Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hilarious Max

We were eating/making homemade sorbet with coconut milk, raspberries and a little apple juice to which Max exclaimed 'I love natural sugars!'

During dinner we were talking about the fact that after you eat food it goes down your esophagus which naturally lead to Max proceeding to describe what happens after. "Then it goes in the stomach, the small intestine, the large intestine then out the bum bum." He continued "If you drink water it comes out.......(looking down at crotch area) the thing that makes my pants so lumpy." Kids say the darnedest things.

At the park Levi climbed to the top of a big dome structure and yelled "I'm the king of the world!" To which Max promptly told him, "No you're not. Jesus is!" And kept yelling it because Levi wasn't really listening.

I asked Max what he was doing. "Making  lots of monkeys ask lots of questions."  I blame Jason for that one.

For pretty much everything he likes to say, "I think it needs a few more finishing touches."

When he dropped his straw, "There goes my dignity" he said with a sigh. I burst out laughing and found out it was from How to Train your Dragon. 

Max normally goes in the boys room now with Levi but he was only with me so I had him go in girls bathroom with me. He was in the larger handicapped stall with me and asks about the little garbage can. "Is it for little girls only?" He totally thought it was a little garbage can just for little girls.

Max had  apparently fallen and hurt his lip so naturally he runs in to me crying, "You shouldn't have made the floor so hard!"  Uhhhh. Sorry?

I love how he randomly says "That's awkward." All the time. I have no idea where he got it.

I've been working on spelling with Levi which had spilled over to Max. Sometimes I'll spell words out randomly. One day I say, "It's time to go H O M E home". Max replies, "Like Home Depot!" You can tell he's been there once or twice.

We were reading an Earth science book and there was this question on the page which I ask him, "Why does the Earth shake?" Max, "Because Jesus is angry."  I didn't know how to respond, mostly because I was trying to keep from laughing.

Max: What did you get for your birthday.
Me: A baby.
Max: A present is fun. Babies are not fun. 

After a long time of quiet Max comes up to me, "Mom, did you know I can speak in dog language? Woof woof!"

We were in the living room and I saw Max hitting the ground where the sun was shining. Me, "What are you doing?"   Max,  "I'm trying to catch my shadow." pause   "Mom, how do you sew your shadow?"  Yeah, we had seen Peter Pan recently.
Had a big fridge box they were playing with. Some how tore a small flap at the bottom. "Do you like the genious  door I created?"

Max: Mom can you help me open my door?
Me: What happened, did you lock it? (for some reason the lock is on the inside of their room door)
Max: I think Grampy's spirit locked it.
Note. He now blames 'Grampy's spirit' on a lot of things good and bad. "Mom, Grampy just gave you a sneak hug!"

Showing off a necklace to me, "Do I look like a smart kid? All smart kids wear necklaces."
Max taking a shower and we were trying to convince home to wash hair which he hates. "But that is the worst thing ever!'

We were talking in the car about how we are all children of God and that Jesus is our brother, so we should all be kind to each other. He suddenly made the connection that I was his mom and sister, to which he responded that it's "weird, but cool. "

Max came home from Disneyland with quite a haul. 10 days with grandparents will do that. While we were headed off to the grocery store he says,  "I am quite the shopper!" Me, "How so?" Max, "I can spend a LOT of money" I guess he gets that from me.

I hear a familiar sound coming from the living room so I come in and find Max had put my breast pump up his shirt and turned it on.  I couldn't contain the laughter.

We were practicing spelling words with Levi and like I always tell him his secret weapon in spelling is reading so if he spells it and it doesn't read right it might not be spelled correctly and maybe try again. Max, " So you know what my secret spelling weapon is? Peeking."

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Unexpected Trip

For MLK I actually didn't realize Jason had the day off until a day or two before. I don't know where my brain is lately. And when he asked what the plan was I thought it would be fun to go out to Camp 18 which we haven't been to in a while. It had actually been a long time since we did any sort of trip longer than the 1/2 hour it takes to get to my dads house and so we headed off.

Levi has been working hard on learning to tie his shoes. I've attempted several times teaching him but it didn't really work out. Now he can do it but it is in his own way where he makes two loops and ties them together instead of how I know which is one loop, swoop around, through the hole and pull. Oh well. At least he does it. Kind of.
Camp 18....Mmmmm. We took our sweet time getting there but made it in time before breakfast ended. Davis did well for his first meal out, though he needed a little rocking by the end of it. I love these two pictures, they make me laugh especially when they're right next to each other.

The boys liked all the logging equipment as usual.
Levi is a pro at the games on the kids menus now.
Aaaannnnddd for some reason this picture is sideways but I'm being lazy and not going to fix it because baby's sleeping for who knows how long.

It was weird because both Jason and I ordered hot chocolate but the boys wanted a milk and a juice. Good thing they have refills because I think I got two sips of mine. Punks.

Afterwards we ran around and looked at all the logging machinery and trains, the boys dug it. We're lucky we have Jason because I would have been no help with all their questions. I can however identify a train but that about it.
One of the things I really wanted to do on this trip is take pictures of the boys with my nicer camera because on our entryway wall all the pictures are about 2 years old and I figured I needed to do something about that as well as get some of Davis. Davis was far too grumpy and tired but the other two did pretty well, though it did take some bribing as always. Hopefully soon I'll get the other non goofy pictures uploaded. I think some of them turned out really well.
After that we realized we were almost out of gas and the closest station was towards Seaside so we headed out that way. After gas we had to stop at the outlet mall because Jason can never pass going to a Nike store. Levi got shoes and some clothes, Max got a ball (because he was throwing a fit he couldn't get anything else because they didn't really have anything his size), and I got some shoes which I love.

A few more stops to the other shops and we went on to the beach because you can't go to Seaside and not see some waves.  We were in luck and the weather was amazing, even better than what you sometimes see in the middle of summer. Oregon you sure are strange.

Davis was pretty pooped and took a cat nap while the boys played.
And what my boys love to do at the beach: draw in the sand with sticks, look for shells and chase seagulls.
I can't turn this around right but Jason wrote it and I snapped a quick picture before Max could cross it out. Jason was writing nice things like that he loves Max and me but then Max was being a stinker and stomping and crossing everything out.
He finally woke up!

One of the things Jason wanted to do was take out his gun. I was feeding Dave-o in the van but he gave the boys a big talk on gun safety and Levi even got to take a shot at the target. They were both really excited, though Max refused to try, it was too loud for him.
A race to see if he hit the bulls eye!

After I fed the man I got a turn and I did an ok job, though Jason had to move up the target. It took me forever to find it in the scope, I blame my glasses. All I know is that I am sure glad I have Jason because if there ever was an emergency or a zombie attack he's the one I want on my side. I don't think I'd last a week.
Finally the day was coming to an end and it was dinner time so we stopped by DQ. We hardly ever go out to eat as a family and I guess with two in one day we were just making up for lost time. I'm just happy I didn't have to cook and the boys didn't seem to mind one bit.
Dilly bars!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mixed Emotions

I took these while I was supposed to be paying attention to the lesson during Relief Society, it was a good lesson and I was paying attention to it for the most part but this kid is so cute!

A couple of weeks ago I started my new calling as the Jr. Primary music leader which I have done before and it is a pretty sweet gig. It's a lot of work. Honestly I always felt it way more than when I was in the primary presidency, though maybe I just wasn't doing it right and magnifying my calling? But you have to have 20 minutes of singing prepped to be done in a fairly creative and entertaining way every single Sunday. It can be a lot of work sometimes but I really love it. I love kids and I love to sing though my actual music knowledge is limited and definitely not anywhere near what the other music leader was. But she did study music and still does it as a paying gig and so does her husband who has a doctorate in music, so I can't compare myself too much or at all for that matter. All I can say is while I make lots of mistakes I normally have a lot of fun with it.

So for church I try to make sure Davis is good and fed by 2nd hour when Jason takes him and then I take him back for RS the 3rd. It works out well and this week Jason got him to sleep so I got to look at his cute sleeping face.
Then he woke up, happy for a minute then mad the next.

then still a little sleepy because he doesn't sleep as well in his car seat compared to his bed. But then he was happy again.

Then he got really excited and flailed his arms around a bit because he hasn't quite got control of them yet.

And then he realized he has hands. Ohhhh. Hands.  
  I love babies.

Slow Saturday

Normally Levi has wrestling tournaments but it was cancelled last Saturday, so it was a much more relaxed day than planned.

I have been trying to start doing a family cleanup Saturday and have even resorted to doing a list. I tried doing one without it but nothing would get done and I would get frustrated with everything.

When I was a youngen' I used to spend the night at the Morins a lot, usually on Friday nights which meant I was there Saturday morning and a lot of times into the afternoons. So that is where I first saw this idea. Kate would have a list that she put out on the counter (this was back in their small house, which I kind of miss) then everyone had to clean until it was all done. I had never done it before but knew I liked it and if I ever had kids I would do it too. It was a great time because we would usually listen to fun music and it was always a big team effort because we all wanted to get done as fast as we could so we could play. 

So a couple weeks back I started the list for a number of reasons. My ideal is to have a semi clean house Saturday so I don't have to stress so much Sunday trying to get things ready for the week because it sucks to start the week off with a messy house and no laundry done. I'm just a happier person when I start off the week with things clean and everything ready to go.  Also I wanted to have a good time where I could teach the boys how to clean something properly when I am not stressed because to be honest I don't do a very good job of it during the week. I usually have too much going on to show them how to do something new without being semi-stressed. So I figured a Saturday would be a good time to work on new skills because everyone should know how to clean a toilet and wash a window properly. Lastly I did it for more time. I could do it all myself but I have ADD when it comes to cleaning sometimes. I get distracted and get involved in one thing, then find another then another. This keeps things on track so the job gets done and we all stay focused so we can move on to much funner things. So far it has gone pretty well though I'm pretty sure Jason hates it.
After we cleaned up the house Davis took a nap while Jason got some work done so the boys and I could go off to run some errands. We stopped off at the library, dropped off a bunch of mail, got milk, picked up Levi's meds. While we were waiting for the pharmacy (we got their during their lunch break) the boys showed me this. At first I had no idea what it was but they definitely did. After they told me it was a cat toy they both said very loudly and excitedly "It turns a lazy cat into a crazy cat!" Commercials. It's so funny just how much those guys asorb. Levi has mentioned getting Gerber life insurance, starting a company when he grows up to help baby animals who don't have a mom for just 'one dollar a day',  not drinking carmel colored soda because theirs some kind of chemical (though I think that was from some sort of show) and the list goes on.
After all the cleaning and errands my mom took the boys and I to see Frozen which we loved. I don't know why but Max did not want to go at all at first, we almost left him at home with Jason and Davis but at the very last second, while my mom and Levi were in the van, I some how got him to come. He loved it though there were a few parts he got scared at. He's such a funny guy, sometimes he's so brave and others not at all.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Fun Friday. Kind of.

Fun Friday started off not so fun. Not bad but definitely not fun. Davis and I went off to his 2 month check up which was more like 2 1/2 months due to scheduling. The boys stayed at home with Gram. It's kind of nice not ever having to worry about getting a sitter for my older 2 anymore. I used to worry about Max but he's proven he can do just fine with Gram watching him. Usually they get to hang out downstairs watching Nick Jr. and have juice (which I pretty much never get), and other treats. Not a bad deal for all involved.

Davis did really well, he's growing like a weed and measures in the 91% for height and 93% for weight, it was like 15.5lbs or something. And 75% for head. He was a trooper even though he had to wait around naked for quite a while and then get shots.

As you can see he still hasn't quite taken a liking to the pacifier.....
After that we came home, ate quickly and headed off to Pump it Up to burn off some energy. I brought Davis' carrier and used it for a longer period of time for the first time. He just has always seemed kind of small in it but he doesn't seem to mind. I keep wondering if I'm wearing it right because he ends up sucking on the arm straps. If he would only suck on a binkie like that.
The boys had a blast of course. This one (it's the Pump it Up Jr.) is almost getting to be a little too 'kiddy' for them though they had a pretty dang good time. I think next time though we'll go to the one for bigger kids.

It took a little bit of convincing, mostly because he just wanted to look around, but Davis finally gave in and fell asleep. It was nice because I never really rock him to sleep, when he sleeps he sleeps in his bassinett and seems to like it that way so it was nice to get some extra cuddles in, though I'm sure it wasn't as comfortable as his own bed. You should have seen the sleep wrinkles in his face when he woke up.
 And of course the boys had to check out the fun house mirrors as we were leaving. 
After that another quick trip home, a short cat nap for Davis and then Levi, Davis and I were back to the Dr. for Levi this time.

A few weeks before Christmas Levi got a cold like everyone else around here. By the time he was headed off to California with Grandma and Grandpa he still had a bit of a cough but I figured it would soon go away. Well, when he came back it was still there and did not sound pretty  so the first thing I did before sending him to school was getting it checked out. He didn't have any other real symptoms except the caugh. Turns out he had a sinus infection so we went on antibiotics. Well, we did that for a week and a half and it was still there so while I was at Davis appointment we made one for Levi that day to get it checked out again by our doctor (the one before was just who was on call).

So she did some tests and we checked for asthma and it turns out the cold might have caused some asthmatic symptoms so we got an inhaler along with another round of antibiotics just to be safe. He doesn't necessarily have asthma since he doesn't have the classic symptoms but it could have just been triggered by the cold. He's been on both meds since and the cough is almost gone, yea! And she said he can stop with the inhaler once the cough was gone and if it continued we would have to go back but it looks like were in the clear, for now. Jason had it pretty bad as a kid I hear, which would not be fun to deal will.

All's well that ends well I suppose.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snaps and How to Torture a 4 Year Old

He loves watching things from his bouncer. I have decided I love sleepers with zippers. So much so as I was thinning out Davis next round of cloths I sorted out all the snaps because, who has time for that? But this one I couldn't part with because both Levi and Max wore it and it just reminds me of my baby boys. One day I'll have to find the pictures of the other boys in it.

  Max is such a funny guy. I really wanted to get a picture of his new hair cut. First let me tell you about it. I would have taken pictures before or during but it was torture for all involved.

First off Max HATES haircuts. That's why his last one was probably 6 months ago and I made sure to do it short just because of that. What he hates the most are the clippers, which is how I normally cut the boys hair. He doesn't seem to mind scissors though. After putting off cutting it I finally convinced him one morning to do it while Levi was at school. Towels were laid down in front of the TV, his favorite show was on, scissors were out and I got started with the scissors. It was looking terrible. While I think I can do a decent job with the clippers I just don't have practice with scissors, especially with a wiggly, very impatient and stubborn boy. So long story short I ended up holding him down doing my best with the clippers.

The whole time Davis was in his bouncer watching everything. I'm suprised he didn't freak out with all that screaming. And funny story. Right before getting started I had paused a moment to take a picture of Davis because he was looking extra cute. After it was over I looked on my phone and realized I somehow ended up video taping the whole thing. You can't see anything because the phone was faced down but you can hear the whole grudge match. It's kind of hilarious and I might just keep it though it's pretty much 20 minutes of Max screaming while I did my best to stay calm. I'm actually  suprised how calm I was and patient I sounded. From the sound of things you'd think I was killing him. I sure hope child protective services never get their hands on it because that's what it sounds like. Well it happened and I hope by the next round, Max's fear of the clippers is gone.
These were the best shots I got from my camera despising guy. The scarf? Mine. He totally stole it from me but it was a bribe so he would let Levi stay in 'his' seat and he sat in the back. It worked.

I decided to snap a picture of Levi's lunch after I'd made it. I actually really don't mind making lunch for him (we'll see how I feel about it in a few years and multiply it by 3). But it's fun picking things out, not that it's ever very interesting or anything. My favorite is picking out the joke I stick in there. I found a bunch online and printed them at the beginning of the year so they would be ready .
And I am back at it, menu planning that is. It has been a while. Probably 9 months at least because being pregnant, having a baby, and getting the gall bladder out sure threw off my groove. Planning a menu helps me stay so much more organized because I don't have this nagging thought of 'what am I going to make for dinner?'  I do my two week grocery shop so I have everything ready and don't need to go out and buy anything and since it's right there I can do prep earlier in the day.

I can tell it's been a while because now Levi can now read really well and is reading it every day and asking about it. He was totally thrown off and baffled when I switched a few days around. But I have felt less stress since starting back up again and yea for being organized!
This is what I found on a Word document after Max snuck in after he was supposed to be in bed. I'm not sure what he was trying to write.....
Digging for treasure.

Max is a tough one getting to sleep. He knows I am a sucker because he'll come out of his room, look at me and say "I love you mom". How can I yell at that? Or he'll sweetly ask if I can come rub his back which I can't refuse. In only a few years he will probably want nothing to do with back rubs from mom so I will take them while I can as inconvenient as they might be.