Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fair Time!

We love fair and I'm pretty sure have gone every year since the boys were born. At first we didn't think dad would be able to go first because of scouts, then cause of work, then cause of scouts again (crazyiness) but he ended up being able to meet us by the end.

The boys wanted to do the corn box again. They got way into it.
Then to the science area, they loved this thing.
And this year they had a pirate show which Levi got to be a part of. Max decided to sit with me and cheer him on.

We had amazing food, ice cream and because we had promised Levi he would get to to a game we did and practically got robbed, those games are crazy expensive! Never again. But Levi did seem happy with a toy batman and Max got a crab. But again lesson learned for us parents. Those fair guys are tricky too, we almost didn't have enough cash with us for ice cream. Lucky for us we had just enough because it isn't a trip to the fair without some of their famous ice cream.

Summer Days

Summer overload! After we got back from basically a month long of fasting it was time to get into our normal summer 'routine' which isn't really a routine just stuff we like to do. First off we went to one of the shows put on by the library. It was a puppet show and had the boys laughing hysterically. I got a hilarious video of them. One of my favorite things in the world is to hear those boys laugh.

For a long weekend the boys went off with grandma and grandpa camping which was fun. I hear Max had his moments, he is in a very defiant stage and while he is one of the sweetest cuddliest boys he can also turn and be just as uncooperative and 'growly'. We're working on it!
One one of the drives. Max love this book, Robot Mix Up, and we make robots all the time.
I got these from our bushes! Jason has been doing an amazing job keeping the yard weeded and looking good. He's gotten into plants lately and I have not been helpful at all keeping up with any sort of weeding. Ah well.
And Levi has been a reading fool. I love love love seeing my boys get into books.
Blueberry picking.
More books. Sometimes Max will go up to Levi and ask him to read something. In this particular moment it had gone quiet in the house, which is not normal. Usually they are either fighting or playing nice and talking up a storm telling lego stories or something. It was a nice quiet, however short lived it was.
Levi had a dentist appointment and I was so suprised at how well Max did waiting. No phone or electronics were needed, he just played and drew some pictures.

Also you can't see it but he is wearing different shoes, for some reason he has decided that he loves to mix and match his shoes. Drives his dad crazy but for me I don't really care. Pick your battles I say, especially so long as he is putting on his own shoes and I don't have to.
The boys got on my phone and made this little number.
And we LOVE going to library story time. On the first couple of times Max was more hesitant but eventually got into it and loves all the stories and songs they do.
I usually let the boys pick out one movie each and since his buddy Cameron has been talking about Power Rangers and showed off his awesome ranger skills Max insisted on a 'Ranger Movie'. He was quite excited.

While I totally think Power Rangers are super corny and fairly annoying it was again a pick your battle sort of thing and there is just something infectious about seeing your kid really get excited about something, like picking out a cheap plastic toy from the dollar store. It's silly but you only get to be a kid once. It goes by far too fast.

Imagination time! They come up with the craziest stories. I love to eavesdrop on them. They have a blast, that is until someone takes something they shouldn't have or in some other way is offended then it's an all out battle zone.
More reading. This time Levi had 'snuck' an audio book. He would sit and listen to them all day if he could. The boys turned on the AC in their room (we have small units in their room and ours) and decided to have book time. I can't complain much.
Oh and all the berry picking. I don't know why but for some reason I love love love picking berries and could do it all day long, no joke. The boys tolerated it and took turns pulling the wagon. Max wanted to be king and pulled around and luckily Levi complied. We ate blueberries to our hearts content for weeks and now we have a ton of frozen blueberries, a favorite snack around here, to get us to next season. I hope. Last year we barely made it.
More hanging in the AC room.
We got an invite to go swimming at our cousin's in-laws house, the boys loved it and Levi has gotten to be a much better swimmer this year.
I finally let them watch the power ranger movie for movie night. They were enthralled.
Max sleeping in the door way, he wanted to be in the light. What a sweetie.

Father Son Campout

This is from a while back and I don't really know much of the details. All I get from Jason is that it was 'fine' and the boys tell me they had fun. So I think were going to go with whatever happens at the father son campout stays at the father son campout.

I did however get these pictures and they seem to have had a blast with their buddies.

Lake Trip - Hanging Out and Heading Home

 On the very last day of our lake trip it was just the four of us (well, technically five of us) and we decided to stop by the store and stock up on road trip snacks because we were doing the whole drive in one day.

We found a fun park to play at where they happened to be having a dirt bike competition. The boys loved it. Me too, it was so cute to see all those little guys, some Max's age, biking around the course. 
 And of course we stopped off at Cabellas just because it's there and they have lots of fun stuff to look at. For the first time we stopped off at their cafe area, mostly because I saw they had bufflo burgers and I love those.

The boys got the usual but for some reason Max decided he had to steal Levi's Cheetos while he was away (he saw dad do it and had to copy).
 Max thought he was SO sneaky. I guess he was cause he didn't get caught.
 It was our last night in our room and for dinner Levi kept trying to sneak up to me and tell me to take Max's picture while he distracted him. For some reason Max hates when I take pictures of him on my phone. My regular camera is ok but for some reason he hates phone pictures.
 Max caught on because Levi whispering volume is definitely not a whisper.
 It was a decent drive home, not much fighting, lots of audio books, snacks and mini naps. We normally are in a rush to get off the road and get home but decided to stop off at the fish hatchery where the boys fed all the fish and were thrilled.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Lake Trip - The Fourth

Well, this years fourth was fairly uneventful. Addison had gone off with Grandma and Grandpa to meet her mom which left just us four. By the time it got dark Max was tired out and had fallen asleep really really early. Even though it was the Fourth I am not one to wake sleeping kids, especially when they need the rest, that combined with the fact that I was really sunburnt and it was HOT outside I just as soon stay inside enjoying the air conditioner while Max got his beauty rest. So Jason and Levi went off to the lake to get a good look at the fireworks on the lake. I saw a lot of them from our balcony. All and all it was a nice quiet evening, which is sometimes what you need in the middle of a vacation.