Sunday, February 28, 2010


Last week Jason's littlest brother, Willy, was baptized. So we went up for the weekend because, lets face it, it's always fun to get out of town and see family. Levi, who LOVES his uncles and would follow them off a cliff, was extatic to say the least.

We have talked to Levi about baptism so he knows what it is (at least he can recognize a picture of it). As we were entering the church building I told him, again, that uncle Willy was getting baptized to which he said "My get baptized too". Needless to say after I told him he had to wait, he flipped out yelling about how he wanted to be baptized.

Luckily he calmed down, sort of. During the program he did what he usually does at church, talk loudly, play on the floor, basically be a restless two and a half year old, but even more so since he got to sit with his uncles. When dad tried to sit in between, he didn't approve and told dad that wasn't his seat and he needed to go sit 'over there'. You tell him Levi.

He enjoyed the actual baptism and was quiet for the whole thing. Then came the other program (for the ward). I sang a solo and in typical Levi fashion whenever mom has to get up and talk or sing, he screamed how much he did not approve. He screamed through the whole song. I'm not kidding. It was quite painful to sing a solo through my screaming toddler only 25 feet from me, but I'm sure it will make for a funny story some day. Heck, it's even a little funny a week later.

It was fun to visit and I am so glad we live so close to a lot of our family. Congratulations Willy! We expect great things from you!

Typical Kendra. Bring a camera but don't take any pictures until we're about to leave. I got these though.
A kids riding tractor which Levi loves. I expect soon he'll want to put Max in the back and drive him around.
So happy!

Lessons learned

White clothing on my kids plus my mom equal TROUBLE. I don't know if all grandmothers are like this my mom is. She just can't resist feeding them. Which is fine, but inevitably after whisking them away they are usually returned 'slightly' messier. This is probably because they are having much more fun than they would with me. I'm sure I will be just like this when it is my turn being grandma.

Tonight as I was hand washing an outfit of Max's, I was suddenly taken back 5 years ago when I was probably doing that very same thing as a missionary in Bolivia, where we had to hand wash ALL our cloths. By hand. One piece is fine, but doing a whole load is another story.

Living among such humble people taught me a lot and it helped me to be grateful for everything I had. I saw people living very simple lives and were still happy. No dishwashers, no washing machines, no cars, no refrigerators, no microwaves, no computers, indoor plumbing and I could go on. Everyday I take these things, and more, for granted.

While it was only five years ago it, at times, feels like a lifetime away, like a dream. But I know how lucky I have it and I am so grateful for all I have and grateful for what Bolivia taught me.

Bolivia taught me the kindness of strangers.
Bolivia taught me to work hard. Real hard. This is a chapel that was built in an area I served in for a long time. It was a small, rural village and while we attended church in a tiny upstairs room with often less than 20 people, at times I would wonder if we were making a difference, if the hard work would pay off. Though it was hard and sometimes seemed hopeless, we kept talking to people, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, knocking on doors, and doing whatever we could to fulfill our purpose as missionaries. Toward the end of my mission I was able to see the dedication of this building, built big enough to be a stake center one day, which I don't doubt will happen. Now it is thriving and the members are strong.

Bolivia taught me that prayers are answered and inspiration is given to those who seek it.

It taught me that people can change, no matter how much it might appear they won't or can't.

Bolivia taught me to be flexible, things don't always go how you think they will. We found this puppy, wet, shivering, dirty and sick just outside our doorstep as we were leaving to begin a VERY busy day. We could have just left it and went on with the day as planned but we didn't. We got it taken care of though it took a good hour or two and still had a great day. Now little "Pequena" is doing well and I hear is a grandma.

It taught me that change does not come all at once, but is a very slow gradual process.
Bolivia taught me of service. This is Mauricio a grandson of one of the members who cooked lunch for us. I wonder how much time and love went into those meals. When ever we asked anything of the members they did all they could to sacrifice for the work of the Lord. They never ceased to amaze me.

I learned to be happy and the way to be happy is to make others happy. Thank you Sister Medina
It taught me to be humble. This is my companion, Hermana Vargas, and I at a baptism. I can't say it was easy being with a companion 24/7 for a year and a half. There were times when I wanted to run away to be alone for just one minute. But by being forced to be with someone who didn't always share my opinions, who had a different personality than my own and who had their own background, I learned how important it is to be humble and that for any relationship to work there needs to be a lot of give.

Bolivia taught me the gospel through diligent scripture study.

Most importantly, Bolivia taught me to love.

I am so grateful for the year and a half I spent as a missionary in Bolivia. I know it has changed me in ways I don't even know. And I thank all those who helped get me there, because I know I couldn't have done it on my own.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Two weeks

It's been about that long since I posted last, and the few that I have done in the past month have been fairly quick. Oh well! You do what you can.

I don't know why but the past couple weeks have been BUSY! This is funny because if you were to ask me what I was going to be up to two weeks ago I would have said "not much". After taking inventory I found that I had, on top of my 'normal life', I:

Made and delivered lots o' Valentine treats
Took the wallpaper down in our bedroom and worked on getting it ready to paint (still a WIP)
Attended a RS activity
Did some work in the yards because the weather has been SO beautiful lately
Went to a 'Tea Party' with my visiting teachee's and friends
Jogged a 5k
Sang a solo in sacrament meeting
Organized a birthday dinner for my grandma and made a cake
Did the back of two baby quilts, quilted said quilts and finished them
Finally finished the binding of my BYU quilt and Clifford quilt (both WIP for a LONG time)
Went to the movies with my sweetheart
Picked up a missionary at the airport (which Levi LOVED, had I known an airport would have been so entertaining I would have taken him there long ago!)
Had a consultation with an electrician. We're getting new lighting in most of the house, I'm SO excited
Did a sealing session at the temple with friends and family
Signed up for MY VERY LAST CLASS of my undergraduate collage career!
Traveled to Washington and back all in 2 days
Sang at my step brother in law's baptism (where my wonderful, well behaved, especially in church, two year old screamed THE ENTIRE TIME)
Redesigned the logo to my Etsy shop and made a couple new pieces

Looking at it all I think that's a TON! And I know none of it would be possible with my sweet husband who helps me in everything I do.

Almost everyday I take a look at what I got done and think I have done very little when in reality I was able to accomplish a lot, sometimes I just need to take a step back and remind myself of it.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Very Observant

Levi had a stinkbomb of a diaper today, and lately this has not been an unusual occurance. So I grabbed a diaper, some wipes and laid him on the floor like I normally do. Just before changing him he looked at me and said "You don't like poop." All I could do was smile and say "No, I don't." Ahhhh.... to be the mom of a toddler!