Friday, December 30, 2011


Often my posts are 2 week behind, because that's just how life is some times, at least around here. But despite the fact I have tons of pictures and things I need to write about, I thought I'd take some shots of what's going on right now over at La Casa de Goodrich.

Right now I'm working on a couple non-jewely related craft projects. Hate to say I'm a little 'jewelryed' out after making it non stop for pretty much a month and a half. But I'm just about ready to do some orders and get back to it. Also I've been admiring these bad boys Jason put up for me a few days ago. Aren't they awesome????
I'm doing an office re-model for my side of the room because while the system I was using to run my shop was working a year or so ago it's just not cutting it for me and the amount I do now. I've been wanting to do this for almost a year now and it never seemed like a good time but now things have slowed down enough for me to get to it also I made a good amount from Christmas sales and can afford it. So tonight one of my tasks is to continue cleaning out my desk and craft area. It's a mess. Ok, more like a disaster.
This is the reason why I'm getting it all cleaned up. Jason's been working designing and now building my custom desk. What a fella.
Tonight I made chicken and dumplings with smoked chicken brought all the way from Moses Lake. The boys actually loved it. Max vacuumed not only his carrots and my carrots but another bowl full of it. Levi just wanted meat.
Then we made some rice krispies. Green ones.
The boys are enjoying a Friday night show, some episodes of "Wild Kratts" they got for Christmas. They sure love those guys. And now Levi knows more about many animals than I do!

Card Parade

Every year I love getting cards and family pictures of some of my favorite people. I usually have them up around the house or in my office then at some point around February I realize I can't keep them because I'm trying REALLY hard not to be a pack rat, so I end up throwing them away. This year I thought I'd scan them then I'd have them forever!!! Here are the ones I've scrounged up.

Oh, by the way, I don't do Christmas cards but rather Valentines Day cards. It has helped to lessen my holiday stress level a number of notches.

The Baileys - I love Jen, she was in my ward in Bethany and we went to a number of playgroups together, do FHE group together and she is one of the reasons I'm really sad I'm not in that ward any more. I could talk to her forever.

The Carriers- Krissy was my visiting teaching companion for a bit in my other ward and I love talking with her. We did a number of craft shows last year and I got to know her really there. Her daughter is a hoot, Paige, and was in Levi's primary class.

The Hancocks - I've visit taught Tanya ever since we've lived in the house and now am in the primary presidency with her. She's pretty much amazing and I think of her every time I hear a Justin Bieber song.
The Keelers - I serve with Corrin (not pictured) in the primary presidency and could hang out with her all day long. She's fun, crafty and always has great ideas. Also her son is in Levi's class and they're getting to be pals.
The Sanders - My long lost friends who moved to Utah. I love Nicole, she was one of my best friends when she was living here. You know one of those people whose house you could stop off at and hang just because you were around and had some time. It was great. We have a lot in common and was sad when she moved. I got to photograph a 'birth experience' for her with Gavin and it was my first time seeing a live birth. Amazing!
The Youngs - They are a ton of fun. I love it because both our boys are pretty much the same age and have some similar personalities and I can totally relate to what life is with two young boys. Also it's always a good time when Danielle is a girls night. Yeah!
The Wilmarths - This is my Aunt Kathy's family. I'm so glad we found them. We didn't think we had any cousins but turns out we did! I also got to photograph Andrew and Lisa's wedding last year, it was a challenge but I learned a ton and am grateful I got the chance.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Time for a Change

Last year when we got money from the boys from grandparents and other family members for Christmas we decided we would get a bunk bed when the time came. We hid the money and forgot about it and found it, then hid it, forgot and found it again. So awesome to find a big chunk of cash you totally forgot about. Probably not very responsible but fun.

We decided a month or so back to finally trade in the boys beds for a bunk bed. They love it and were thrilled about the whole thing. Jason even let them watch a movie on the top bunk the first night. He snagged a picture of it all. Some how a movie is much better on the top of a bunk bed or in a fort. I think it's a law of nature.
We let them sleep together that night because they just looked too cute. Not a great idea though because they ended up kicking each other and waking up pretty early.
One of the sad things though is I can't really kiss Levi very easily when I check in on him before I go to bed. Also since we have an awesome popcorn ceiling and dark carpets the floor is an even bigger mess than it was before. But overall operation bunk bed was a big success.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


I'm working on getting stuff posted but I have been in insane work mode for the past 2 weeks. I haven't gone to bed before 2am, sometimes 3. It kind of feels like I have a newborn. Kind of.

I'm just going to let my fingers and mind go at it because I have visiting teaching in 10 minutes and need to get something written.

Levi has been gone since Wednesday. He's with my dad and his cousins in California. That spoiled kid. He went to Disneyland, Seaworld, had his first trip on an airplane. Lucky duck. I kind of wish I could have been there for his first time doing some of those things but in reality none of that was going to happen any time soon. And he got to be with his family.

I miss him terribly. The house is definitely quieter without him but I miss his hugs, his constant "I love you's", his asking me everything about everything. At the same time I have also been able to get a ton done with only one kid. So good and bad. I just can't wait to see him tomorrow (or the next).

After a 8 year absence of church choir, I have finally started going again. Weird to say that long, but I counted. I haven't done it since sophomore year at BYU. Then I went on my mission, got married (Jason wasn't a choir person and I didn't want to go alone), and I had kids and then NEEDED my Sunday nap. Now I still can kind of nap but get to sing. It's been good so far. I miss singing a lot sometimes.

I have some fun surprises for Christmas for the kiddos, friends and family. We'll see if I can pull it off. I wish I would have gotten started earlier on some of it. Last year I had most of it all done really early. Oh well. Live and you learn.

Got to go. I'm exhausted and never got my nap today. Only a week and a half of this craziness (well of staying up past 3 most for me). Ahhhh. But I'm not sick of making jewelry yet. Still fun, so HA!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tis the Season

Of craziness that is. At least around my neck of the woods. But it's all good , life would be boring without a little bit of insanity.

The boys are getting excited for Christmas, mostly Levi. Max doesn't really realize what's going on but he's excited because Levi is. He told me his list and everything on it involved a remote control. If you let him talk about Christmas, Santa or the countdown he gets really excited and his voice gets really high pitched. It's adorable.

On the subject of Christmas I'm trying to go simple (well, simple for me) and have been thinking more and more about the true meaning of Christmas and trying to figure out how to teach that to the boys. It's so hard sometimes with all the stuff going on, sparkly fun things, and other great holiday events. I'm just trying to find a balance. I guess I was just really put off with the over commercialization of Christmas when I started seeing holiday stuff in stores in Halloween. Really people?

Speaking of commercialization at Christmas....I am almost done with craft shows. This year has been interesting, some were very good and some were very bad. I think next year I'm going to be very selective and not do so many. Maybe just a couple. It's a lot of work to do them and a big sacrifice for the whole family. But I usually have fun and get to meet interesting people at them.

Yesterday we had our ward Christmas party, which was fun. I almost had a mental breakdown trying to figure out how to get my gingerbread birdhouse to stand up. I survived it and so did Jason. The result was great but involved many tears of frustration and a lot of hot glue.

Also at the party my mom, Levi and I sang. Mom was asked to play her guitar and do a song so she choose 'In the Bleak Midwinter', which we've done dozens of times. As she and I were practicing an hour or so before (yeah, that's how we do it round' here) in the last verse I saw Levi mouthing the words as we sang. So I asked him about it and he said it was a poem they were learning at preschool. It was adorable to hear him repeat it and he knew it all. So we roped him into singing the last verse with us. He was reluctant but obliged.

What can I give him, poor as I am?
If I were a shepard, I would bring a lamb;
if I were a Wise Man, I would do my part;
yet what then can I give him, I will give my heart.

He's such a sweetheart and did a great job singing loudly, though he was a little on the squirmy side for a lot of it. But twas to be expected. As we sang together I realized why my mom was always roping us kids into singing with her growing up. Heck she even does it to me now. It's just an amazing feeling performing with your child and to see them do something well.

On a sad note a dear family friend, Tiffany's, husband passed away very suddenly this week. Brooke, her cousin, happened to be over at my house that morning she found out. We both just burst into tears, and I'm not the crying type. I can't even imagine what she is going through. Especially to be so young, and they're expecting their second daughter. I've been thinking about her all week and at the same time trying to appreciate the wonderful boys in my life. I don't know what I would do without them.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's All About the Hair

Good news. Levi (and of course Max who is sure to do anything Levi does) will let me do his hair! He finally let me in time for his preschool picture day. Here's Mr. Max with his 'crazy hair'. Yeah baby!