Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Harvest 2009

Upon arrival in Washington the boys got their PJ's on, went to the playroom and got ready for 'war'. Who better to war with than a tall brother/dad who can pick any one of them up, spin them around, throw them to the floor, and chase them all in and around the house? Yes, Jason is an excellent candidate. Whenever Jason gets together with his bros, 'war' soon follows. Boys.
This war didn't happen that night because it was WAY too late and Max was sleeping. They sure had fun getting ready though.
The kid sized driving tractor was found almost the instant we walked through the door.
Looking for onions, it is so much fun trying to find them. Also a huge field to run around it was made for an excellent way to wear a kid out.
We got to put the pickup right under the potato digger and watch as it filled up the back. Levi was quite amazed.
Afterward we got out to chat with the owners and were able to grab just a few more missed potatoes, as if we didn't have enough in the truck.
Nothin like picking apples. The hunt to find the hugest one! And some, it seemed, were bigger than Max. Yum!This was Levi's first year really participating and he's a natural, with a little coaching from his uncles.
Taste testing.
Loved it! To quote Levi "so good"
Havest 2009, I must say, was a success!

I realize I don't have very many pictures of my little Max on this trip and I don't want to leave him out. He was such a good boy as we worked. I kept envisioning one year from now him toddling behind his big brother and uncles. What fun! I sure do love that sweet little man of mine.

First Sentence

Levi amazed us the other day as we were getting ready to visit family in Washington. We let him sleep until right before the boys had to be in the car. Like his mom, this little toddler does not like to be woken early. So we did our best to cheer him up by asking if he wanted to see Uncle Willy, to which he replied "no", Uncle Alex, "no", Uncle Philip, "no", Grandpa and Grandma, "no", tractors "no". Then the stated quite matter of factly:

"I don't want to see anyone".

Both Jason and my jaws dropped at his first real sentance.

Five minutes later, when asked if he wanted to see the family he screamed "Yeah, yeah yeah!"

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall at 5 and 25

Both my little ones are growing up so fast! I can hardly believe my little one is 5 months old and my big boy is over 25 months. Time has passed SO fast! But I am sure glad you both came into our lives.
Little Max, you are so quick to smile at just about anyone and are quite a giggler.

One of your favorite things to do is just watch and listen to people, which according to grandma, is exactly what your mother did much of the time. Your favorite person to watch: that crazy big brother of yours. As he runs around, shriking, giggling, and playing, you just watch with big eyes.
You are great at rolling around and grabbing things. Favorite things to grab? Moms hair, glasses or necklaces. And food, you LOVE food. I've never seen a baby eat mushed up bananas so fast.
Levi is all about fun! What little boy isn't? You love life and anything fun. Favorite activities include "Chase" with daddy, having your toy dinosaur chase the horse (always those two, it's hilarious) acting like a puppy dog for mommy, playing hide and seek (hiding your face with your hands), reading, watching your favorite show, Sesame Street, and coloring.
Not only are you fun, but you are so helpful! You are great about putting your toys away and insist on washing your hands and brushing your teeth. Also you throughly enjoy helping put away dishes and helping cook, especially if it's something 'tasty'. Making your bed is pretty regular, which means you put on the pillows. You also help mommy and daddy 'make' theirs.
Over the last month your language and verbal skill have increased dramatically. You are quite a chatty boy!

When you had the hiccups you said "baby, hie (ccup), all time". Max does hiccup all the time!

During 'Chase' with daddy, you yell "ahhhhh, save me, save me"

You refer to yourself as "Nye", because L's are a little tricky

You are pretty good at recognizing President Monson and President Uchdorf. I love it when you say "Pres, Uchdorf". It's adorable.

Other favorite phrases: 'here you go', 'no danks' (thanks), 'nook' (look), 'night' (light), 'make cake', 'baby Max, teute (cute)', 'change poop'.......

We sure love our boys.

Friday, October 16, 2009

This little piggy

I am happy to announce he can finally get his foot in his mouth, he's been trying for weeks.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

We got it!!!

Max may seem like a somber, quiet little one from all the pictures we've taken but he is anything but. He is very quick to smile at anyone, that is, except for Mr. Camera. Until now.

I couldn't resist the picture with his gums showing. Ahhhh teethless babies are so sweet.

A special thank you to the photographer, Jason.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The search

When I was little I remember going to a pumpkin patch with my family. I don't remember how old I was but I remember it was amazing. So when I heard our ward was organizing a pumpkin patch trip for the kiddo's I was so excited!

I packed both boys and headed to Roloff farms. As we drove in, I saw a HUGE sea of orange dots in a field with kids running around. Can I just say that I love autumn time? I think it is my favorite time of the year.
The minute Levi saw the field full of pumpkins he took off!

I told him to pick a pumpkin, he of course, wanted the huge ones that weighed more than he did, but soon found out they were quite heavy.
Then he tried other methods of picking the perfect pumpkin. A bit unorthodox but whatever works.
Ohhhhh, I think he's spotted it!
Climbing up a mountain of hay bales. He had to go up and down (and around) it several times.
Max was AMAZING! He must have thought seeing his brother freak out and run around like a crazy man was pretty entertaining.
The hay maze. 25 minutes of pure joy.
This is a huge chair. I don't know why they have a huge chair there but they do. When we came by it later and other kids were on it, he ran up to it, stuck his hand out and said "Mine, mine, no fair, no fair!" It was pretty funny, yet emberassing at the same time.

We will be coming back next year for sure!