Saturday, November 8, 2014

Piano Recital

 Levi and Max had their recital! It was Max's first. We were sad when we found out that Krista wouldn't be teaching anymore. Bummer. Time to find a new teacher, boo! But I totally get why she stopped, I was surprised she kept teaching after baby #2.

The recital went well and they both got up and played confidently.

 Dave chillin' with his ba.
 I don't know why the lighting got all weird, probably changed settings. He was being a goof. This was his first time and he did great. Though he did forget to play on page (there were two). He's so dang cute

Thursday, November 6, 2014

First Days and a New Normal. Kind of.

School finally started. It is always bitter sweet. For the most part I love having the boys home (when they're not fighting that is) and going off and doing pretty much whatever we want whenever we want. Well, so long as Davie gets his nap in.

So when school started up I was a little happy,  sad and nervous all in one. I'm pretty sure the boys were mostly just excited.

Max was starting up kindergarten over at Bethany. They only do mornings now and that is definitely not my favorite. Partly because I am SO not a morning person but also because with last years schedule it worked out really nice because I would do stuff with Max in the morning and then Levi in the afternoon. They would get their homework done, chores, play. Overall it was a pretty good system. When they are together they mostly want to play or fight. It's a lot trickier to get work done with each of them but it had to happen at some point.

Day one he was not nervous at all. He's a lot more nervous and shy than Levi so I was a bit nervous for him. We walked on the first day and couldn't find his regular Nike backpack so had to settle for my old one. This is the backpack that Scarlett and Gabe got me when I went off to BYU. I used it my whole collage years and now the boys are and it's still going strong. Good old Eddie Bauer.

First things first write you name and draw a picture.
After school I picked him up from the bus and this was his reaction. I love his outfit by the way. He won't let me pick out his clothes, he's very much opinionated as far as all that goes. Levi doesn't care much. He picked out his handmade Lego shirt, Nike basketball shorts and his Converse shoes or as he calls them his 'sneaky sneaks'. Love it all.
And that day happened to be his first day at piano. He was definitely more reluctant but Krista is very patient, which is why we go to her instead of someone closer. So he only had a mini lesson. But I'll take what I can get with that kid.
Then Max went off to make trouble with Davis while Levi continued on his lessons.

Later during Davis' nap I spied this., Max helping Gram make her bed then taking a quick rest.

Not too long after that I found him in his room. Kindergarten is hard work.
And this is pretty much our new every day with this guy. He books it for whatever room is open and see how much he can get out of drawers, cabinets and cupboards before someone stops him. He loves pulling out the big pans. That kid makes me nervous. Also pants are totally overrated.

As our week continued I again tried to set out some clothes Max would like, I even picked his favorite. But if he didn't pick it, no way. Oh well, a mom can try.
And back to making lunches. Levi loves his jokes.
A morning drop off. We go in the back way which has a little path and then this. I felt like he was ok walking the path to the front door where he is led into the gym where his teacher is waiting. Again, I'm always more nervous than they are.
And walking home. I can usually get him to hold my hand but not all the time. He's growing up too fast!!!
For school during the first week they have name tags so the teacher(s) can get to know names and faces faster. One day he decided the van needed to be called Max. And my camera phobic man actually requested pictures, one on each side so I obliged.

And piano practice. He would do a 'Max song' which was him free-styling at the piano and then take a bow every few minutes. This kid cracks me up.

I got this tent from Cassie as a baby gift for Davis and now he is finally putting it to use! Well, his big brothers have been breaking it in for him since the day we got it, they all love it. Best gift ever!
So I've been working out. Yey me! It's hard getting up in the morning and doing it but overall I have felt better about myself and life. Also I love my new shoes, they make it just a little easier to put on and get my exercise on.
A Costco trip. I told each boy to grab a bag of Pirate Booty and Levi says 'Hey mom, look I'm shaking my booty!!!" then shakes the bag. I burst out laughing, that kid cracks me up!
And this guy loves samples.
As always wants what his brothers are having. PS I wish I took clearer pictures. But I bet it doesn't help that these boys won't stop moving. Like ever.
I rearranged our furniture. There isn't very many configurations one can do in that space with the furniture we have but I was getting tired of it so moved things around making this little nook in the corner with all the pillows. It is now a great reading zone, napping area, hide and go seek spot. You name it.
Max did this all by himself. So proud. Then he did it with all our initials. As much as I worried about his level of interest I don't think it will be much of a problem.
Levi has been learning about the solar system. He definitely knows more about it than I do.
 We babysat Elsie and Lola and Davis of course attacked Elsie. Hey buddy, one day she's going to give you a taste of your own medicine! I did my best to keep them apart but basically any time both were on the floor Davis just couldn't keep his hands to himself. She is pretty cute though so who can blame him. I tried my darndest to get a good picture of them together but they were all a blur.
Me trying my best to keep her away. Found ya!
For some reason Davis was struggling getting to bed and I ended up rocking him back to sleep. Of course this was after he struggled as hard as he could to lay his head down. Despite the frustration of getting this kid to calm down it was kind of nice to just hold him. Ever since he could really get around that's all he's wanted to do, no time for snuggles. Maybe one day.
This is what happens when we turn the chair over to vaccume.
And off to a football game. Of course it was smack in the middle of Davis' nap so I let him sleep in the van as long as he wanted. Which of course was minutes after I parked.
It was super hot but we brought some shade to keep all the kiddos (and us) cool.
Max struggled a lot with the first few games. The first one he played just fine but this one he threw a fit in the middle of it and refused to finish. A week later he refused to play completely but then he was better for the rest of the season. Kind of.

See Max is on the kindergarten team put together by our district (region, school??? I don't know what it is, group). And how Westview does it is they have a Kindergarten team and a 1st and 2nd grade team which Levi is on. Most other groups/teams/schools do Kindergarteners with the 1st graders and then just have the 2nds on their own. But on those K and 1st teams most of them just have first graders. Or some don't have Kindergarteners at all. Now normally a year doesn't matter much but at this age in their development their is a big difference so Max's team was getting creamed every single time. Like their was no competition at all and the kids could barely move down the field. It was kind of frustrating to watch as a parent because these little guys tried their hardest but they didn't even have a chance most times. Don't even get me started on the time this little Kindergarten team had to play a team of 2nd graders (and big ones at that) who were tripping, pushing, yanking shirts and pants. Well Max knew right off the bat that they were getting killed and being his naturally competitive self did not want any part of it. We tried our best to be positive and encouraging but it took a couple of games to get him back into it. He liked to play and loved practice, it was just those games. They definitely need to rearrange how they do their teams.
And Davis has fallen in love with football. This little one is now his and we keep it in the living room. When we tell him to go get the ball this is the one he usually goes after. Little cutie.
A time honored Jason tradition, throwing babies in the love sac. He's been doing it since Levi was born. We'll actually before that when he would throw me in it.
Bat boy!
Primary program practice. It was done on a Sunday night after I had gone with all of them to do some baby pictures at the Morin Casa so we didn't have all our Sunday duds on. I knew a white shirt would be just fine but Max was absolutely mortified and kept saying he needed his church cloths on. It took a bit of convincing but I eventually got him to go into the building. He has so many opinions.