Friday, May 30, 2014

Fighting Moves and a New Bishop

Max brought home a plant he had been watching grow for a couple of weeks. They had measured it, took care of them for a couple weeks then measured again. He was extremely proud of his sugar snap pea plant and quickly gave it the name "Sugar Snap". When Jason got home, he is our resident planter man, they went out and planted it in the back yard. A day or two later Max went out there and I found him watching it grow which he did for about a half hour. I sure hope we get some peas out of it, he would be thrilled.
Sleeping baby. I love everything (well, almost everything) about this kid. But those cheeks, those hands, that chin, that nose. I can't resist.
This is a very frequent scene these days, the boys and Lily playing on the front lawn. We are going to be sad when she moves and will definitely need to have her over. Jason was commenting to me the other day after listening to the boys playing inside that Lily has forever changed how they play. It is very imaginitive, with voices and extremely creative. We love miss Lily.
While they were out playing I went out and decided to do his 6 month photo shoot. I admire all these moms who do it every month to show their kids progress but lets face it, I don't even think I did that with Levi so Davis gets this and his yearly's and that's all this mama can handle. These are just ones I took with my phone.

Origionally I wasn't going to do it at this time, in the front, with that outfit. Some times I get an an image of what I want to do and then reality hits and then I just have to get it done which in reality is what I should be doing in the first place as opposed to thinking their is an 'ideal' way I 'need' to do something. Just chill mama! And I have to say the pictures I took turned out really cute. You couldn't even see the carrot on his shirt! I'll post them once I download everything off my camera. I can't believe he's 6 months!
This kid eats a ton and is a pretty decent sleeper overall. I wuv him. In this 6 months he has mastered the art of picking up poofs and putting them  in his mouth. Now

Oregon actually got a little warm, some might even say a little hot. So Slurpees were in order. I love getting to surprise my little guys sometimes. They thought we were just driving home from school.
And Max's 100 day of school. He had been talking about it for months because in their class every day they add to their catapiller (I forgot the name.....) and planned a fun 100 day party. He's got the best teachers.
Daddy time with Jason practicing his balancing skills. Davis didn't even notice.
We have been carpooling with the Rowlys all year and finally had them over for a playdate. I probably should have done it sooner but while I nurse I tend not to have people over as often because baby feeds a lot and I'm kind of private that way. But Davis had decent spans in the time he was eating that it's all good now and a lot easier.

The boys had a blast. Water balloons were thrown at the wall, chase was played, toys pulled out. We are definitely having them over again soon. There were zero fights as well, which almost never happens at least with my guys.
Then Jason came home so he could get in his scout gear and head off for an overnighter with the scouts.
Saturday we (the boys and I) went to Levi's school to help cleanup. It is a church that rents out to PHA as well as a preschool. Part of the church's agreement with us (and the pre-k) is that people volunteer 1x a week to do cleanup and maintenance. So for those who go to PHA it equates to having one family go about two Saturdays in the school year. Last time we were scheduled to go cleanup was cancelled and this time there wasn't much to do but the boys had fun playing around.
After that we went home for our own cleanup. I'm going to be honest, cleaning up with my kids is something I do not enjoy. At all. There is usually a lot of complaining and opposition from all and also, they are terrible cleaners. But that does not mean I don't do it. While it stinks to put on a chipper 'let's all clean!' attitude and  try my best to get them to do what there supposed to do, I know in the long run it is a good thing. It teaches them to be responsible, capable, contributing human beings.

Anyways, while Davis was napping I took some time to clean with the boys and this time we mopped the kitchen. The liked using the steamer and so were less opposed to the whole thing.

By the end I was tired. Part of this was because I was expecting Jason home at 1 or so, which is the normal time he gets home and I kept telling myself, 'you only have to make it to 1'. Which turned into 'you can make it to 2'. Then 3, then 4. Not that I don't love my guys, cause I do, but I just needed to 'tap out' for a bit so I could regroup. But I waited and waited for my break to come but it was much, much later than I planned. Turns out it was a later campout and he had told me but knowing me it just went in one ear and out the other. Next time I need to write things down so I can prepare myself mentally. Parenting. It's all a mental game.
Then it was regular Sunday. Ok. Not so regular in that we got a new bishop. I totally called that one because they have been a presidency for a while and with a new RS president called (Miss Emily) and her husband being in the bishopric I knew it wouldn't stay that way for long with them having 5 kids.

We talked around the house (even with the boys) speculating who the new bishop would be. There are so many that would have made great bishops and I'll say I'm a little surprised with who they picked. Not because he isn't amazing but because they recently lost their teenage son to cancer and his wife has been the RS president for years. I just figure they would get a 'break'. Nope, the Lord has plans and he is going to be a great one along with the rest of the bishopric.

To celebrate we did an ice cream social where the new bishopric served everyone ice cream and everyone chatted. My mom was kind enough to stay home with Davis so we could just hang without worrying about him. Eventually the kids made it out to the back parking lot and were playing catch with Jason and some of his YM.

It was a good week.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gummi Bear and the Cirque

This is how I found Max bright and early Monday morning. All dressed in full costume out front ready to play with Lily our neighbor who was at school. He was a bit disappointed.
Getting Davie calmed down for a nap. We always spend some time looking at the fish or at the cars outside for a few and it usually does the trick.
Max's dinner request this time around was honeydew melon and shrimp (or swimp, as he calls it). Max was chowing down on his melon and Levi, who is usually a super fast eater, seemed to be lagging. It took a couple seconds of us watching him eat to realize it was because of those two missing front top teeth and bottom. Jason calls him his gummi bear because of all those missing teeth. I am still getting used to the toothless wonder.

And Mr. Davis is loving eating food and getting quite good at it.
And for family night we did a game and smores outside which Uncle Jared, Barkley and Lily joined us for.
I love watching him sleep, it's so sweet, especially when he snuggles with his snuggle cow.
Max got out the binoculars, I think he was looking at a squirrel. The boys love these binoculars that Dad is nice enough to let them use. They are actually very nice and very spendy ones that he got when he worked at Leupold. They will really be fun to use once the boys get a little older and can really use them.
My sweet mans chubby fingers. I love it when he snuggles.
We we just going about our regular day and I was working in the back while Davis was napping and I came out to this guy sleeping. He does still need a nap most days but hasn't in years. Oh well, can't force a kid to sleep but he is usually in much better spirits after he drifts off for a bit.
I was contacted by my RS president Lynette to make up a few of these necklaces. I wasn't sure what they were for but a few days later I found out at church that we had a change in presidency and these were a gift from her to her outgoing presidency. I am glad I got to make them up a nice personal gift for all their hardwork. I am excited for the new presidency because it has some  of my absolutely favorite people in it (the last was awesome too, I just didn't know them all as well). Emily Thomas is the preseident, with Jo Istook and Analee Wadell as her crew. They are all wonderful ladies and are going to do a great job.
As part of my birthday gift Jason got tickets for us to go to Cirque de Soleil Totem which we had been wanting to do since we saw them the last time several years ago. It is always spendy to go but we don't really go out to the movies or eat out so it's just a nice treat. Plus it is AMAZING. I mean even watching in video clips you find online (or their is one movie they've done) doesn't even compare to seeing it live. And so far every time I have gone it has been in the front row which I love. I went two times with Jason and one time before my mission and it never fails to impress. I love the costumes, the lighting, the music, the theatrics, all the acrobatics and tricks. It is just amazing

Sadly this is the best picture I got. Oh well. It was fun and I got to cross it off my 40 things to do before 40! Ha, only 39 to go (though my mom and I have plans to see some broadway musicals here in Portland for this and next year).

Friday was a good one as usual. I love Fridays, both boys are out of school, we get some homework done, piano practice then play and go do something fun. Though sometimes it ends up a Dr. appointment day because Fridays are the day our pediatricion is in the office right next to our house. This was an appointment day for Davis. All was well with him and I found this on the wall (JDG which is Jason's initials

We ended up doing all the homework and such after the doctors. Max was working on his homework long after Levi because Max just takes a little more prompting and convincing to get it done. Levi kept bugging me about going next door to play to which I told him not until Max was done with his homework then they could both go. Exactly 2 minutes later he hands me a note letting me know how he really feels about that arrangement. Funny boy. Homework eventually got done and they went to play with miss Lily.
Come Saturday we did our Easter baskets. We've kind of settled on doing the fun Easter stuff like the Easter egg hunt and baskets on the day before, Saturday, then have a more relaxed Easter Sunday with a nice dinner and focus more on the spiritual things.

More Easter pictures to come. They are just on my other camera and it seems to take me forever to get them cleared off.  The boys loved their baskets which were pretty simple and included water bottles (we love them) sand toys for the beach, a couple of treats and other fun things.
That all happened pretty early. Then it was cleanup time but not before Jason sat Davis down and showed him all the different kind of bulbs he had. Jason has been into plants and flowers the past few years. He does a great job with keeping all that up. I can't keep a plant alive to save my life.
And the boys helped keep Davis busy while outside work was done. And they were both pretty good about indoor jobs as well. they are starting to be better about getting things done and have actually become semi helpful, though it is definitely slower and not as great of job as Jason and I do. But give it time.
Then later in the afternoon Levi had his piano recital which he did great at! More pictures to come. Hopefully soon.....We made brownies for a treat (Krista had brought all the healthy stuff, so I brought the junk) and Max helped me with them so was 'in charge' of them. Luckily Uncle Monte helped them get all the way to the table without being eaten or dropped.
And this kid is getting more and more mobile. I don't know how I feel about that, not that it matters because it's happening!
A paper I found in Levi's school work. All looks about right. "Sometimes I go to Ihop for pancakes with my family. I also like breakfast sandwich.". Nese does a 'boys breakfast' once every few months and takes all the boys, including Jason to Ihop, Toms or Elmers which I get to sleep in. I do however make the breakfast sandwiches and have extras frozen ready for the mornings. Levi can now work the microwave and warm them up himself which is very handy. They are becoming a favorite of his.
After church. This is a normal site with Max coming in and asking if I can unbutton his church shirt. I love how he has different colored socks on. That's how we do it!
He's getting faster and faster and growing so fast. He has also become quite the eater. He loves all of it. Favorites include avocado, carrot, sweet potatoes and chicken. Also I have become very grateful for this little machine. Rhonda actually bought it for us before Davis was even born and I thought she was crazy (partially because I saw how much it cost, which I would not have done without having used it). But it is so handy and makes food. You just put whatever food you want to give them, put some water in the steamer and turn it on and leave. It steams it then you just push a button and it purees it into baby food. Works like a charm and I'm thankful she got it for us.