Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fitting in Small Spaces and Berry Time

Putting the boys to work! That's why I had them. We love blueberries and found a new U-pick place to stock up on them so we could freeze them.
Davis was pooped by the end of it.
I love that he can make his own sandwiches. His favorite thing. Peanut butter and honey on a bagel.
He loves the car cart. Who wouldn't?
We took some avacados over to the Smiths. For some reason we had a lot. Davis insisted on carrying them and knocking.
Davis and Elsie. Elsie has a shorter haircut because someone got hold of some scissors.
I love this look she's giving.
The boys and Lola had fun building castles, moats and other fun things in the sand.
Our new pop up trailer!

Little berry butt.
So cold.....
And it was finally time to set up the pool. The boys were ecstatic.
And more berry picking. Hey, they eat a lot of them throughout the year.
Washed and dried.
Someone likes to hide in empty cupboards.
Trying to get the rhythem with his feet. Not very easy.
I love to watch them sleep. Still has little frog legs sometimes.

Finally filled and now they had their own snorkels.
I don't know why Levi is giving me the stink eye.....But Davis sure loves his 'bapples' and of course Max is hiding.
Pokemon cards over at Cameron's house.
Landon with his mama.
I was so lucky to find this cute moment with KJ and Dave.
Brooke showed me a great idea she had for the 4th of July. I love that my friends have the same calling I do.
Davis showed me he could fit in the doll crib.
For the Harry Potter party Levi wanted  monster book of monsters and so we went off to the fabric store with my mom. We also got stuff for a large stuffed snake and invisibility cloaks. Oh, this is Max with his sweet face and then with his normal, weirdo face.

And Dave insisted on helping Nese.

And ice cream for all afterwards. I got a bowl to share with Davis and after the big boys scarfed down theirs I let them help me and that went so fast. Those boys can eat.

Later that night we ended up going to Momo's a new Hawaiian shaved ice place and restaurant. We loved it.

Getting ready for football even though he's doing flag this year, not tackle.

More flowers,
and snorkeling.

Mr. Potter and Getting Back to Abnormal

Prepping for Levi's big Harry Potter birthday party. Him and I had spent tons of time on pinterest looking at different ideas of what we could do. These would be turned into flying keys.
And oh how I hate taking the kids to the dentist. It's like an hour long visit of me trying to keep the wild man occupied in the worlds smallest and least kid friendly waiting room. Here is where he dumped out a cup of water. After that I told the receptionist we would be back in a little bit so we took a quick walk and jumped off some things.
Then after our big trip it was time to wash the van because boy it needed it.
And this year was a canning pear year. They are so much better homemade.

And more blueberries.
The boys were giving me their tough men faces.
And then it was time for a big family read in.

He was so cute and wanted to do what his big brothers were doing.
Going to Pirate Park with some friends.
Max really wanted to push his big brother.
Elsie and Davis. Aren't they cute?
There was a time that Davis was smitten with Julie and even a few times refused to sit with me and only wanted to sit on HER lap.
Dinner with Jared and Miranda.

This is so my life.
Just watchin' shows in a diaper.
Why hello there Mr. Potter.

Ogling the Lego section in Target.
Oh and the time Davis just jumped in the bath tub with his cloths on. I was filling it then went to go get a change of cloths or something and he just hopped right in. Crazy kid.
And the two buddies again.

Someone got into the games.
The beginnings of Harry Potter wands.
Jason makes me the most beautiful bouquets of flowers in the summer time. Seriously. I get big pretty flowers all summer.
We had a ward party at a local school and instead of doing anything (eating, playing on the playground) Davis insisted on doing laps around the building. I think he went around a half dozen times.

I'm not sure what the bigger boys were up to but it looked like they were having fun.
Eventually Dad took him and taught him some basketball skills.
Can I just say how nice it is to have slightly older kids who can actually help? The boys helped to carry chairs and were so good about it. They are my big helper men and I love them so much!
Yeah, we still hang out in the back with Levi usually reading through the friends, Max drawing and Davis doing what ever it is Davis does.
This kid. I come in the room to find he had pulled up the vent and put his legs in it.
And guess who can open the gate?
Some late sewing for a baby quilt I was working on.