Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bagels and Microphones

 And it's library time! It had been a while since we went to the library. The boys were quite excited.
 Guess who noticed the tree right away? It was a decorate-only-the-top-half-of-the-tree sort of year. But it had all our favorite ornaments on it which the boys were excited to put up which is the most important part. Definitely not a Martha Stewart tree. But it never has been and I don't think I want one of those anyways.
 Off to drop off the boys at wrestling practice. I love watching this kid sleep.
Not just because he's still and not pulling everything out of everywhere.
 And wrestle time! These boys love going to practice (well, most of the time) and are always sweaty when they come home. I don't know if this is something they will do with they get older but for right now they are enjoying it and that's what matters.
 This kid LOVES our Polar Express Santa (thank you grandma and grandpa Goodrich!). You can squeeze one hand and he says 'The magic of Christmas lies in your heart." So because he can't push the button himself he would bring Santa to Jason, the boys or me and shove it on our laps telling us he wanted us to push the button. So we do, listen then throw it across the room where he would chase it and bring it back. Sometimes he would do this a dozen times.
 Peeping outside. I don't know what was so interesting. He was probably just bored with me and waiting for his bros to get home.
 Because December is so busy I had Alyssa come and babysit for me a number of times while I worked in the office. She does a great job and somehow keeps Davis out of trouble. She almost got him asleep this time.
 Off to shop! And guess who LOVES bagels? I had to call them 'circle toast' for almost a year to get him to eat them. Now he loves them and will even call them their real name.

 Still quite enthralled with their books. A lot were Lego ones.
 We went to the dollar store and had a little extra time so we went to the toy section. We found those echo-y microphones and Davis thought they were so hilarious. I really wish I could have video taped it because it was pretty much the cutest thing ever. He would go 'Ahhhh!' into it and then giggle hysterically and he did that at least a half a dozen times. There were even 4 or 5 people in the store  passing who stopped to watch him laugh. Loved it. He would have been a you tube sensation.

And I got a big shipment of charms (for some reason on a Sunday) and the boys helped me take them out of their packages, sort and count them. I knew I had kids for a reason.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Turkey Time

Before FHE Max decided he needed to meditate. This kid cracks me up.
Mail helpers! It was a busy good Christmas for my shop. 
Still must get locks for those cupboards. He drives me bonkers. I forgot this part about having little kids. It's been a while since I went through the, I-want-to-pull-everything-out-of-everything  phase.
He's so lucky he's adorable. I want to pinch his cheeks pretty much all the time.
For Thanksgiving eve we went to my dads house to see some family. Rhonda's family, Uncle Mike and the gang. Gabe and his crew were here as well so it was a big ol' party.
And the turkey trot! Jason decided not to go (and was working on turkey stuff) so I went off with the boys and Emily, Krista and Cheryl.  We ended up walking the 5k and they had their scooter. They were complaining a bit by the end but overall they (and I) did great. We were pretty much last but we were going for getting it done rather than beating anyone. Which we only did a couple people, most ran.
Jason showed up at the end to do the turkey bowl which sadly didn't end up happening, he was way bummed about it so next year we need to make sure this guy gets to play some football.
And hot chocolate at the end.
For our regular Thanksgiving meal we had the whole family, all my siblings were there and all the kiddos, including Sir Charles Barkely. We couldn't have Thanksgiving without him.
Now we do pretty much all our meals buffet styles as opposed to anything official and sitting down to eat around a table. People grab what they want then go where they want to eat which is usually upstairs or downstairs. We tried a couple times to do a big table downstairs for Gram but she didn't like it much so this is how we do it.
Max was the first to claim a turkey leg. It was a great T-day. Simple, stress free and tons of food and family.
The day after Thanksgiving we ended up going to get our tree from one of our favorite tree farms. It was kind of late and towards their closing time but we made it.
Since we were more pressed for time we quickly looked for a tree that would work. It only took about 15 minutes to find the perfect one.
Max, hiding from the camera.
We even got to see some reindeer. It was fun talking to them about reindeer and Santa all along the way. I know some people don't believe you should lie to your kids and tell them their is a Santa I think it is a fun thing to do. I remember believing in Santa as a kid and it just made things so magical as corny as that sounds. There was the thrill of sneaking out to see the tree and possibly getting a glance of Santa himself. While we try not to go too overboard with the Santa and things we still believe in this house and I'm glad that for one more year they both believe.
And Sunday. It only took 45 minutes of a screechy, squirmy kid to get this. So worth it. I'm realizing more and more that time goes by so fast. I can't even really pick Levi up at all, I can barely have him on my lap his so big and heavy. Soon that will be Davis. I'll take the snuggles while I can get them.

And I got to do a review of these cookie mixes. The lady was nice and each boy and myself got to pick one and Max picked mint chocolate chip. He was more than a little bit excited.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Never Grow Up

Seriously. Need to get locks on these doors.
And possibly these. He loves to pull things out. A little play, but mostly pull out and in the kitchen it is driving me nuts because I have too cook in there and it's so small I'm tripping on everything. Good thing he's so cute!
And babysitting Sawyer and Gracie again. This time during lunch Davis decided to sneak some food. Gracie did her darndest to keep him from getting any though.
Then I was laying on the floor (who knows why) and all the sudden I had three boys on my back.
And I was going to the restroom and look who decided to pop in. With a frying pan. Then we went to find a more baby appropriate toy. Looking at him now I don't think I should be calling him a baby, he probably is a toddler now. Sad. I might just call him my baby anyways.

And Friday pizza night. Pretty much always.
Normally we avoid going to Costco on Saturdays because it is so insane but we decided to brave it (we needed diapers desperately) and make it a family trip. Even though it's crazy busy and I probably stress out a little more than I should it ends up being fun. We usually see a bunch of our friends, there are free samples and as always hot dogs.
Later that night we took the boys the our high schools production of Peter Pan. I bought tickets weeks in advance and was so excited for the boys to see it! I've taken them to several kids musicals before but it was always with my mom and this time we were going on a family date (while Davis had a date of his own with grandma).

Max hated me taking his pictures but it was a great play and had the boys giggling half the time. Win. PS can you tell it's fantasy football season?
My boys. Jason is the best at getting Davis to sit on his lap. He always wants to pull at my earrings, necklace, hair. Basically anything but sit. Then the boys love their colored pencils.
And later that afternoon I got some sleepy cuddle time. I love that!!!! I can't remember the last time Max slept in my arms and am so happy I still get a little bit with Dave-o.