Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Beach and a Portland Wedding

Waiting for Max at the bus stop. Only a few more weeks of school until he's done!
And strawberries, the kids all love them!
Fun at Julie's house on a rainy day.
Another morning picking up Max wit a friend we were babysitting. Oh and Jason made an awesome camping box that stores all the camping gear (pots, pans, silverware, stove....)
Almost finished it! He designed it himself.
And the White's came to town for Jared's wedding! We actually were able to fit all 7 kids around the table. Soon they're going to be a lot bigger and it's going to be a lot trickier to do that!
I love his face.
I forgot what movie the boys were watching but apparently it was hilarious.
Road trip means audiobook time!
We went to a great place a the beach that is own by a friend of Jared's. I think pretty much everyone was there. Jason wasn't able to make it for a day and a half because of work but we had pretty much everyone else sibling wise as well as all the family on Miranda's side (they are pretty great by the way.)
The place was older and very eclectic, which was perfect.
A little cold at the beach but the kids still loved it and had a lot of fun. Davis kept trying to chance seagulls at first. Then he saw the ocean and started to run straight into it. That kid terrifies me sometimes.
Max was such a helper and insisted on pushing his brother baby brother back, barefoot.
I spent a lot of time chasing this little guy around. Toddlers have so much energy.
He loved this boat filled with floats and tried so hard to get in it.
I really miss him and bottle time.
I couldn't decide between these two pictures, they are both my favorite. Davis snuggling with me and a flamingo in the morning.
Then we would go to Nese's room multiple times throughout the day/night to hang out. He loved the typewriter she had in it.
Off on an adventure with Grandpa Gary and Grandma Rhonda.
They bought ice cream for all the grand kids.
Aren't these boys cute? Ok handsome.

Running is his favorite.
I love this sign (kids for sale). The boys had a blast with Miranda's nephews Gus and Borden.
At the goat farm. The people who owned it were very nice and showed us around.
Reluctiant about this muffin (I think it was his first ever) but then he realized how delicious it was and dove in.
Stomp rocket.

After the beach playing outside. Love his little bum.
Before the wedding all of us girls went and got our nails done while mom and the dads watched the kiddos.

I don't remember what I did but somehow I used these guys to help teach a song in primary. These were Gram and Grampy's bears that the boys love.
Wedding time!
Jason and I tag teamed watching bigger kids or following Davis around. We were in the kid and I noticed him standing next to the gate and then I finally realized it was because he saw his Nese so we went over to hang with her.
Time to hit the dance floor.
It was very entertaining to watch.
Twas an awesome night and by the end this boy was pooped! Ok, we all were but that's the sign of a good party right?