Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Faces I Love

 I can't stop taking pictures of this cute face. I fall in love with every single expression he makes and can't believe how fast he is changing. As physically and emotionally exhausting as babies are a part of me wishes they stayed babies forever. That face!!!!!
How you doin?
 As I was taking pictures during breakfast of Davis I spied this guy and had to get a shot of him and his bandana.
 And I tried my very best to get Max, he was having a camera shy moment.
 He did let me take a picture of him with his bandana on then asked for a drink refill.

Piano Recital

 Another belated post off my camera. This was several months ago pre-Ivan (Krista's little one). Levi did really well! It was so fun to listen to all these little guys. One kid even wrote his own song to play, I thought that was amazing.
 I'm so happy Levi is continuing on with lessons. We have had a lot of on and off times due to vacations, holidays, Krista being in Germany for a time but we keep going! There are times when he doesn't want to practice and even a time or two he says he hates it but then there are times when he gets really excited about it and so proud when he can play something well. I took lessons and I'll admit it those books are not very fun a lot of the times but they do teach the basics which I now wish I had instead of doing my own thing. He will be thankful for it later on. Also I have caught him showing off for friends and family so I know he likes it. I suppose it's like any activity for kids.
 For his song he did the first half of Superman. Right now he is working on finishing it and wants to do a song from the Newsies, a new favorite movie.
 Thank you so much Krista! She puts up with a lot from us and is so good with him.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Easter 2014

 For this Easter we continued with our tradition of going to Nancy's house to decorate eggs and have a dinner. This year we ended up doing it a week before the actual date but it all worked out well. There were a number of kids over along with Dillon and Sienna so they all played pretty hard stopping to decorate eggs when we told them it was time. All and all they took a total of 10 minutes with Sienna staying a little bit longer to put on finishing touches. The boys once they got a few done were off like rockets.
 After we all got in the car everyone was pooped. I don't have the picture here (it was on my phone) but both older boys were conked out within minutes and slept on their new oversized stuffed cows grandpa had given them. Davis napped all the way home.
 Then the actual week of on Saturday the Easter Bunny came and we had a little hunt in our back yard. For the past few years we've been doing the Easter Bunny stuff on Saturday then that leaves Sunday for more talking about what the real meaning of Easter is. So far so good! Also logistically it is easier because some years we have church at 9 which means a SUPER early hunt and basket then to me it all seems a lot crazier and the real meaning gets lost in the shuffle.

This year Davis was a bit too young for it all and was sleeping when the hunt happened but there will be plenty of years for all that. He did get a basket though filled with some baby toys which has gotten a lot of use.


 Some more pictures I took back in April or so. We have had this Dilbert toy for a while now. It actually used to sit on my grandpas computer, I think one of us gave it to him. When he passed away everything was so sudden and my grandma was in rehab so in order to get things ready for her to come live in the downstairs we had to quickly convert my grandpas office to her bed room which meant we just threw everything in boxes and put them in the garage. I have slowly gone through some bit by bit.

One time I found this Dilbert toy along with some other kid toys he kept and the boys decided they would keep them. They have all been well loved. I'm sure Grampy would approve.
  I just want to say how grateful I am when I take the time to take some pictures. At the time it is almost always inconvient and never what I have planned in my head, which means the house is trashed, kids have food on their faces but it is our real life. Looking back even a few months can get me misty, I can't imagine what it will be like looking at these 20 years from now.