Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy Harvest and Other Stuff.

We started off our week with a dentist check up for the big boys. While Levi was in getting checked Max and Davis kept each other amused. Yes no socks for Davis (he pulled them off) and I totally let them crawl around, mostly because they were NO toys anymore like their used to be and there was no one else in the room. I might or might not have been holding a small garbage can on my lap which Davis kept trying to dump out. We're a pretty classy bunch.
 Evading some picture taking.
I have been working out and there was a weight loss contest to see who could lose the most in 2 months and I was a winner! I didn't think I would but I somehow did. I've been doing Curves which has been good but has lots of things I wish were different. Their hours are ridiculous. Like only two nights they are open till 8 and the rest are 6:30/7 except Saturdays which are noon. Noon. I am a night owl and have always preferred working out at night than in the morning. I did really well during the summer but when school started 6:30am workouts have been so much harder! Still figuring things out and had lots of ups and downs. Like usual.

Most of our FHE's lately have involved watching Studio C which is now probably one of the boy's favorite shows. It is quoted a lot around here.
Seriously. We need locks on these doors.
And after having our Newsies soundtrack in the house for a while the boys insisted we take it out to the van. I love that they love it so much.
Getting their homework done.
Max's new best bud, Phil. He goes through phases with favorite stuffed animals.
And driving to pick up Levi, Max kept yelling 'Louder, louder!" to the Newsies. It's so cute to hear his little voice sing it.
Max-o is quite proud that he can spell almost everyone's names all on his own. Still working on Davis. It helps that our names are really short.
Guess who found a crayon?
Levi absolutely adores his baby brother. The minute he hears that he/me are awake and getting a morning diaper change (Davis, not me) he runs in and wants to play with his baby bro. It's so cute. I always wonder what type of relationship all these boys will have in a year, 5 years, 10 years and beyond. For right now they all like each other for the most part and I love watching them play together.
It's harvest time! We went after Jason got off work which meant we got to the Washington Goodrich's past 11 or so. All the boys were great in the truck and slept a lot. I worked the night away thanks to my handy dandy head lamp. Got a good head start on some holiday prep.
I love baby toes so much.
Davis was a champ. Actually all boys did great. The older boys went off with the Uncles and Davis did as well. They all took turns pushing him in the stroller, so long as he was moving he was just fine, like always. Can't keep this kid still. Ever.
And he got to taste test all the apples he wanted then throw them, which he loved.

Max was quite the helper. Levi too but Levi decided he wanted to help with Davis more. This is normally the case. When it comes to outdoor, Max is a helper to the end while Levi is an amazing helper in the house. I wonder if that will ever change that as they get older.....

Got to test them all.

He got pushed around so much he got a bit of shut eye. But not for long. Look at those dimples.  After we picked the truckload full we put him on top and he got so excited and was extremely mad when we took him down.
By the time we were done with the apples he conked out in the truck going to our next spot.
Carrots. I love pulling carrots because you can never tell what you're going to get when you pull one, could be big, little, with lots of crazy 'legs', twisted. Pretty fun. These ones are huge because they are made to be cut up and used, not individually eaten though they totally can.
Then we did some corn and ended with a bunch of apricots.
After we went back to grandpas and since we weren't doing cider this time around and working till late getting apples pressed, we got to hang out and the boys got to play outside.
Then we celebrated Larry's birthday with an ice cream cake that Max kept stealing from the birthday boy. Grandpa tolerated it even though Max ate almost half of his after eating his own.

During the night I worked on necklaces to prep for Christmas while we watched movies. So many necklaces.
And I snagged this picture of all the boys after church.
Davis playing with his birthday toy from the grandparents. It took him a little bit of time but he's finally figured it out and loves it.

And this is the country mercantile we stop off at pretty much every time we visit. So many choices.
Outside the mercantile.
And on the road again. The boys were troopers crammed in the back of the truck. Who knows how much longer we can put them all back there. Their legs just keep getting longer and longer.
Finally at home relaxing.
And then right off to deliver to everyone. It's always fun making stops at our friends houses and having the kiddos and them pick stuff out. They love it and ask about it every year.
In between stops the boys decided they needed to test the apples again.