Friday, August 31, 2012

County Fair 2012

This year we went to the fair which is what we've done since Levi was little. But for some reason this summer, at least for me, has been SO much better than last. Probably because Max is older, potty trained, and we don't have to worry with naps. It's been great and we were really looking forward to the fair.

Luckily this year because Nike has summer hours Jason works a little bit later during the week but gets Fridays off at noon or so, it's been awesome and that's when we usually have a fun adventure of some sort. This time, it was the fair. It was way less crowded because we were able to go early in the day rather than the evening which gets really chaotic.
When we were going to the fair I asked the boys what they wanted to see first and for some odd reason they both said "Bunnies!" They don't usually talk much about bunnies at home, though they do have a couple stuffed ones but if anything I thought they'd want to see the reptiles.

Jason and Levi breezed through the bunny/small area and went off in search of an elephant ear but Max wanted to look at every single bunny, which he did. Each one got 20-30 seconds, which in little kid time is a lot. It was very sweet. Some would get "Cute!" or "Cool!" if they were particularly awesome.
One of the areas we went to in the kids area had a station where you could make 'dirt babies' where you put grass seeds and soil in a nylon, tie it off and put eyes on it, then take it home to to water it and watch it's 'hair' grow. We've had them over a month and they've gotten hair cuts already.
Man I love this kids face. His face, not the dirt babies.
The kid area we played in the most. They had a corn box (is that what you would call it?) and of course Levi wanted to make a corn angel.
Max just wanted to dig.
Then the water pump area. They put up rain gutters in a circle so you could pump the water and it would fill it and kind of go in a circle. Then they had rubber ducks that could go it. They both got very into the whole thing.
Over all a great time. We hung out a lot in the reptile tent (and had to see every single thing in it) and the science tent when I think we could have stayed all day. We even got to go into the arts and crafts building which is one of my favorite things to do but in years past the boys hadn't been up for it. To top everything off we had our usual fair food, corn dogs, curly fries, and other delicious junk and stopped by the "Dairy Women of Oregon" shack to get some of their awesome ice cream. Man we love fair food, I'm pretty sure that's at least 65% of why we go. 

Friday, August 17, 2012


 Not long ago some friends and I threw a baby shower for our amazing, wonderful friend Brooke. I've known her pretty much my whole life and I remember lots of good times with her and if there is anyone close to being my 'sister from another mother' it would be Brooke and the rest of the Morins. Can't get enough of them.

We suprised her at Applebees when we had planned to have one of our regular girls night. Lots of people showed with tons of fun presents for her #3, Landon.

I got crafty and although I didn't end up making everything I wanted I got to make some things I've been wanting to do for a long time. It made me really want a little boy. They're just so cute!

 One of my favorites!
 And here she is! My pics were hurried and extremely quick, but better than nothing!
 This is a quilt Gram had made for baby Landon.
 On a side note, Landon has arrived and is doing well. I only got to hold him for a bit before I had to go but it was so fun holding a little baby bundle again. 

Full Bloom

 This year our strawberries have gone wild! I don't know why, but probably has to do with the automatic watering system Jason set up in the spring. I've never been great at remembering to water them every day. If they could only tell me they were hungry like the kids do maybe I'd do it. Anyhoo, strawberries were great along with the blueberry bushes which we hope to plant more of next year.
 This year I got an itch to plant seeds with the boys in the spring and out of all the seeds that got planted and things that actually decided to grow these green beans made it. I think it's the only thing I've ever grown, as an adult, from a seed. Usually I buy starts.
 And tomatoes, which are a first have gone crazy and now are mostly all red and ready to be picked. Thank you Jason for figuring out the watering, I'm pretty sure nothing would have grown otherwise. You're just great.
 Oh, not pictured, the raspberry bushes, which, despite me promising to Jason I'd take care of and wouldn't get out of hand, have and are all over the side yard and gate.....sorry!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

L is for Library, Levi and Legos

 We started out our "L" day going to the library and looking for the letter L all along the signs as we went. Also we took time to listen to the different sounds around us, cars, the fountain, people talking. After grabbing our stack of books for the week we went home and had our snack. 

I happened to have a couple different kinds of gold fish crackers, some little, some large so we decided to play the 'little, large' game, which is completely made up but basically talk about things that are little and things that are large while having a snack.
 Then we stopped by the store to pick up a larger bike for Levi, he has gotten far to big for his old one along with a lego figure each which they were thrilled about. They've loved having legos around the house. This summer it has been the number 1 toy we have.

They got lego minifigures and since it's a mystery pack you don't really know what you're going to get so Max ended up with the bride and Levi got Tarzan. I thought Max would be totally bummed but he was still pretty happy with his bride.
 Though a few days later when our neighbor Lily was over he decided to give it to her. Guess he wasn't too attached! But they sure do love their little lego guys.
 When dad came home he was able to put Levi's new bike together and he got some time on it. Still working on the whole biking thing. One day we'll get it.


 Jason is awesome. He built these huge cabinets on either side of the fireplace last year that was big enough to fit all the toys and a lot of my church/primary stuff. What a stud.

Well this year he's built the bookshelves, painted the fireplace and mounted the TV.
 Then I decided to get a little crafty, don't know if Jason liked it, but I did and I look at it the most so I figured I won that argument.
 All done. I still have to put stuff up on it, but overall I love it.

German Gymboree and Goodrich Goodnes

Earlier this month we took a trip up to Washington for the annual German family Gymboree. The boys were quite excited to see the uncles.

Camped out with The Uncles. They were great sports and played with the boys and made sure they didn't get into too much trouble. Made me wish we all lived closer to them, they would make excellent babysitters.
 Little Baylee with her cuz'.
Richelle playing Jinga with the giant set Jason built (thank you Jason, you're awesome)
Ridin' the train,
and a giant mountain goat. 
Group shot, a little shady but we're all there.
 And this is probably one of Levi and Max's top 5 things to do when we're out and about. Chase birds.
 After the reunion we did what those boys pretty much the entire time where there. Battle. Swords, battle axes, nurf guns were unearthed and the battle of the century began.

 Max led the charge.
 For some reason Uncle Phillip was the chosen one and everyone attacked. He'd better run.

 But Max and Levi eventually (with some help) caught up and he surrendered.
The Goodrich menfolk looked on, occasionally shooting a nurf gun or swinging a sword.
 Such intensity. Or maybe he hit himself.....
 They continued till the sun set.
 On the way home we went a different way than we normally do and stopped at Miners, which we've always seen signs for but have never actually gone to. Well, the boys and I that is. Jason says when he was doing sports the bus always stopped there to eat.
 Food was good. Real good.
 See? Told ya!
 On the trip home Levi wanted to make sure his monkeys could hear the movie.
 Max didn't really care much.
It was a fun trip and we can't wait till harvest time to go back. Thanks again Goodrich's, we had a blast.