Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day at the Fountain

In July the library has people come for various shows on Mondays. This was our first one of the year, Presto the magician. We saw him last year and the boys loved it. I was feeling like a very nice mommy at the moment and allowed them to bring their stuffed animals which they usually have to leave behind in the car. They loved it. Here they are waiting........
All worth it because they were laughing hysterically pretty much the whole time.
Again, I was being really nice so we went to the cupcake shop next door while we waited for them to turn the fountain on so we could play in it. Max got chocolate ice cream, his favorite.
And Levi a M&M cupcake which he sucked down in record time then went to play with all their toys.
If you can't find the boys they are the pasty white ones.

T is for Trains, Treasure and Tasty

For our T-day we combined it with our 'Friday Adventure' with Jason since he now has summer hours and comes home after lunch. I had to go downtown to the gemfaire to pick up some stuff for my shop and we decided to make a day of it. The boys love going on the MAX every chance they get.
They were great sports about going to the gemfaire, I'm sure it wasn't nearly as exciting for them as it was for me. But luckily there are a couple of booths with lots of rocks, crystals and fossils which they loved, it was much more 'boyish' than table after table of beads. They even got to pick out some of their own treasures, they each got a shark tooth and Levi picked some pyrite and Max got a green stone, flourite.

Afterwards we decided since it was so hot to stop midway and play in the fountains at pioneer square. They loved it and I'm sure glad I thought to bring extra clothes.
Then we grabbed some Pizza Schmizza. Yumm-o!
T words of the day: two, too, to, tin, tall, tan, tow, tad, tug, toad, tag, tab

Monday, July 16, 2012

Wiggly Worms

I finally decided on a new sprinkler (our awesome one from last year broke, bummer) and this one was awesome. The water going through it makes them look like wiggly worms. Max, as you can see was terrified of it.
but he eventually got over it.

Fort update

It's getting there. To get ready for the Fourth Jason got the slide finished along with the sides of the fort so now the kiddos can go up without me having to worry they're going to fall off.
A little further back. On the right you can kind of see where we're hoping to put a fire pit next for next summer's project. The back yard is coming along nicely thanks to Jason.
Front view.
Max showing off one of the wheels, (I'm not sure if they've claimed one yet. Several weeks back we went to the store to pick them out),
the telescope,
the pully bucket, and according to Levi an integral part of a fort,
and of course the slide.
All I have to say is, Jason, you're awesome.

F is for the Fireworks, Friends and Fun

The morning of the Fourth we headed off to the annual Fourth of July pancake breakfast, parade, and celebration put on by our church and community. We love going every year, and appreciate even more now that we're not the ones making all that pancake batter.

We had our breakfast and headed off to prepare for the parade. The boys found our friend Porter and started dancing to the music blasting. Max has some pretty sweet moves.
In fact they all do.
While we were dressing in the morning Levi insisted on wearing his 'hunting hat'. Luckily Max decided to leave his superman mask and superman cape in the van.
Waiting, waiting.....
While we were waiting we got the best spirit award.
I don't know what exactly that means or how we were the ones who decided we had it, but let's just say I know the judge.
A slow start.
But this year we decided we'd bring candy to throw to all the kids which the boys and their friends thoroughly enjoyed. Two of our fiends came along with us for most of the time and helped pass them out.
There were a ton of people there this year, it seemed like way more than the last.
Max volunteering to help the clown.
We went on a few bouncy houses.
After all the excitement and games we headed home to get ready for a family and friends BBQ which was a lot of fun. We got to hang out with some people who I haven't really gotten to know very well before and Aunt Katie and Uncle Aaron were in from Alaska to celebrate the day.

This is where I put the camera down. I've found I do that more often than not on bigger holidays so I end up with very few pictures of the day. Jason fired up the grill and everyone made some amazing food. After our stomachs settled we had smores and got the fireworks started with some worms and pop-its.

Then the fireworks began! Max was much more into it this year. Last year he was pretty terrified of the whole affair. Everyone loved sparklers and picking out which firework we did next.

Overall a great day!

F words for the day: fun, foot, fill, fan, fin, food, fall, fad, feet, for, fig,

Sunday, July 15, 2012

N is for Nike and Night

Jason has been working for Nike for over 6 months and we had yet to visit him. Jason Lester, sponsored by Nike did a run accross America ended at the world headquarters with a big party to celebrate and all family and friends were invited to go. So we decided to head on over.

The boys were decked out in their Nike gear and were excited to see all the sports stuff. It's a pretty fun campus, and HUGE. There are tons of plaques with various sports all stars around campus, lots of pretty outdoor greenery with a jogging path all around campus. The boys were digging it.
The boys got to visit dad's desk which you can write on pretty much anywhere, so they went at it. 
Levi being goofy. I think he was dancing.
Jason knows all the fun places to go and showed us a fountain with this really fun

Then later that night (get it Night?) we had some friends over and I set up a little concessions box where they could use tickets to get different treats. They loved it.

N words:  net, neck, nice, nail, nest, new, no nod, nut, now, not, nope, nag, news