Sunday, September 28, 2008

Did You Know?

Levi is going to be a big brother?
Yup he is. The end of April. We'll let you know specifics soon enough.
It was quite a surprise for us but we are all very happy about it.
Pregnant. See? (FYI two stripes are positive)
I'm REALLY pregnant. No joking. =)

He's got the look!

There comes a time in every boys life when he just needs to make a change. For Levi that time was last weekend when dad insisted he get a hair cut. It was quite shaggy I'll admit. Here are the before and afters. Don't worry, I kept a lock.
Before After

No Boys Allowed.

This weekend my sister Scarlett, step mom Rhonda, Aunt Kathie and I went to a scrapbook retreat up in Washington at the Great Wolf Lodge that just opened. It has a HUGE indoor water park, which none of us went in because we had quite a jam packed weekend. It was pretty hard core scrapbooking, even for me. We did six 1hour 15 minute classes each day. Towards the end my mind was mush and I had to take more than one break.

This was my first weekend without Levi. It was good but I missed him. When he 'talked' to me (when I say talked I mean pushed buttons and hung up on me) I got a bit misty.
There were tons of women. A whole room full of crazy women scrappers.

Scarlett showing off some of the stuff we made. Aunt Kathy and Rhonda did a great job and got quite creative though they hadn't scrapbooked much. I was very impressed.
We got ton's of 'free' stuff and took home lots of supplies and projects and ideas to work on. It was great!
Four girls. No boys allowed. We'll I think we would have allowed them. Weather any male would ever want to join us is another matter.
Sassy Ol' me.

Portland Children Museum Adventures

This week Levi's Aunt Rose (my sister) had the week off so we decided to take Levi to the Portland Children's museum. Last time we went he was only crawling and though I'm sure he enjoyed it, didn't get the whole effect of it all. This time was MUCH better.

I couldn't decide which pictures to put so I put a TON. Sorry. But I know all the grandma's will thoroughly enjoy them all.

One of the 'exhibits' is a child sized grocery market and deli. Levi helped Aunt Rose put things away.Levi was sorely disappointed when he kept biting into the very real looking food and it was all hard and rubbery. He got this very confused look on his face. Luckily he didn't get too upset.
The 'Dig Pit" was probably one of his favorites, at least I think it was. One of the ways I could tell he's being growing up is that he didn't stick the 'dirt' in his mouth the minute it was in his hands.
I taught him how to use the 'Ambulance' phone.
Apparently I am a GREAT teacher.

This was the construction site. Levi could not figure out just how to get the water out of that sink.
Playing with Auntie Rose.
We didn't stay long playing with the trains. Levi kept destroying the track and the other little kids didn't like that much.
WATER!!!! We got good and wet. A couple of times.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One Year Older and Wiser Too...

Happy B-Day Levi!!! It was a very fun day, though I know I was way more excited than he was. I love surprising people, even if they are only one and can't tell between their birthday and any other day. We had a day packed full of fun. Here's what we did for all of those who missed it.
8:30am Wake up and breakfast of milk, bread (an absolute favorite) and applesauce.
9:45am Shots. While I was scheduling it sounded like a good idea. As I had to help hold him down I felt horrible and realized shots on birthdays are not so smart. Levi got over it and still loves me.
11:30am Had lunch with daddy. Levi enjoyed the dry erase markers.
12:45pm Home for a LONG recordbreaking 4 1/2 hour nap.
6:00pm Party at great grandparents. Lots of toys, pizza and.....
CAKE!!!!!!!!! (actually it was a very large cupcake)

He was kind of dazed after it all. Maybe just a little too much sugar. 7:30pm Bathtime. He broke in his new foam letters Aunt Rose got.
8:15pm Nap on the way to the Morin's for another party with his little friends.
10:00pm Crash.

It was a good day.