Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm a Woodworker!

Levi (with help from dad) sent this picture to me last Monday. For our FHE we did a little bit of work on their new toy box.

Mornings with the Boys

Jason shot this video with the boys this morning. Levi is so cute helping his little bro. I hope they will always be good friends.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas was awesome and I loved that the boys were old enough to really 'get it' and participate in the whole thing.

To start the evening off we set out some carrots for the reindeer,
in boots of course, spread out some 'reindeer grain' on the front lawn (Levi had been excited to do this for MONTHS)
And then proceeded with the evening.

This year I wanted to get a nativity that the boys could do and participate in and it took me a while but I found the perfect one. You take out a piece a day for the whole month (the top swivles and has more doors in the back). The boys got excited every day to set up the scene and each time allowed an opportunity to talk about the Savior and his birth. That night we finally got to take out the last one which was baby Jesus. Then we watched the nativity movie and settled down for the night.
I love christmas, there is such an excitement in the air. I was super excited to set everything up for the boys because I love seeing their faces Christmas morning. It's just magical.

I didn't get any pictures of it but minutes after the boys laid down we could hear bells in the living room. It was none other than Santa himself leaving presents under the tree. We told them they could go and peek but not to let him catch them. I thought they would freak out, scream and run up to him which is what Levi has done with other Santa's this holiday season, but they quietly crept into the room, peeked and scurried back in bed. It was so awesome to see how excited they got. They were actually quiet after that too. Thank you Grandpa Larry, ahem, I mean Santa.

So since Santa came he filled up their stockings (my other holiday purchase some awesome stockings my friend Candy made, aren't they awesome?)
He left plenty of presents, and even had time for a snack. When they woke up, they were amazed,
and most of all excited.
It was all a hit.
Their favorite stocking suffers were these bad boys, they played with them all morning. At least until they could open presents. And the hit of the season, two plastic swords. These got some good use out of them.
Oh, and a huge nurf gun. Thanks Larry. There was more but I didn't get much after that, too busy enjoying.
Later, after the festivities at the Goodrich house we went to my Aunts house for a dinner and some gifts. The boys loved playing with their cousins. Oh, and both Levi and Max insisted on bringing their new monkeys Nese had got. Levi's is now named AJ, and Max's is named Max. They're bff's.
Fun toys from other grandparents. These planes have been well loved and thoroughly enjoyed by the boys and most kids who come to play.
What lucky ducks.
And at the end of the night Levi came up to me and said "I love you Mom". I love my sweet family.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Updates and Feelin' Old

I'm trying hard to stay updated posting the latest and greatest but my interest has been low.....I still have a couple of Christmas posts, Jason's b-day and more. Hopefully soon, we'll see. Also I lost my camera, I'm sure it's around here somewhere.

Right now Jason has been working on a toy box for the boys, which has been coming along nicely. He's making it just the right size/shape for at the end of the boys bed and will replace our current costume box which has been destroyed. Might even clean out some of those toys out of the fire place.

I'm debating about putting Max in preschool next year. He really wants to go but I'm trying to figure out logistics. For his age, 3's, they only have morning classes and it would be a huge mess if I tried to do them both mornings because I would pretty much be dropping off or picking up most of the time with maybe an hour in the middle. I could do Max morning, Levi afternoon but I still don't know. Plus he has to be potty trained which he has zero interest in. I really want to figure a way to do it because he wants to go so bad.

We just went to the worst park trip ever. I thought the boys would be faster on scooters but it took about 4 times longer and I ended up carrying them most of the way, the scooters that is. Not fun. Then when we got there, a couple groups of teenagers were there. Ugh. Normally I'm a pretty cool laid back person and wouldn't care, but it really really bugged me, partially because it took so much effort for us to just get there. First off I know they're skipping school because they were there longer than any lunch period would be and then they were just being inconsiderate. The small group hanging out on the play equipment promptly left when the boys ran up their way to get on the slide and when Levi leaned in to see what they were playing on their phones. I'm pretty sure he thinks they're only used for games. He's obsessed. But the other group, I kept hoping they'd go away. They sat on the only picnic table, listening to loud music and one was a couple who would randomly make out. It just bugged me. Also we only had a small, extremely wet bench in the shade that I had to mop up so we could have our lunch. Part of me wanted to just sit at the nice warm in the sun picnic table next to them but I didn't want my boys hearing what they were saying or the music. Then, after about 45 minutes of my hoping they'd leave this tiny CHILDRENS park, another mother came with a number of kids. At first I thought they'd leave because who wants to hang out with a bunch of little kids running around? We'll apparently they did so theykept listening to their loud obnoxious music, sitting on each other's laps and making out at random moments. If there was another park closer I would have left sooner. Those young whippersnappers. I feel so old complaining about teenagers and their loud music, but it just irritated me to no end. Then to top it off the boys took about 50 minutes walking home on a normally 15 minute walk with me carrying either both scooters, a scooter and Max and my bag or some other combination. It was torture. But Max is taking a nap which he hasn't done in a while which is good. Right?

Levi has been into e-mailing people. Him and Jason check it regularly and he loves getting and sending messages. We also have finally allowed him to play some 'games' on the computer. We've (ok, me) been letting him go on to play some really good learning games and if he wants after that he can do PBS kids. His favorite games on that are the Wild Kratts ones. He loves animals. If max is around he usually just watches Levi play. They love it, though I'm starting to not like it because now that's all he wants, games, games, games, like it's the highlight of his day despite what we do. We're working on balance.

Preschool Christmas

One of the reasons I enjoy Levi being in preschool is I get to see stuff like their programs. I love it. For Levi's first Christmas one it was pretty quick and only lasted 20 minutes or so and was filled with some songs, a poem and other things. Extremely cute, I was smiling the whole time.

This one they are reciting a poem.

"What can I give him, poor as I am?"
"If I were a shepard I would bring a lamb."
"If I were a wise man I would do my part."
"Yet, what can I give him? I will give my heart"

Then afterwards I had them go stand by the little manger they had set up. Levi was very excited about the whole thing and tried to put his arm around Max, who would have none of that.
So he got his own pictures with the animals.
I am looking forward to more Christmas programs to come from both these boys.


Friday was I was not at my best. Ok, it was horrible. One of those it's-taking-all-my-will-power-not-to-bawl-hystarically-during-my-visiting-teaching-interview kind of morning. I'll not go into details but it was no good and everything went wrong. But I was trying to be positive. It took all my energy to not just go home from the church, lay down and let the boys watch videos the rest of the day. But I knew they would probably end up fighting or something and they needed to get outside for a bit especially since it wasn't raining. So we went to the park and they ran around for a good hour and a half. I mostly just sat like a lump at the picnic table but it was cute to see them play with the other kids. I was even so proud of Levi who went up to a little girl his age, asked her name, told his and began playing. They were very cute together. She was having trouble getting up a climbing ladder and he cheered her on every time. Warmed my heart to see him being so sweet. They played tag, chase and hide and go seek together with Max. We got lunch and then they helped a ton cleaning. Levi even begged to vacuum, which I happily obliged.

Then Jason came home. I was trying my best to be in semi good spirits, especially since he had been gone working all day and I wanted him to come home to a happy, clean home. It was clean and the boys were watching stories down with Gram but the minute I saw him I couldn't stop myself. He's so patient and let me cry, which was apparently all I needed. I'm so glad I married him, he keeps me sane. Though hilariously he can drive me crazy at the same time......but I guess most marriages are like that. Right?


Levi was such a trooper when he had to go to the dentist to get some cavities filled. I thought he would freak out because, lets face it, as wonderful as it is to have fixed teeth it stinks having to get shots and hold your mouth open for that long.

But he was great. We brought with us his curious george to hold and the dentist worked with kids so she totally knew how to handle herself. He even got to wear an 'elephant nose' and cool green sunglasses and got a few toys at the end. He loved it. Afterwards he even told me he was so happy he came to the dentist. They loved hearing that!

Now he talks to Max all about it and how great it is at the dentist.
I'm trying hard to keep my boys from getting cavities, but what parent isn't right? So we have been trying really hard to brush twice a day, floss if possible and do mouth wash. I have also bribed him with any toy he wants (within some reason) if he doesn't have any cavities next time we go to the dentist. We'll see if that so far working because he mentions it at least several times a week, 'but only if I have no cabidies'.

Primary Program Shinanagans

The primary program was hilarious. Ahem, I mean super spiritual the whole time. Seriously, it was very sweet and I loved how all the kids gave it their all after having practiced for so long. They were so good.

For me, it was really funny watching all the kids, especially mine.

We were lucky enough to sit in the very front row in front of the sunbeams (they had sectioned off the front for all the family of sunbeams who were down low).

These pictures are from a practice, they are not great but I get what I get. During the actual program Levi:
-Sang really loud in the girls ear next to him.
-Bent over touched his toes and walked forward while bent. He had a lot of room in the front till he stopped.
- Rolled and unrolled his tie at least a half dozen times.
- Fell out of his chair.
- Made a number of silly faces.

Here Brother Keeler is keeping the sunbeam boys in line. He is what we might call our 'enforcer'.
When the time came Levi said his part confidently and flawlessly and he even sang pretty much all the songs, in between the craziness that is. I was so proud.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Preschool T-Day

Yeah, I'm still catching up.

We got to go to Levi's first preschool program for Thanksgiving. It was small during part of his normal class time but all the family and siblings were invited to come to the harvest feast.

Here was levi's placemat he made. And the centerpiece he did (he had been talking about it for DAYS)
He was able to write (or tell) what he was most thankful for. That made me smile. A lot.
Max was extremely excited to go to the preschool, he pretty much begs to go every time we drop Levi off. All the families waited in one room and later the preschool kids walked in. Max was so surprised and excited to see his big brother.
The program was very short and they sangs a few songs and did some poems. My favorite was the Turkey dance which I made Levi do tons of times after. "Do a dance that can't be beat, flap your wings and scratch your feet. Be a turkey if you please, gobble, gobble, gobble, freeze!" It was so cute.
Afterwards came the feast. I made a bunch of cookies and Max downed three of them, and they were pretty big. I think that might have been his lunch that day..... It was a battle I was not going to fight, especially when he wouldn't be taking his nap. It was a fun day and I love to see my Levi having fun with all his friends. He's such a big boy.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Baby Time

No, I'm not pregnant.

But I have had the chance to take some pictures of some sweet baby girls in the past month. I love doing pictures for people. I'm not great at it, heck I know personally at least a dozen people who are much better at it than me, but it's fun for to play around a little bit and also I figure I'm better than a iphone or someone at Sears who only has a limited time to shoot.

Now to introduce you to the stars.

This is Miss Lyla Rose Becker. I took pictures at her parent's wedding a couple of summers ago and they did such a great job. She was 5 weeks old when we did this so a little bit more filled out than a new born and she was a trooper.
She loved sticking out her tongue and was probably wondering who this crazy lady was sticking this big black thing in her face.
She was quite a hungry gal and got a bit fussy but she was very lucky to not only have mom close, but two grandmas to hold her. By the end of it she was tuckered out and we got some sleeping shots. Babies (and people in general) look so different when sleeping!

Now here is another wonderful lady, Abigail Christensen who just happens to be my cousin. Yey! I'm particularly excited about her because this means we actually have a baby/kid cousin living close by. The boys are excited about it and Levi even told me he's going to teach her how to crawl, walk, run and somersault.
This is one of my favorites, I love her cheeks and pretty lips.
I don't know exactly why I liked this one, but I think it's the wrinkly hands. She was so wrinkly!!!
Check out those feet!
Butt shot. Dad loved that one.It was a lot of fun doing these and I learned a lot, also it was kind of nice holding a baby again. Glad we have more coming this way (from family and friends, not me, just to clarify).

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Typical Sunday, Sort Of

Just some random things that happened this Sunday that made me smile. Or cringe.

- The boys jumped on us in bed in this morning. They love to tackle Jason, hide under the covers and just be silly.

- In the parking lot there was a big fight between the boys of who got to push the button to go down on the wheelchair lift in the van (we all go together to church in the wheelchair van with my grandma and mom). It's pretty much a weekly fight. Although why wouldn't it be? How many kids get to go up and down on a lift from their van?

- When we got to church Max made a beeline to get a hymnal because there were none on our back row. Then he ran to find another. And another. And yes another. It was hilarious. I like to think we provide some source of entertainment for the back of the gym attendees. We are in excellent company back there.

- As soon as the sacrament prayer begins Levi asks, fairly loudly, "Where is that noise coming from?!?!"

- Minutes later he comes up to me and declares "When I am 12 I can be a sacrament boy too!"

End Scene. Curtains open on Primary time.

Craziness, craziness, craziness as I run around helping our new counselor settle in.

- For singing time they do the song 'Give Said the Little Stream' involving clapping and standing at certain times. Levi was paying very close attention to the director (he's right up front) trying his hardest to get those claps right and when the time came to stand, his feet, like most of the kids on the front row, didn't reach the ground and he toppled over his feet. But he got up right away and tried to finish best he could. So funny.

- As Jr. Primary sharing time was coming to a close they were about to announce who would be receiving the 'golden ticket' for the day (whoever gets the golden ticket for being reverent gets to go to the bishops office and they can get a treat from him, it's a fairly coveted prize) and immediatly following the pronouncement of another child close to him getting it, Levi loudly exclaims "But I tried my very best!!!" It was so sweet. And for Levi he was doing pretty well that day. Maybe next time bud.

-After the end of nursery I got to talking with the leaders and they tell me how well Max is doing. He knows and sings all the songs, prays, raises his hand. Makes me feels good to know he does pretty well for other people.

- The boys were pretty good all church long but minutes of getting home there was screaming. And more screaming. And then some more. But we threw them in bed and that settled things for an hour or so. That's what we get for having church at 1pm.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


My brother Jared has been great in taking Max for sleepovers every now and again. They have a lot of fun and it's good for me to spend some time just with Levi. Here he is in portland at one of the carts I think, eating some french fries. I think Max is in heaven. Plus he's sporting his new red coat which he picked out himself. He loves red.
On the sad side I miss his face. Max that is, not Jared's. But it's good for him to get some away time and get a little bit spoiled.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just Do It

Several weeks ago Jason applied at Nike and for part of his research for the interview he took the boys to the Nike store in Portland. I was out of town for the day and it was a boys day out. Apparently they loved it and Levi has talked about it several times.
I guess the trip worked because he got the job and is loving it!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Friday Adventure

On Fridays I try really hard to make it a point to do something extra fun with the boys, something we don't normally go and do. I try my best to make our regular days fun but usually most days are pretty normal for us involving cleaning, running errands, cooking, homework.....nothing too exciting. But Fridays are our adventure days, which might just involving doing a fun play date, but still an adventure.

This Friday it was actually sunny out, which doesn't happen here very often. It was amazing to see the sun shining. So we put our shoes and coats on and went out for a walk to the park. It's not the closest one to our house but within reasonable walking distance, it is where I went as a kid when we would visit our grandparents in the summer. There is a park a pool and it's next to a 7-11.

The boys took off running and loved walking there. Max's favorite part of the walk was jumping on top of flying leaves and shouting "I got you!". Levi kept an eye out for litter and we picked some up along the way. He's a very earth conscious 4 year old.

We got to the park and played hard. Swings, climbing, slides, the works. Max was terrified to cross the bridge on the playground, he clenched my hands the first time but then he got better and after he crossed it every time by himself after that would exclaim "It no O bad!". He's definitely getting to be a chatty boy.

Then PBJ's and off for a Slurpee. All the adults there thought they were so cute as we chatted about the Slurpee machines where they each picked the red apple flavor. They each had taken 4 quarters out of their John Deere piggy banks grandpa gave them for Christmas (we had a brief discussion about money and coin values, our lesson of the day I suppose), and they were off to pick out a snack. I thought they would make a beeline for the candy section. Guess what they picked? Bananas. I was so proud.

We slurped our way back to the playground for round two of playground monster and eventually headed home. Mid way on the journey back Levi asks if he can take a nap when we got home and Max asked for me to hold him. I did for a bit but man did he get heavy quick. Made me really appreciate my ancestors who had to walk months holding small children. I don't know if I would have made it.

All and all it was a great trip and as an added bonus both boys took extra long naps that day. Yea! We'll see what we do next week.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hilarious Max

For FHE we have been working on putting together 72 hour kits, so for the first time we went and got backpacks at Goodwill. We found the perfect sized lighting McQueen one for him and he has since taken it over and has been carrying it around with him about 40% of the day for the past 2 weeks. "My bagpac" he says over and over. It is now filled with as many stuffed animals and books he could fit. And for all that might wonder, he even sleeps with it.

One night he woke up crying so I went in to see what was the matter. He kept saying something over and over in between sobs. While he's been getting to be pretty chatty I can only understand so much of what he says. After a full half hour of crying in my arms I finally figured out he just needed his new stuffed shark. A boy needs his shark I guess.

Another night time adventure. Max woke up wanting the light on, which he pretty much wants on any time he goes to sleep. We've even started to unscrew all the light bulbs to keep him from turning them at night. That night I decided to try something new and gave him a couple of glow sticks. It took two seconds and he was quiet and calm. Funny man.

For Christmas the boys both got swords from Grandpa Larry. Who knew that dollar store swords would be the hit of the season? Well, the boys of course got into numerous fights and one time Max was fighting when Levi didn't have his sword so I explain to Mr. Max that we don't use our swords when someone else doesn't have one too. So he quickly drops the sword to the floor and says "I don't have sword".

Ask Max if he's a good guy or bad guy. "Bad guy". Every time. I think it might stem from when they were playing and someone told him he was the bad guy. Now when asked I'm the bad guy too.

I once asked Max if he's poopy. "No, you poopy" and then proceeds to check my pants. Oh, FYI I was good.