Wednesday, June 26, 2013


We've been having such a fun summer so far. At first I wasn't quite sure how everything was going to play out because it's been nice having some down time while Levi is in preschool and also I wasn't sure how potty training would go.

But Max is potty trained and is doing splendid and it has been fun not really having any sort of schedule or place we 'have' to be. Just doing what suits us.

At church Levi, during sacrament, gave me dozens and dozens of kisses, making sure to kiss every finger, my nose, cheeks, forehead, arms, neck. It was very sweet. Then to top it off he looked at me and said "Mom, you are beautiful."

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bobcat Blast

A few weeks before the end of the school year there was a school wide run run which they have dubbed as the Bobcat Blast. Levi was way pumped and did a great job on fundrasing. He was quite excited to get to see the principals head shaved.
It was a perfect day weather wise and he was hot at the end. I was so proud because he ran for most of the time with very little stopping. Way to go bud!

Monday, June 24, 2013


We have been dying to know if we were having a boy or girl and the day finally came and we were all pumped. At least I was.

I have actually always gone in alone for the gender reveal ultrasounds and dr. appointments. Jason's work schedule usually wouldn't allow it and plus, to be honest, they are pretty boring for the most part, including this one except the brief moment they tell you what you're having then they do tons of mesurments and press really hard on a very full bladder. Not exciting in the least.

Anyways. Since we are not sure how many kids we're having and seeing this *might* be the last, I thought it would be fun to find out together espeically now that the boys are older and know what's going on.

I had the ultrasound lady not let me know what it was and have me look away during those times where I could tell and put the results in an envelope. I then gave said envelope to our cousins who wanted to do a cake to reveal it. I origionally though of maybe wrapping up some boy/girl shoes or onesies to open. Whatever it was I wanted it to be something more visual for the boys.

They were awesome and made up this fun cake that had the gender color inside. We all got a knife and sliced it together to see what it was. And it was.......
A BOY!!!
We were all very excited, though Max, who was completely convinced he was getting a sister, immediately slumped his head down and said "I don't like boys." He was a little heartbroken for a bit but the jelly beans, gummi bears and cake helped him get over it.
NOTE: He is now very fine with the fact that he is getting a brother and is excited to see him. He kisses my belly (baby) a lot. 


Yes, he is this awesome and I think I shall keep him.


We had our cousin Abby over for a bit and we decided to pull out a game of UNO. Both boys are pretty good at it, though Max gets his inner Hulk on if he thinks he's losing or wants to use a certain card and can't. We're working on it.....
Also the boys love miss Abby, they are very sweet with her which is very cute.


It was a weirdly sunny Oregon day and the boys had been driving me nuts with all the fighting. I don't know what it is about them but they can fight about just about anything. Anyways, I was working and suddenly things got kind of quiet which many times is not a good thing in a house with boys. I look out my bedroom window and happened upon them coloring in the fort.
The sweetness was short lived because almost minutes after I snapped this picture they were at it again. It was nice while it lasted though.

Take a Look

We have been counting down the days to finding out if we were going to be having a new little brother or sister. I tried my best to explain that they have a special machine that would be able to tell. Max broke out the binoculars and said, "Let me take a look....". He cracks me up.

Memorial Day weekend

During Memorial Day weekend Jason went with Uncle Monte to visit his grandpa in AZ. Origionally I thought up some really fun things to do as a single mom for a week while he was away. Unfortunately the weather forecast changed and the whole time called for rain. No fun. At all. This was especually true considering the boys had already been driving me crazy for the past few weeks with all the fighting. Brothers.

Also as a side note I don't usually like to go to the really popular places on big holidays (like Memorial day) because being around so many huge crowds, especially alone, really stresses me out so I avoid them.

But Levi had a day off of school and I knew some did as well but not all so we decided to head off to Out of This World Pizza (or Pizza Planet as the boys call it). We didn't really have anything going on all day and so I planned to be there until the boys wanted to go. Who knew that would be  6 1/2 hours. Good thing I brought a ton of stuff to work on while they ran around.
We did lunch and dinner there which they didn't complain about one bit. Pizza, hot dogs and root beer? Yes please!
It was a fun day and they were pooped by the end of it which was all a part of my plan. And they didn't fight one bit the whole time.

Sadly we eventually had to go and let the Goodrich brothers weekend long cage match begin! It was a crazy weekend and lets just say I am now positive I could not hack it as a single mother. I might have gone a bit insane. Ok, a lot insane.

Monday, June 10, 2013


Levi's last practice of the season. He actually just had his last game of the season Saturday but my phone was too full to take any more pics and my camera is being weird so this is all I have left of the season.

It was a good one and I think Levi liked it. I'm not sure if it will be his sport of choice, he seemed to get bored a lot and to be honest distracted most of the time (Playing in the dirt, running circles around the kids on base when he was 3rd baseman, telling jokes,  things like that. It was hilarious). He is only 5 though. We'll see what happens but he knows he wants to try wrestling in the fall and he wants to try gymnastics so we'll give them a go. 
I am thankful for all the coaches and their patience with those kids, it is a hard job. Also to Jason for taking him to the evening practices when he could, I'm still easing my way into this sports life, we didn't do that in my family we were more arts, theater and such. Organized sports and practices are still new to me.

Go Cubs!

Sunday Walk

A quick picture of my two cute boys on a Sunday walk which the weather was perfect for. The boys and I decided to go and burn a little bit of energy off in hopes of making it an easier bed time. Mission accomplished.