Thursday, November 21, 2013

Randomness and Milk Comas

This last week has been a regular sort of one and seems to have gone much faster than the last now that we're figuring out some sort of routine. Jason went back to work full days so my kid chauffeur is gone but I had the other lady I carpool with take over my afternoon pick up shift so all I've had to do was drop off and pick up Max which is only a few minutes away. It all involves some juggling and calculating times of when Davis naps and eats but I think we've figured it out and then next week we only have a few days of school for Max and then Thanksgiving. After that I am back on board driving around both boys so we'll see how that goes.

Since I've been getting a decent amount of sleep, like 6-7 a night which is actually comparable to what I was getting before, just interrupted, I've got to do lots of hangout time with each of my big boys. I love Mr. Max, he's so funny and I love listening to him talk and form big thoughts about everything. I can't believe he was the baby I was rocking not too long ago. Here he's being silly and watching some show I'm sure. When I'm watching we're usually watching the History Channel and watching Pawn Stars or American Pickers, they seem to like it. Sort of.
Davis being cute. We've had that bouncer and blue blanket since Levi was born. The bouncer came from Aunt Pegi and saved us especially with Levi who was very hard to get to sleep and often Jason would bounce him next to our bed while he (Jason) was half asleep so we could all get at least a little bit of shut eye.

The blue blanket came from my childhood friend Aubrie and it has made the absolute best swaddling blanket ever. It is the perfect size and has a little bit of stretch so then can move but not completely unravel themselves. This little guy loves to be swaddled in it. So did the other two.
Jason is so cute with little babies, always has been. As part of our nightly routine I usually feed Davis after the other boys go to sleep then hand him over to daddy for an hour or so while I take a shower then feed him right before he (Davis) heads off to bed. I'll have to admit, sometimes my favorite time is my shower time when I have no one to worry about but myself for just that little window of time. That and I have my pretty new bathroom to hang out it. It's so nice and I'm glad Jason did it before Mr. Man came.

See? Told you they were cute.
Max, he's my night owl! He'll do almost anything to get me to come back in the room and I'll admit it I'm a sucker and will always go back in for an extra hug, kiss, or tuck in. They'll only ask for that for so many years.

Me snuggling. I love those little 'night gowns'. I remember we got them when Levi was a baby but Jason didn't like them one bit because they were 'dresses' so we didn't use them as much. Then with Max I used them more and found they are so handy for those nightly diaper changes.

I look like a goof in this last picture but it is my 'oh, isn't he too cute for words!' face.

I don't know why but Max LOVES Davis' car seat. If it's anywhere in the living room he'll sit in it.

Davis is getting used to the car seat, this is really our first week of using it a lot. So long as he's fed he does just fine. Look at those cheeks. This actually might have been at my Dr. appointment. Dr. Bair said I'm good to go and have healed nicely. Yea!

What does the fox say? The boys thoroughly enjoy this outfit.
Feet. He's got the cutest toes and and an interesting shaped toenail on his big toe. I wonder if that will change as he gets older.....I've never really paid that much attention to the other boys feet. Well maybe I did but I of course have forgotten.
I see this face a lot. Food mom!!!!!
And this one.......
Davis finally got the cold we had his first weeks home, though it seems he hasn't had it nearly as bad as the rest of us did, though it was amazing the boogers we have gotten out of him.

We normally have a bassinet in our closet but we wanted to use a humidifier while Davis was sleeping to loosen things up and help him sleep better but didn't want our closet and clothes to get all humid and musty so we put him in our bathroom. Awesome huh? I actually wouldn't have thought of it, Jason did but it has been the perfect solution. It's nice, dark, quieter (though we have a white noise machine on which he seems to like) and we can use the humidifier without worry it will leave everything damp. He doesn't seem to mind he's sleeping in a bathroom.

Again we have been watching WAY too much TV lately, normally it is hardly any but I figure I have a good excuse for a little while longer. They found a new show called Paw Patrol and were quite enthralled.

I don't know why it happened so late in the year (well, it seemed like it) but we finally got back Max's school pictures. They have what's called the Smile Bus come to the school and do pictures. I remember the day because I had just gotten home from the hospital and didn't really have energy to get Max all polished up with a nice shirt and cut and combed hair. I just told him to get school clothes on and he did so I was fine with that. He picked one of his favorite shirts and is smiling so I can't ask for much more than that!
Now it's time for some random pictures of things. But they all have a story.

Last week I found this chapter book at Goodwill for Levi that I thought he'd like. He seems to like mysteries and detective stories like the Boxcar Children, Geranimo Stilton, Encyclopida Brown....this was a dollar so I got it.

Well, he got his hands on it and read the whole dang thing by himself in a day and a half. At first when he told me he finished I didn't really believe him but then I asked him to tell me what it was about he did it. I was very impressed and so happy that he is loving to read on his own, I hope he always does.
Another thing I'm loving is Levi's school, he really seems to be enjoying it and tells me what he is learning about and gets very into it. I almost could never get any response about what was going on from him when he was in kindergarten. They just finished working on learning about insects and he would come home telling me about new bugs he learned about like the vinegaroons which I had never heard about. Well now they are just starting with dinosaurs and Levi decided he wanted to take the fossils we got from over the summer to show his class. When I asked him how it went he said "It was a great success!"

Our FHE activity has been out for days. This was a Max pick.

Today was Levi's last day for a week or so because of Thanksgiving break and his class had also finished a book (Fudgemania I believe?) so they had a little party. His teacher asked if he could bring a treat to share. After talking to him he became very concerned with some of the options because one of the boys in the class can't have gluten. Luckily we happened to have some gluten free chex mix so we made muddy buddies. It was so sweet how concerned he was for his classmate. I love that boys
And this mommy's got to brag. Yesterday Max's teacher was complimenting him on how good his letters are and that only him and one other girl can do all their letters without having to trace. I am pretty sure I have nothing to do with this because I definitely didn't spend even a fraction of the time I spent working on them with Levi. It's so interesting to see how different two kids can be, Max has just always enjoyed writing and coloring where for Levi it has been more of a chore but reading has been sort of the opposite. To each their own.
Hello rainy season! It lasts for probaly 8 months of the year so we have a lot of activities to do indoors. While Levi was at school Max found our big box of buttons which has probably gone untouched for about a year. I found it on craigslist for a craft project and when I read box of buttons I thought a small one but it was really like a moving box one. I'm so glad we kept it cause kids love it.

Max went through them all and found fun buttons for all. Levi, Dad, Davis, the kids we carpool with and this one was for me was kindly put in my wallet by Max himself. Sometimes he can be so kind and thoughtful.
Max and I finally finished making up the dream catcher they started in his preschool class. When I asked him what he wanted to do with it he told me he wanted it above his door so I obliged.
The many faces of Davis. These were all after he had eaten and was kind of in a little food coma. I love the pouty face, it looks so much like both Max's.

And that's a wrap.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

2 weeks

It's been just over two weeks since we met Davis. It feels like it was just yesterday but at the same time a life time ago. For some reason it feels like the days are SO LONG, probably all that feeding. It's a lot of the same routine. Feed, awake-ish, change diaper, sleep, feed, awake......a cycle that happens over and over in the course of a single day.

But I think overall it's going well and I personally feel less stressed than I did with the other two boys in some ways. Probably because they are older and now I only have one kid in diapers which helps. The boys can also get dressed by themselves, get food when needed and overall be somewhat more helpful. I do have to worry about school and all that other stuff but on the whole we've been able to take it in stride.

Right now I'm trying really hard to just enjoy the time I have with this little guy, because it could be the last. Speaking of that, why is that people always seem to ask if you are going to have more kids RIGHT after having one? Who in their right mind would say yes after going through all that? That is what memory loss is for, it makes you remember mostly just the good stuff and forget the bad, thus being willing to do it all over again. 

Anyways just seeing my 'big boys' it reminds me just how fast they grow up. And while having our lives turned completely upside down, me being woken up in the middle of the night multiple times (actually right now I have to wake him up to eat), being sore from all that eating, not having any time to myself making the mere act of getting in a daily shower some sort of mini vacation, I have tried to keep a better perspective. They are only newborns for a month or two. Then they are really only 'babies' for a year or so. It is really a short amount of time you get to cuddle and hold your baby because in a year or so they will be walking and running and all over the place. The inconvenience is a small price to pay to be able to hold such a sweet little person in your arms and being able to spend that much time with them. 

Though of course it can drive you crazy and it did for me. As much of a homebody that I am this mom can only stay cooped up so long. So Saturday the three boys and I ventured out to play. Well, mostly we walked around the park with Davis his first stroller ride. He definitely didn't like it at first but he got used to it. Levi kept checking to see if he was asleep or awake.

The boy are liking him a lot. Levi keeps wanting to give him tours of the house and trying to explain to him how an imagination is a very important thing and how to make cool Lego creations. Max likes to give kisses and give him his binkie which he hasn't quite decided if he likes or not. 

 My little stud muffin. Love this face and those pursed lips. 
And the smile.
And this little grin, he does this a lot.

Things I have learned about Davis:
- I know it goes for most babies but this kid goes through so many diapers! He loves a good changed diaper to do is business in, sometimes 3 or more times in a row. Not cool kid. Though we're still getting used to it all so it is still in the funny category. 
- Speaking of diapers (because we are up to our neck in diaper changes and bodily functions), he is a pe-er. Oh my goodness this kid pees on everything and I am giving a fair warning to all who might change him, he might pee on you. With the other two they only did it once or twice and it was usually after a year or so. I didn't think it could happen but this boy has got me to greatly improve my diaper changing time to avoid getting pee in my face.
- He has a faint dimple on his right cheek, I hope he keeps it! Also the clef in the chin, I love it.
- He would eat all day if he could. It reminds me of The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar book "but he was still hungry." This probably has to do with me and making milk but we're working on it and fattening this kid up.
- When he sleeps he prefers his bassinet in our room to out with everyone. I tried to get him used to it in hopes that he would be one of those sleep anywhere kids but it just wasn't working (maybe the two yelling, jumping crazy boys had something to do with it) so the bassinet it is.
- Davis hasn't quite decided if he likes a pacifier or not but he'll take it when other options aren't available and if I have my way he'll be a binkie baby. Levi was not and it was just hard not to have anything that really soothed the kid besides eating.
- There is still the debate about the name, though pretty much everyone has gone with Davis, or Davie or something like that. Only Jason calls him Neil now and tries to sneak it in like in prayers where the boys promptly correct him.
- Mr. Man is a great sleeper which has helped me be less stressed and sleep deprived. I still have to wake him at nights after 4 hours and even from longer naps so he can get enough time feeding. I can't wait to stop all that because waking a sleeping baby goes against everything I believe in, it's usually my #1 rule with babies but I suppose I need to listen to the doctor, right? 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Day Two

A little video my brother took of Mr. Man and me on his second day in the hospital. I was extremely happy, partially because he took the pacifier and also because the nurse had just taken out the very painful IV out of my hand that morning. It was awesome getting it out, so liberating.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

It's Baby Time

So life is going pretty good. I get to see a lot of this little guy:

 He's pretty dang cute. We have been logging tons of hours in our big brown chair. He's been giving me plenty of sleep at night and goes right back to bed after he eats so it makes things a lot easier. Though I have been having bouts of insomnia keeping me up for much of that time. I was going crazy but started researching and asking around and realized I'm not the only one it's happened to. So I started changing my nightly routine, winding things down earlier, taking a warm shower (often with Mr. Davis who seems to enjoy it or be distracted by it), drinking some chamomile tea, turning off the TV, and taking a low low dose of melatonin. Since changing those habits I've been able to get a lot more sleep and feel much better during the day.

 It is hard for me to pick which expression I like best. I love them all. He reminds me a lot of how Levi looked as a baby.

Part of me feels a little bit bad for his big bros because I haven't had as much one on one time as before or as much as I'd like to but they seem to be doing fine and at night Jason trys to let me go get them ready and read books to them while he keeps little Davis happy. I love book time with the boys. One time during feeding time I saw each of the boys doing what they love. For Max he loves to color and draw and Levi of course loves to read. I love each of these unique boys. They have their own personalities, tastes and likes. And are each hilarious in their own way.

And more of Mr. Davis. I just can't help it. So much time nursing! But I actually don't really mind it. I forgot how much I actually love it despite the pain that it comes with and that I'm aways on call to do it. It is something I will only do for so long and it gets me to stop, sit and snuggle with a this little guy who I know is going to be towering over me in an instant.

Pondering life.

What cute little hands.
Him and dad matched for the day. Actually less than that because this kid sure likes to get cloths wet. He's too big for newborn diapers but size one sometimes don't fit quite right especially if you don't close them right so he's going through outfits pretty quick. That and anytime there's a diaper change he lets it loose. He's a pee-er. I've got none in the face yet and I'm keeping fingers crossed to dodge that bullet.
We went for our 2 week check up. All was well but even with all that nursing they said they want him to gain more. Right now he is amazing at night, so sleeps for 4 hours, then 3 and sometimes 2 or 3 more. It's pretty nice. But I have been waking him, especially after that 4 hours and it's hard to get him to wake up. The Dr. says I need to keep waking him till he's back up to his birth weight, so back to our chair we'll go. We'll fatten this kid up yet. Max didn't grow as fast as they'd like either. Levi had no problem but he was formula fed, I don't know if that made a difference.
Overall things have been going well, a lot of the same. For me nursing, nursing,  nursing. Ditto for Davis. For Max and Levi a lot of tv and lego time when they're not at school and for Jason lots of driving around balancing work, 3 boys and me. It's a regular mad house around here.

We have yet to really 'leave' the house because I'm technically not allowed to drive for another week, mostly because of the drugs which I am not taking anymore. I haven't for several days and feel fine. I think we're going to lay low for another week and then be a little more adventurous about exploring and getting out. Part of me can't wait to get out and part of me is enjoying all the hanging out.