Monday, July 25, 2016

Montana Trip, Take 2

Some pictures from our Montana Trip. Just with a nicer camera.

These guys playing was so cute. Oh to be a kid.

Davis of course obsessed with the tractor.
I love all his faces so much. Even the angry ones.

I have almost this same shot but with Levi in almost the same spot.

Eric and his grandpa.
Grandpa Mike.
Levi decided to head out but Sophie and Max just kept on playing.

This kid was everywhere. But always came back to the tractor.
I love all these pictures so much. What cute little boys.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Learning to Swim and Off to Montana

Time for swim lessons. We heard about these from a friend of ours and it's a class that is done every day for an hour instead of a couple times a week spread out over a longer period of time.
After the lessons we had to stop by Target and needed another pool noodle and grab some goggles. These guys kept yelling 'charge!' in the store pretending we were a knight on horseback.
The boys were outside and decided they wanted to capture bugs in jars and then wanted to research them. Fine by me.
Why does this kid love standing on tables so much?
At least he was nice enough to help wash off some peppers.
Getting up is hard.
More lessons. Mostly it was me chasing Dave while the boys swam but sometimes we got to chat with our friends.

An after swim practice snack and show.
These boys can't seem to keep their hands to themselves. At least this time it was playful.
Hanging with the neighbors and seeing what they're working on.
It was a while since I quilted and so I pulled out the machine and quilted this baby girl blanket myself for a friend.
Grandpas house.
Drooling over Legos. A favorite past time.

And we were on the road to Montana! I pulled out the bubbles a lot for Davis.
He can't read books and was barely into shows so had to find his own ways to entertain himself.

We got to meet up with Gandma Tami, Grandpa Mike, Emily and Co, Monte and Cheryl for a Carstens (or some family on that side) family reunion.

We stayed with Tami and while we were there Max got interested in her kids violin. It was actually the violin she learned to play on as well as her siblings. At the end of the trip she gave it to him so he could learn on it. He was very excited!

The reunion took place on someones farm (I wish I could remember names better) but all the kids got to see the animals and even helped feed the babies.
Dave was a little nervous at first.

On the farm they even had some power wheels. This is probably the only time you'll see the boys fight over a pink jeep. Maybe not, who knows.
One of the things we did was went to a play center where they had this big maze. I was terrible at it. Grandma took Davis and then Levi was with me and Max with dad. We eventually got through it and had fun.

It was hot.

Eric and Davis hanging in strollers watching the fun.
There they had race cars and the boys loved going even though they were too young to drive. Soon boys. Soon.
And this kid. We did their mini putt putt golf course and he kept getting the balls out of the hole if someone hit it in then throwing them. This picture was cute because he was trying to hit the ball himself even though he was strapped in a stroller.
We all met back at the lake so the boys could practice their swimming skills and go snorkling. Davis was driving me crazy because all he wanted to do was walk straight into the lake. No walking around the edge, which was kind of a big drop off rather than a slope, but wanted to walk right into it.

Then back to the farm for a meal. Davis was facinated with the goats, the riding lawnmower and pretty much everythin around the farm.

Jason was, as usual, the human jungle gym for the kids.

Dancing in the car.

We got to go visit grandma Judy's horses. I love this picture and have almost the same one in the same spot but when Levi was this age.