Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What the heck just happened?

I never meant for it to happen, it just sort of did. When I woke up in the morning I didn't say to myself "Today's the day I'm going to start....dun dun dun....potty training".

Levi has always been very anti-potty training except for some SLIGHT interest when he sat on one of his friends potty. So we went out and bought him his own "Froggy Potty" to which he has ignored completely for the last six months.

Because one of my goals this year is to get this boy potty trained, I normally talk to him about using the toilet, telling me when he needs to go, or using big boy underwear.

Yesterday, as I was changing him and telling him how COOL it is to wear big boy underwear and what fun ones he had. Since I forgot which fun

"Check me out"


It is hard to believe that it was almost a whole year since I met you.You are now crawling. For month's you were doing this sort of seal skooch which got you around pretty well but in the course of two days you figured it out and love that you can get around and do what you want.
Never shy, you are always very willing to go to people and win them over so easily. What a flirt.

My Max. I love you so. I have never seen such an infectious smile in my life. When we go to church there are literally rows of people behind us just eager to play with you.
You just got your third tooth and are working on a couple more. Soon you'll have a full set of chompers!

Over the past month you have switch to using a bottle, which you love, and have filled out some more. You're doctor will be pleased. You love almost any food but are currently very into pears.

I am amazed at your growth and understanding. You can kiss on demand, by kiss I mean come at someones face, mouth wide open. It's so sweet. One day Levi came up to me and gave me three kisses (who knows why) but you wanted to do the same. Three kisses. Melted my heart.
You can high five, point and dance. I love when you dance. It is usually when you are sitting and you bounce on your butt. Love it.

Levi is your favorite person ever. You love whatever he is doing and want to be with him playing. He is dealing with it pretty well and learning how to share though it's hard. He loves to bring toys to you when you are sad "Be happy, be happy!" he tells you.Whenever you are out of the fenced off living room and can crawl on your own, you always go to the bathroom because you love bath time. The two of you could play in there for hours and you give this sort of pout when you are torn away.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tickle, tickle, tickle!

After working in the office I came out to the kitchen. I see Levi's "potty treats", chocolate airplanes and animals he gets for going #2, out on the stove. The cupboard above the stove (where we keep all treats) was open, and a chair was pushed up in front of it. All the chocolate airplanes were gone.So I ask Jason if he gave some to Levi. No. I ask Levi if he ate them. No answer. I look at his face, there could be a little chocolate on it, but maybe not. Then I go to the garbage can where I find this:Wrappers. At least he was polite enough to throw away the evidence. (Yes this is a plate in the garbage, I had recently broke it. I was not happy about that one either)

I ask him again if he at the chocolate airplanes. He replies "they in my tummy"

Trying to be a good mom and making sure he knows it's not ok to do that again, I give him a little toddler, 2 year old lecture to which he quietly listens, gives me a huge smile and says "I love you mom!" and gives me a hug. I of course melt but try to get back to the topic at hand. I tell him not to do it again, just trying to make sure he understands. Reply? Big smiles and comes at me with "Tickle, tickle, tickle!" He's been pulling a lot of the 'tickle, tickle, tickle' when he doesn't like what he is hearing. It's quite hilarious.

This boy totally gets the idea of distraction. I can't WAIT to see what he comes up with as a teenager.

Friday, April 16, 2010

A fun discovery

Has anyone been to Out of This World Pizza in Hillsboro (ish)? It's amazing!!! My step mother found out about it online. Levi had been off for a two day adventure with grandpa and we met them there. He was totally loving it, along with Max, me,'s a really fun place for little kids and even bigger kids can play too. Us adults even were playing on the play structure.
Climb and climb and climb!
And oh so many slides. I went on the big swirly one once and didn't go again. I'm a chicken! But I did climb a lot and go on the other slide.
More climbing. "Let's do it aden!"
A gift from grandpa. Someone's been into robots lately.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Halarious Levi Part 2

I have no idea where this one came from but he keeps saying "I Uncle Levi" Don't know where he got this idea. When I asked him who his nephew/niece was he said "nese" (grandma).

When asked "Where's my hug?" his reply, pointing to his stomach "Here it is!" Kisses? He points to his mouth. I can't tell you how adorable it is!

One day we were talking about where people live. I asked him where Aunt Rose lives. Reply "Her car." Apparently Uncle Isaac lives in his car too. I guess since he's never seen where they live, they must be car dwellers.

Just as we were finishing dinner Levi says "I'm going to take my head off" then proceeds to put his hands to his face and lift up. It did not come off.

Levi has figured out a good trick to 'try' and get out of doing something for himself. When asked to do something he replies "I don't know how to!". It worked a couple times, then we figured out his game. Clever, clever little one!

After getting ready for church I was feeding both my boys a quick snack before we left and in between bites Levi says "That's a beautiful dress mom". Not so hilarious but sure did make this heart melt!

This morning Levi was on one! He had double the energy he usually does and was all over the place. As a joke I told him he sure was crazy. His reply,"I not crazy, I silly." You sure are bud!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

So peculiar

Mr. Levi has always been independent and doing his own thing since the day he was born. I love all his little quirks, they make me smile.

Like when he lines up all his cars (he also does this with blocks, or train tracks as he calls them, and whatever else he has on hand). We are forever finding lines of things in the house.
Every time he puts his jacket on he insists it is zipped.

Shoes and socks are either all on, or all off. No in between. Now that we are working on potty training, he also insists it all comes off EVERY time he goes to the bathroom. Funny, though a little frustrating at times!

I don't know why he did this one today, but it made me laugh.
If you'll notice all the animals are sitting on something: coasters, an eye spy bag and the Book of Mormon and facing out the window. It's that or they are worshiping the lamp.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Aaaaa choo!!!

Jason and Levi are 'sneezing' while Max is laughing hystarically at them. I love listening to that giggle.

Mmmm Tasty!

Yes, the Easter bunny came to our house.
The boys loved it,
every last delicious bite (ok, that night I packed up most of it, more for my sake than theirs). Happy Easter!

Thank you to everyone who made it great! Thank you to Larry and Richelle for the carrot bat, it's a new favorite, Gary and Rhonda for all the treats, Aunt Rose for being Aunt Rose, Jason who made an amazing meal, Aunt Kathy who is oh so thoughtful and sent that fun carrot which Levi talked about for DAYS, and for everyone else who made this holiday fun and special!

Catch up

Last we we had a busy busy week with Jason's little brothers over for their spring break. It was pretty much rainy the whole time (thank you Oregon!) so we mostly stayed indoors. But we were able to go shopping, make a visit to Krispy Kream, watch The Princess and The Frog and the new Chipmonks Movie, play on the trampoline in the brief moments when there was no rain, make a trip to McD's (I had no idea how amazingly entertaining their play places are, you can tell how much we go there!), play monopoly pretty much every day along with tons of other games and the list goes on.

I, in typical Kendra fashion, took zero pictures of it all. But I must report that both Max and Levi were IN HEAVEN with their uncles around to play with them 24/7 for an entire week. The boys were really great with them both. I was amazed!

Here is one of the last days when the sun came out for a couple hours and we slipped out to go to the park.

Up the slide (guess who taught him to go up that way??)
Down the slide.
Up the slide.
Down the slide.

All for an hour and a half straight.
This look I think says exactly how Levi felt this week being with "the uncles"