but this is Davis trying to catch the baseball. It was so cute.
He really wanted that ball.
I LOVE this picture. Max and Elijah were buddies that day. Ok they were buddies with everyone that day but those two seemed to have a lot of fun together.
We thought Davis would like these horses. He didn't and right after this he screamed. They have dozens of these horses with different designs on them all throughout Ogden.
Ready to sled.
Levi's trying really hard to be positive.
"mom stop taking pictures". NEVER!
Then we said goodbye to the White's and went home for a good swim and relaxing.

The next day we went out to lunch at Tucano's a favorite place Jason and I loved to go to when we were at BYU. Mmmm so good. They have a Brazilian grill in Portland but we've tried it and it's no way near as good. I wasn't sure what the boys would think of it all but we thought we'd give it a shot.
Salad bar, who doesn't love that?
And meat being delivered to your table on spears? Yeah, they were in. At the salad bar Max found the shrimp which is one of his favorites.

Happy boys. Dave kept trying to use the meat tongs to eat everything and I just wanted a ton of grilled pineapple.
We tried to get him to put the tongs down but he wouldn't have it. Oh well.

Another Provo visit the palentology museum. Last time we went I was pregant with Davis and the boys loved it. They did.

Davis just wanted to go. Yes, I'm the mean mom that just photographs her kids crying. Kidding. I had tried calming him, holding him but he mostly just wouldn't have it. Eventually Jason saved the day and got him distracted for a bit.

Then he liked it. Maybe they scared him at first.
He then wanted to go in and touch everything.

I didn't tell him to do this he did it when I wasn't looking. This kid. Please don't show anyone I'm sure we'll be banned or something.
After we were done Davis started running off towards the stadium. He actually can recognize the Y and kept yelling 'Y, Y!'
Another stop on the Provo to do list was Studio C. It was a Saturday in the middle of a summer term so we knew no one would be there but we thought it would be fun to check it out. The cut outs were a huge hit. The security guards saw how enthusiastic the boys were and gave them a big sticker, they were thrilled. Max insisted a picture with Matt Meese posing just like him.
Levi too.
And of course by the actual studio.
Don't forget Stacy.
And very last Provo stop was another trip to the creamery. We were lucky and got in line at the perfect time. I don't know if I've forgotten but their prices were really good. Maybe it's the same and I'm not a super poor college student. That helps.
Everyone was happy.

His smile melts my heart. Love him. Ok all of them but there is something so sweet about this age.
And end the day with a swim, movie, bottle and a cuddle. Perfect.