Monday, July 29, 2013

Utah Trip - Farrs

I forgot to mention that while we were visiting the Whites we had to stop off at Farrs Ice Cream shop. My grandpa grew up in Odgen, at least in his early years and one of the things he always remembered and talked about was visiting Farrs, which is still there. It was very tasty and super busy but same as it looked back when Grampy went as a boy.

Max at first wanted me to take his picture.
Then he got sick of it. I love you Max!
Nese taught Levi a new way to eat ice cream, bottom to top.
And there was lots of sharing going on. Mmmm. Ice cream.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Utah Trip - Hope's and Coming Home

During both the drive to and from Ogden we stopped off at my mom's cousin's, Hope's house. It was nice to be able to break up the trip a bit, otherwise that would make for one long trip.

On the drive home we scheduled it so we would have an extra day to hang out in Boise. The first stop was my mom taking the boys to a movie while Scarlett and I got pedicures. It was awesome. I'm not going to lie, a week full of people (my kids esp) 24/7 without any sort of break, even at night because we all went to bed late, was not only exhausting physically on this prego lady but emotionally. It was a much needed break.
Then mom stopped for a while at some quilt shops, she had to get her fix, and finish the night at Hope's daughters house which included a pool. The boys were in heaven.
It took a bit but Max quickly got used to the water and was jumping all over the place.
Sadly on the drive home Levi got sick and threw up not only once but twice. Once in the restraunt where we had breakfast. Luckily there was really no one in our area to gross out and the waitress was very sweet and understanding. Then a second time when he threw up all over Aunt Rose in the car. She was also very understanding of it. I probably would have puked if it was me. 

We finally made it safely home, close to a bathroom and a bucket for Mr. Levi. It took several days to recover but he did and we were then ready for our next summer adventure.

Note. These were actually taken on the drive up but figure I'd add them. For some reason Max decided to invent what he calls 'milk water' which is when you have a cup of milk in one cup and water in the other then drink both at the same time. He loved it and asked for it the rest of the trip. What a silly guy.
This is a restaurant we stopped off at on the way up. The boys colored dragons which Max kept around the whole trip and used it as his map telling us where we needed to go. Again, he's my silly guy.
Lastly Mr. Max to amuse himself in the car kept hiding under his blanket saying it was his pie shop and took many, many pie orders. That is actually why we stopped off at this restaurant, because it served pie. I guess we were all salivating over him talking about it so much.

Utah Trip - Averie White

I wanted to get some baby pictures of Miss Averie because I just think it's so important to have some good newborn baby pictures. I'm not very good but I like to play around and while it was kind of a rush on the day we were leaving I think we got some good shots of the new girl in the family. She's sure got her work cut out for her with 3 brothers and 3 boys cousins and not another girl in the lot.
She mostly just wanted to eat.....

Aunt Rose holding her as she falls asleep.
Averie, it was nice to meet you.

Utah Trip - SLC

For one of the days we were in Utah we decided to head over to SLC, which my boys had never been to and it had been a while for all of us.

First stop was the Church History Museum which is awesome, I love history stuff. But much like the other museums we had gone to with 5 boys under 5 it was all done at a much faster pace than it otherwise would have gone. Thus my reason for no pictures. I was too busy just keeping kids from tapping on the glass, running away and keeping together.

These two shots were taken when I was waiting with Max for my mom who was taking her time and reading every single plaque. She's like that. Max was very angry at the moment about me taking pictures and these were the best two I got.
We then went to temple square and did a lot of walking around and split up. I ended up with Max, Scarlett, Levi, Kara and baby in the Assembly Hall which I had actually never been in. It's pretty.
Aren't they cute?
I was trying to get all photography crazy with Levi in front of this extremely pretty stained glass window but like many of my big ideas it wasn't panning out.
So I started taking some just in front of the window which I loved. Much much better.
I can't even handle how much I love his face, I don't think I could get tired of looking at it.
Now Mr. Max's turn. He was a little more distant.
Then he just got crazy silly. Good thing we were in the very back row.
Aunt Rose even let me get a couple of shots in.
Levi up by the Christ statue. He's so handsome.
Max was trickier.....
So I took a pic of Aunt Rose and Henry.
I tried a second time to get a good picture of Max until he finally said, 'Just one more mom.'
Got this quick picture when my mom was trying to get one. They were all confused at where to look. Cute cousins.
Then I tried my hardest to get a good brother shot which Levi tried so hard to pull together but Max, for some reason lately, has decided he pretty much hates cameras at least 80% of the time.
And this is the money shot. They both look happy and are looking at the camera. It's a modern day miracle!!!!!
Now. One of the other things I really wanted to do for everyone is get some really good family shots so we found a place to do it. Here were my amazing lighting test subjects. As a side note, it took an awful lot of  'picture treats' to get all those where they needed to be. Thank goodness for Runts, the picture treat of choice.
Walkin like a boss.
Averie, lounging.
Here was the White family. Now. It was tricky at first because Max INSISTED he be a part of their family picture. It was funny and ultimately took a lot of bribing to get him out of the picture. But I decided to keep a few shots.
Then when it was really just the White's Henry decided to sit at a distance.
But Kara fixed that problem.
Big brothers.
Now. I can't help but putting a million of these up because I love them all so darn much. I was trying my hardest to get all the boys to stay together so I could get a picture of them all and it finally took Uncle Gabe behind me doing 'magic tricks' to get them to stay focused on one thing and stay somewhat still.
Oh, I love how Max is choking Henry (we did say put your arm around him)
They were all amazed and giggling hysterically. We even have a number of passerbyer who watched the insanity.

Last one. I SO wish I had a video of all this. They were dying of laughter.
Then some more peaceful quiet ones of mom and baby (ok, it only looked peaceful and quiet, it still had all the craziness going on, you just can't see it)
No, no pictures!
Now some of mom, dad and daughter. Just ignore the crazy kid running in the background.
Not sure which of the two are my faves......
Last of the family shots is all the grand kids with grandma (again, thank you Uncle Gabe for keeping them entertained. I need him to just follow me around whenever I do pictures)
It was happy chaos.
Just Levi because he's awesome.
While we were waiting, and in between wedding photography sessions I took some shots of boys right in front of the big doors of the temple. What fun boys.

Uncle Gabe wasn't there so I'm not sure what was so funny. Don't think it was me.....