Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Lately it seems that Levi has been SO thirsty for knowledge. He loves books and so we've been going to the library a lot, despite the fact that I am always a criminal there with all my fines. I just like to think of it as making a charitable contribution which allows me keep the books longer than permitted, or until I can find them.

He has his quiet time everyday where he goes off and 'reads' a pile of books. It's amazing because even if we've read it only once he knows most of the story and can recite it pretty well. He loves all kinds of books, animal books, bug books, train books, Bernstein Bears, Richard Scarry ones, The Magic School Bus, and anything educational. Like today we spent a good half hour looking over a kids atlas talking all about the north pole/artic regions, and the northeastern part of the US. He loves ones about bugs, body parts, about the earth.....He's such a good student right now. We're even working on having him write his name and he can actually do it! It's kind of crazy looking but it's there. So if your wondering where your b-day thank you card is we're working on them cause he's writing his name on every one!

A Quick Visit

While we were at Jason's high school reunion his mom happened to be having hers at the same time, they both graduated from the same high school, how cool is that?

After we finished our reunion we hung out with grandma all the next morning before we had to head off.
Bet no one can guess where we're at. A park? Nope. Right outside IHOP. Yes, we are those people. At least it kept them pretty busy and kind of out of trouble.
Grandma Tami helping Levi figure out what's for breakfast. Spoon.
After a breakfast fit for the Goodrich men (and women) we headed off to a park to let the boys play in the water and get some wiggles out before the long ride home.

They loved it. But by the end I think Levi D. was tired, probably from staying up way too late the night before in the hotel jumping around on the beds the whole night and the night before that hanging out with Grandpa Larry and Grandma Richelle riding around on their tractor late into the night. It was a fun, busy weekend full of some of our favorite people.
I wonder if these boys know how lucky they are. Who has 4 grandmas and 3 grandpas?!?!? Talk about spoiled.

Friday, August 26, 2011

First Date

Even though I'm like 2-3 weeks behind on everything I thought I'd post this. I just got back from the best date night with my little man.

Tonight a family friend of ours, Jena, got married over at the Crown Ballroom. I knew it was going to be longer and semi formal so I ended up taking Levi and making a date of it. We had so much fun just walking around down town looking at the shops on the way there, talking about how big a city is and how different it is from where we live.

While we were waiting for guests to come (we actually got there early, a shocker, I know) we discussed what a wedding is and what happens. He's been talking a lot lately about 'when I'm married' or 'when I'm a dad'. I personally think he would be the best dad/husband ever, but I suppose I'm a bit biased. It was just so sweet to hear him talk about when he will get married.

During the ceremony he was pretty good, about the same as in church, kind of squirmy and draped all over me but quiet and every once and a while would whisper "I love you mom" in my ear or give me a kiss. Gosh. What a sweet date.

After it was finished he waited patiently, well, explored patiently, while dinner was being set up. Luckily he found some of his buddies and they ran around a bit and tried to see if they could get away with playing some of the rocks they had without anyone noticing. Boys. And for dinner, he actually at some meat and green beans without any face or protest. That's my man!

While I ate and chatted him and the boys hit the dance floor to show some moves. And after a spectacular performance from the bridal party and the daddy daughter dance, he whispers in my ear that he wanted me to come dance. And dance we did. By then we had a couple buddies KJ and Cameron with us cause I was trying to keep and eye on while their parents were doing other, family of the bride type things. We had a blast busting moves to strobe lights and fun music.

After a cupcake and a little more dancing, including a slow one where I got to hold and rock him, we decided to split and figure out where we parked the car.

It was a fun night and I would go on a date with him anytime. I'm so lucky to have my wonderful little man! I can't believe he's mine.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fun in the Sun

I love my boys. As cheesy as that sounds I have to say they are my most precious gifts. I marvel at them daily and how Heavenly Father has entrusted me with their health, safety, education and spiritual well being. It's a big responsibility.

Anyways. I just thought I'd say all that before I mention some of my not favorite parts of it all. It is something I have to tell myself often multiple times a day, especially when they are fighting or throwing temper tantrums. Ahem. Max. Caugh, cough. I love him dearly, he's such a good snuggler, gives the best hugs and kisses, but right now a horrible sharer. His favorite word? MINE. I'm pretty sure it's said at least 100 times a day. No joke. Totally a two year old to the core.

But while their is fighting going on far more often than I'd like to admit, I've found that when there is water, there is actually very little fighting. I love it, water is amazing. So because the weather has been so great lately and to curb all the fighting, we have spent a lot of time outside running through the sprinkler, playing in the pool and 'watering' the strawberries.

This particular time Levi, for some odd reason, thought it was hilarious when he would suck in his belly then stick it out. I had my camera and he insisted on documenting it. I love that my boys love having their pictures taken or at least don't mind it for the most part.
Best pic I got, Max is eating an orange. I love this picture for SO many reasons. Max, you are one of the coolest kids I know.
Treat time.

Conell Reunion

This last weekend we went up to Jason's 10 year high school reunion. It was fun, for me mostly because one of Jason's best buds from high school was there with his wife and son. We hung out with them a lot in Utah when we first got married. I sure miss those game nights with them.

Here's their son, Jaxon, what beautiful eyes he has.
Dad likes to throw him around too.
The boys instantly saw some other kids next to us who had brought toys and thought they'd go over a drool a little hoping someone would have pity on them because they had to endure parents who neglect to bring toys at such an occasion.

They ran around for a good while, chased kids, climbed hills and paused every 15 minutes or so when a train would roll by the park right next to us, lucky boys. But towards the end Levi got a little tired and decided he needed to 'rest a little bit'.
But he was up in no time ready to play on one of the trains nearby.

Later after the official reunion picnic we hung out a little and went to dinner with our friends.
The boys decided to try out their photography skills. Not to shabby. I'm in love with Max's face lately. Not that I didn't love it before it's just seems like it's been extra cute lately. This is what I get when I ask him to make a face. So cute I can't handle it.
After dinner we got a hotel room and me and the boys hung out watching old cartoons, reading every book we had brought with us, singing songs and telling stories in the dark while Jason went off to the 'adults only' get together. Why do reunions always have events in bars? We didn't get to sleep until late and Jason said he had fun hanging out with old friends without having to worry about the boys. It was a fun, short weekend trip. See you next time Connell! Next time we come we're totally trying out the new waterslide.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Game On

Everyone who has had a conversation with me regarding video games knows I pretty much hate them. I have been known to play a game or two but over all I consider them a complete waste of time and was glad Jason has never been too into them. Every rare once and a while he'll get into a computer game for a couple weeks but then quit. Long ago we decided, at least for now, no video game systems for the boys or us. We almost broke down and bought a Wii but decided against it. Who knows, one day we will but for now we're good without it.

But the boys have found that Uncle Isaac, Aunt Rose, and Uncle Jared all have some pretty fun games on their phones. So they'll usually hop up on their lap and with their sweetest smile and cutest voice ask if they can 'please play just one game?' It's fun to watch them 'play' and bond with their aunts and uncles, and hey, if I had something other than a brick for a phone and some little nieces and nephews around I'd be doing it too. One day.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fair time!

We love the fair, just can't pass it up. The boys first saw the tractors and had to hop on. Good thing they allow it because their was no stopping them.
This year we ended up spending most of our time in a younger kid area, I don't know if they had it last year, but I'm sure glad they did! They had tons of activities perfect for little ones and they were FREE!!! Holy cow fairs can get expensive.
Levi tried to figure out the hula hoops, but they were kind of tricky.

So they just decided to throw them.
I wish we had a tunnel like this at our house.......Jason.......?
As I was looking over this picture all I could think was how absolutely gorgeous my little boy is (and his bro). Even with mustard and ketchup on his face.
We ran into our friends and the boys were in heaven.
We made our way over to where they had a tent with a couple of spring horses set up. Once Max found them there was no getting him off. I did make him get off once to share, he didn't like that one bit. Check out the intensity.

And we couldn't very well leave without having an ice cream from the dairy barn, best ever. All the boys got cones and I got a shake. Max took two licks and decided he'd test out my generosity. I relented, but really, in that trade off it's a win win.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Outdoor Life

Recently we went to hang out with the family at Lake Merwin, it was a quick day trip and we had fun mostly just relaxing.

Jason showed us the awesome tree house he found last time. We all went up and Levi was obsessed with the pulley bucket. He has been insisting that he needs one for his tree house/club house. I think that's an awesome idea bud!
Max was VERY nervous about being up so high. He mostly just sat next to me and didn't move much.Except to pick his nose.
and stick his fingers in his ears. The Goodrich life. Totally uncut.
While dinner was being made some bites were taken out of a bowl of nectarines. When I saw this I first laughed, then wanted to go get Max to tell him he shouldn't do such things. Why I thought him? He's very into eating one bite and then wanting another. I think he just likes first bites. After a little investigating and inquiring, turns out it was Levi, though I don't know why cause he totally knows better. What silly men I have.
I made cupcakes. Several weeks before I got some awesome, huge decorating tips which I had resisted trying, wanting to bake only if there was a reason and this was as good as any. So easy and so pretty!!!
All the kiddos. They were in heaven. I'm glad we have some younger family living close to us.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Little Help

Levi: Hey mom, look at my new trick!
He jumps with some sort of twist onto the lovesac.
Me: That's a pretty nice trick there.
Levi: Yeah, my other brother and other dad helped me with it.
Me: Huh?
Levi: Heavenly Father and Jesus helped and told me how to do it. They know some pretty good tricks!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Just one of the few fun surprises I have come to expect since becoming a mother to toddlers.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We never say no to a trip to the park.
Yeah, I got this. He was really nervous about this at first, but he finally did it by himself (kind of)