Monday, October 28, 2013

Primary Program

Today was one of the best Sunday's of the year, primary program and this time both boys had a part. Levi was quite excited to get all dressed up and even tried to do his hair himself though dad had to give him a little lesson. When he came in to see me he asked 'Do I look handsome mom?'. Yup.

Max was a little less than trilled with the whole thing. Dad got him dress and his hair did (which looked quite handsome) but then got mad, got it wet and gave his hair a good rub for that just woke up look. We're just lucky he kept his pants and shoes on.

Since I am so slow lately and we wanted a good front seat Jason and Levi headed off while Max and I had a bite to eat. Eventually he calmed down a bit though it took quite a bit of distracting and changing of subjects.
Eventually we made it out with shoes and pants on not screaming about not wanting to go to church. He even let me get a couple of pictures, though he didn't make it easy.

See? But again, at least he's not screaming like he had been for the past hour or so.

He even gave me a smile or two. 

In the car I prepped him about what to say, "I am thankful to God for my brothers." Technically it was supposed to be brother but we changed it to brothers because he was about to have another one. Like usual he said he was only going to say he was thankful for his blanket, snuggle bear or peanut (his baby). I just encouraged the best I could and told him that he could always get help from Sister Hancock, the primary prez who would be up there helping.

Overall it was hilarious and awesome, I really wish I could have taped it. Since we were right up front I took this quick illegal picture, I'm such a rebel. We got lucky and Levi sat almost right behind Max so we got a good view of everything.

Levi class was up first and he did an amazing job and had his all memorized. He totally owned it. Walked straight up to the top step, which he definitely did not need and made him tower over the microphone, said very loudly and self assuredly something like "Heavenly Father created the beasts of the fields, the cattle and all creeping things. He also created man to rule and reign over them". Something like that. The last line was awesome because he said it so loud and proudly then took several seconds to look around at everyone with wide eyes and a big smile, hopped down and when he got down to his seat leaned down to Max to get a big loud high five.

Max did a great job too, I was most nervous for him because I wasn't quite sure what was going to happen or what he was going to say. But he got up there, waited his turn and said his correct line without any help clear enough so everyone could hear it. I was so proud of him! As he walked back to his seat he also gave Levi a high five. Very cute.

I don't remember too much of the rest, I mostly just watched my boys. Levi started off blankly during all but the singing parts and Max was in a gaggle of boys and kept copying whatever the others did. Play with ties, rock paper scissors, make faces. I know it's horrible but I was so happy that he was not the wiggliest or the most unruly of the bunch, probably a close second though. Those boys were a sight to see and the only girl on the row sang loudly and kept trying to encouage singing but then a couple times told them they were too loud. Such funny little people.

All and all a good program and I'm so happy they both did so well. Afterwards I went home while the boys went off to classes so I could get a nap in. I love me a nice long nap.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Spooky weekend

Since Halloween is on a weekday most of the parties happened this weekend and I was lucky I snapped a few shots. I've been taking less and less pictures lately but keep trying because I love seeing them, especially years later when I know I'll really want to see them.

For Halloween the boys both picked out power ranger costumes months ago and have been playing with them off and on. To get ready I had them put everything together themselves so they did a ton of mixing and matching. It was funny to see what they came up with.

Levi's a power ranger/knight/super hero. When I told him I wanted to get pictures inside the church for our ward trunk or treat, he asked me what pose he should do. I told him to surprise me.

Max barely looked at me because behind me were some of his favorite kids dressed up in super cool ninja costumes. He took his accessorizing cue from his big bro.
It was a fun night with their cousins (of course I got no pictures of them, but they were a cute pirate and princess) and there was even a fun magic show followed by a trunk or treat.

In usual Kendra fashion I felt lame for not doing anything I wanted to to do like decorate the van up, have a fun costume (I had some great ideas), make some really crafty snacks for during the socializing/magic show. None of it happened. I even planned on just wearing a witches hat but made it out to the car and realized I forgot it, then didn't even want to go back up to get it. Lame. But at least we showed up. Again, I really didn't think I was going to actually make it because this kid has felt like he was going to just fall out for months and I didn't want to spend time, money or energy on something that I didn't think was going to happen.

Good thing the boys don't really notice or care or anyone else for that matter, it's just me and my own silliness.
Then today (Saturday) was my b-day and it was not what I usually would have done. Man, I did not time this baby thing well at all, right smack between my birthday and Halloween. Oh well, I wasn't thinking about timing just that the green light was on for having baby #3.

I slept in crazy late and didn't do much for the day. Cleaned the house up a bit, did some laundry, worked a little so I could close down my shop. Nothing to crazy, because we have the primary program and I really don't want to miss it.

We did go out to Red Robin for dinner. This was my view. I totally felt like an old guy with my beer belly sticking out. Nice.
The boys were so funny and for a while they concentrated on their drawing and games but eventually I found each of my three boys looking at three different tv sets. It's football season, need I say more?
Max loves to draw and color and he has been working pretty hard learning and writing his letters. I can't believe in two days he will no longer be my baby!
After dinner another Halloween party at a friends house and then after that the boys had a b-day surprise for me. We tried to get them to wait until tomorrow but they pitched a fit and since they're leaving to spend the night with the grandparents anyways after church we obliged and they did their surprise. 

Again, no pictures, I'm a lame-o but they got a small cake, some ice cream and sorbet for me along with some of my favorite fruits and a singing card. When the boys pick out cards that is the only kind they'll get if they can help it.

Now it's officially the 27th and I don't have to share my birthday with anyone. Sorry, I was kind of selfish and really didn't want to have to share my birthday if I could help it, though I'm sure I would have been fine if I would have had to. Less than 36 hours and we meet the newest member of the Goodrich clan.


I feel like this Halloween I have been a totally lame mom even though I do have a pretty good excuse. We barely got decorations up (some didn't even go up or sort of half way did), didn't make the cookies we usually do, didn't carve pumpkins, I didn't do cute pumpkin/fall pictures, didn't do a pumpkin patch as a family. I didn't dress up for anything and am SO thankful I bought their costumes months ago when they first made an appearance in stores otherwise I'm pretty sure I would have just gone with whatever was in their costume box.

Anyways. Luckily Max's class had a class field trip to the pumpkin patch that him, Levi and I were going to be able to go to. Early on I wasn't sure if baby was going to come early so I didn't get my hopes up much about going just in case and didn't talk to Max much about it just to be on the safe side and avoid disappointment. Luckily baby needed a little more growing and has stayed snug inside so we could all go.
Max was thrilled and talked about going all week long and it was an absolutely beautiful day out. I had kind of wished I'd brought my better camera but at the same time not because I like to crouch down and get different angles and this mama could barely make it up the hill. Thank goodness for camera phones.
Levi in his 'fine mom, you can take my picture' pose. What a sweetheart.
They were trying to get a class picture but a few were gone and there were some reluctant kids.
Max's very best friend in the whole world, Caden. They were so cute together and stuck like glue most of the time.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his face.

His 'mom, stop taking so many pictures of me' face.

There was a huge slide that both boys went on over and over and over.
And I was amazed that Max went, he is usually so timid about bigger slides. Like at any play place or big playground he'll only do the small, toddler ones and refuses anything big but this time he went. Maybe because his buddy was there?

A fun day at the pumpkin patch, though by the end I was thoroughly exhausted, of course. These babies don't just make themselves. Oh my sweet little parasite.


This week has been usually sunny, especially for here in Oregon. The boys have been keeping themselves occupied this week while I've tried my best to get all the baby prep things done. One of the days I kicked them out of the house and they went off without much complaint. After 5 minutes I peeked out my window to see what they were up to and this is what I saw. I can't complain too much right? At least they love books.
In Levi's class they have been reading The Boxcar Children, which we love and have been working out way through the series. When they were done the teacher decided to do a special day with fun activities relating to the book and one of them was sewing a small bear like Benny had.
Levi was SO pumped and told me all about it, he was so proud! He even asked me one morning during breakfast if he could have a pack of needles and some thread for Christmas. Made this sewing lover happy.

You can't tell so much by this picture because he wanted to go off and play ninjas with his friends but he was extremely excited about his bear whose name is Super Bear and his secret identity is Mr. Bear. Naturally. 
Meanwhile while Levi's off Max and I have been doing more and more hang out in my bed time because I'm just a wuss and super prego. My feet have been more swollen than my other pregnancies and I have been trying my hardest to stay off them but sitting with my feet up doesn't help because Mr. Baby thinks anytime I'm in that leaned back sitting position it's party time so it's been a lot more of the bed for me. I don't know how people do bed rest, I'm pretty sure I would go insane.

At least I have a crazy boy to be insane with me. He actually wanted me to take these pictures and thought it was hysterical. Like my morning hair and wake up face?

Then he wanted to send this picture of him driving a car to dad.
Levi's teacher sent me this picture of him and his friend Drew in his class, they were freak out excited that they pretty much had the same shirts on.
And Levi got this note from his teacher, it made my day. He has been working so hard on his handwriting, which for at his grade level/age, is really the only area where he's slightly below his level. His reading is amazing and he's now reading at a 2-3 grade level. I still can't believe how fast he just started to do it because while I encouraged reading and doing all the sight words they give you in kindergarten, it got to be too much for both of us and we mainly focused on reading for fun and then one day it clicked. 

Now I can't get him to put down his books, which sometimes isn't a good thing because there are other things in life to do besides read, though it is pretty fun. I'm just glad he likes to do it because it was and still is something I thoroughly enjoy. Being able to get completely lost in a book is a wonderful feeling. 
Then Friday Jason sent me this picture because they had a baby shower, diaper shower, man shower, whatever you want to call it, for baby. No I didn't go (they were having it at 8am and no way was that happening on a no school day, that's sleep in day), it was more just a breakfast and most people got diapers which I know we will be needing. He also got that huge rubber ducky which Max flipped out about when he saw it. I did too, it is pretty dang awesome. We'll see if it lasts till baby can actually use and play with it!
While dad was doing that we did the usual sleeping in, which is usually only for me while the boys play Legos, followed by an epic long reading session in my bed (I think this time was an hour and a half and we didn't even get close to finishing their pile), followed by finally getting up and ready for the day. Fridays are my favorites.
After that we went to McD's to meet a bunch of our friends for lunch and let all the kiddos take over the play place. It was a pretty spectacular sight. After doing the counting there were 8 adults and 15 kids so we ruled the playground. Those poor workers who had to clean up after us and all the others who came to was a lot of fun to see everyone though!

Harvest 2013

This year harvest time was a little different than normal, at least for me because I didn't go. Because of how schedules worked out the only time we could make it happen was a week before baby and I knew I didn't want to make the drive that pregnant, risk going into labor out of state and probably not be of much use any ways because I'm in the very awkward pregnant stage and am kind of useless, except for the whole growing a baby thing, cause I'm doing awesome at that.
So the boys went off without me and I tried my best to take it easy and not go into labor (which I did quite well).

They picked gigantic carrots, apples, onions and potatos. I hung out here and caught up on work work, house work and did some finishing touches on our back bathroom (which is very close to being finished).
They had fun with the uncles like usual and these are the pictures they sent. I was a little bummed I didn't get to go but know that's just how it goes sometimes and there is always next year.
We did get a whole truckload of produce which I tried in my very best pregnant way to use as much as I could with a little help from Max. He loves helping in the kitchen especially if he gets to use his 'kid knife'. It's plastic and he thoroughly enjoys chopping things.
 He only could cut for so long so he cheered me on as he watched Treasure Buddies (the boys have been loving all those movies lately) and munched on an apple.
And this huge, though it was the smallest of the bunch, carrot. He ate almost the whole thing, I was very impressed. 
I didn't do nearly as much as I wanted to but we made a bunch of apple butter, which was a first for me, as well as some apple leather and froze some carrot baby food (just prepping for the inevitable!). I didn't get the applesauce I wanted to do because there just wasn't enough time and I can really only do like one thing a day. Oh well, maybe after baby?