Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Many Faces of Max and Levi

After we had Davis' cake smash while Jason got him cleaned up I got out the camera and snapped a bunch of pictures. We were all having fun shouting out different emotions for them to make faces to. It was hilarious. And I love each and every one of these little faces.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Davis is 1!

Davis' first birthday! He loved the cake as you can tell. Max helped coach his little. I'm sure glad we have this little man in our lives.

Monday, October 20, 2014

May The Force Be With You My Young Padawan

For Levi's 7th birthday it was the family/casual party with a really fun cake year and this year he decided he wanted a Star Wars one. We looked at lots of different ones online to see one that would work. I loved doing it because he's such a logical kid. Like we would see some crazy cool it took 20 hours to make cake and instead of asking for the moon he said 'cool but a little too hard to make'. I loved that he understood that. Because honestly if he did ask for something more complicated and really wanted it, I would probably do it because he's that awesome.

So this was the one we settled on and it was relatively easy. I was smart and baked the actual cakes the day before. I was a little crazy because I used my biggest pan on the bottom not really thinking. Well. The bottom has two layers and took 4 boxes of cake mix and the top took 3. We were going to have WAY too much cake but I was already in too deep so we kept going (We did cut middle circles out of each and froze them so they will be Davis' cake, thanks to a tip from Richelle the master baker for that!)

I didn't spend nearly as much time on it as I did Max's. I finished it late at night like I always do and he freaked out and loved it. That is what I was going for.
 Then of course he wanted to have me take this shot.
 I wanted to get some more traditional ones of him next to the cake. He was not amused and was as patient as he could be while I figured out lighting and focus. What a trooper.
 And Max wanted to cut the cake with his 'light saber'. I humored him and let him pretend for a minute or two.
 We took it downstairs so Gram could see it.
 I think he's making his wish right there....
 My birthday boy!

Pump It Up. Yo.

During the end of summer I realized I had some Groupon passes for Pump it up that needed to be used asap or they would expire so we grabbed the Rowley boys for a few hours and headed off. Davis crawled around everywhere and I played around taking 'action shots'.  I'm just happy it wore those boys down a little bit! Boys have so much energy, I wish I had a faction of it.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Camp, a Cake and a Potterhead

I tried my best to keep the boys doing some sort of homework during the summer. I don't know how successful I was but here is photographic proof they did it for at least a day!
 And another camp! This day was bug/science day and while they weren't too cooperative with the pictures they at least sat down. I'm so happy we did the camps, they had a ton of fun.
 And Levi found where I had the Harry Potter books. He knows a little bit about the story because his Lego book has Harry Potter in it. And he can't stop. My little book worm.
 And in other news Davis is a great climber.

 See, can't stop.
 And we finished the library's reading program, Levi read over 50 books. And not just little books, chapter books. I am so proud of the guy. I even made him write all the titles down himself which he hated.
 Levi started telling the person who gave out the certificates all about Harry Potter. He's so cute!
 Cutting some grass hair.
 More reading.
 And the boys have been LOVING the newsies. I mean loving it even though they only saw it once so I now have the Newsies station on Pandora and we listen to it all the time on the road. We've had lots of interesting conversations about child labor laws, monopolies, smoking (the kids in the movie smoked)
 And the beginning of Levi's cake, I think I made it a little too big. Oh well. Let them eat cake!
He fell asleep on me, I love it!!!
  I had two big boxes of pears I canned and made pear fruit leather out of. So good....... Oh and pear butter.....
 And tons of orders to fill. I just can't keep up sometimes. I try though.
 Krista had to take Ivan to the Dr. so we were on Abby duty. We were headed out for some errands and the boys were a huge help with her, it was so cute!!! I was keeping Davis out of trouble and they helped her with her shoes multiple times. And they totally act different with little boys and little girls, it's very very sweet.

 And the uncles showed up!!!! The boys had a blast with them, naturally.
 Also Davis is obsessed with his soccer ball or football. He loves throwing them around and playing 'catch' where he flings it in your general direction.
  Grandpa gave him corn and lots of other good stuff. That's what grandpas are for.
 For Levi's birthday dinner I usually will cook them anything they'd like and at first Levi wanted homemade pizza but then changed his mind and wanted to go to Sweet Tomatoes so we all went and partied it up. Davis was all over the place, you can't put anything anywhere near him or he will throw it to the floor. He thoroughly enjoyed the ice cream.

 The birthday cheeseball.