Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Break 2014

We didn't have any huge plans for spring break, just relax a little and hang out. For the first day I decided to take the boys to the beach because it was going to be the nicest day of it all. Not tons of sun but not rain which in Oregon is pretty much the same thing.

First we headed off for Tillamook because we NEEDED ice cream. It was a nice drive but we hit a bit of traffic but no one seemed to mind. Then a couple of minutes before we got there Levi showed me his tooth. Apparently he had lost it a while before and had asked me to hold his tooth but I thought he said his apple core (yeah I'm getting old and deaf) and had him hold it till we got there. Then I freaked out when I realized he lost it. We had been waiting for it to come out for weeks.

Oh. Just to keep it real once we got there it was packed. So we parked and I had to feed Davis where Levi promptly informed me he had to go to the bathroom immediately. Not being in a position to stop feeding pack everyone up and hike it on into the bathroom (which had a long line anyways) I had him pee right outside in a bush by the parking lot next to the van. It took a bit of convincing to let him know it was ok. Jason does not approve of such things. But you've got to do what you've got to do. Sometimes it pays to have boys.

Once in we added to our souvenir penny collection, took the tour, played some games, tasted and bought some cheese and got some ice cream. Just a typical day at the cheese factory.

Then we went on to Hug Point. It was definitely not the closest beach but Brooke had gone and I saw her pictures and it looked a lot more interesting than our usual Seaside. I was glad we went because it was awesome. It had streams, caves, rocks to climb and the boys immediately set to work digging and getting wet. The weather wasn't horrible and they seemed fine. I was a little worried one would freak out towards the end from being wet and sandy and I wouldn't be able to physically help them because I had Davis along with a bag and chair.

They had a blast. Davis was getting over a cold but was pretty happy overall and ate and slept. While it was a little windy and a tad chilly we all had fun and are definitely coming back.

The rest of our spring break was pretty laid back. It was fairly rainy and the boys all were getting over colds so we did what we usually do. Hang.
One of the things I do with Davis before going down for a nap is take a couple of minutes to rock and look at the cars on the freeway (we can see them from our bedroom window) or look at the fish in the fish tank in our room. It usually does the trick.

and then when he wakes his brothers like to swarm him. Levi loves to be the  big brother and bring him to a sitting position.

Then of course some Lily time. One of their more recent favorite games is taking the wagon and going around the yard. They call it their roller coaster.
Aaaand I totally put off doing grocery shopping. I have a pretty good routine going where I grocery shop every 2 weeks on the weeks Jason gets paid. I have found Saturday evening (NOT morning because it's a mad house) is a really good time to go. This week I put it off until Wednesday and while we didn't have much food in the fridge it made it really easy to clean out, which it desperately needed.

I was in a fruit and veggie mood, can you tell? It's a lot but it lasts for well over 2 weeks and I usually get a few things for food storage. I like my system, it works well though if it were up to me I'd never go grocery shopping. Not my favorite thing to do but people need to get fed right?
The boys wanted to show off some of their stuffed animals to Davis and his snuggle cow. They call themselves dads to their animals and that the animals are cousins. I love it. Also Davis is becoming quite attached to his snuggle cow (that's what we call him. Max has his own snuggle bear which he adores).

I menu plan for 2 weeks at a time and then shop for those two weeks in hopes that I won't have to go again for another 2 weeks. It usually works pretty well. As part of it for the past several rounds I have had the boys pick one meal each in an effort to not have a battle at every single meal. It works pretty well because I know for at least that one meal they are pretty happy. They even get to pick who says prayer. I think Max decided that was a rule. Also as a rule it can't be hot dogs, PBJ's, MacNcheese....something semi healthy. This was my rule. This time for Max's dinner he chose crepes and grapes who thought it was hilarious because they rhymed. So we made some amazing crepes which are becoming a regular meal around here (Jason's mom has an old family recipe) and everyone was happy.
Me and my jewelry biz stuff. I didn't really mean to post it on here but here it is so I'll keep it. All is well. Busy but doing really well.
And I don't know if I wrote before but at a little less than 5 months we started Davis eating food. Just a little bit. At first he didn't like it much and would spit it out but he's getting used to it.

And in an effort not to be super lame during spring break we arranged to go to Out of This World Pizza with some friends (Brooke and Co.) We hung out, had a blast with some of my favorite people and we even stayed a little after they had to go because they all have napping babies. Well, so do I but if I put him in the front carrier he takes a decent one. The boys didn't mind because then they got to use their game cards.

And Davis slept some more then chewed on his foot.
Max's makeshift gun which was very intimidating.
My mom took a day off and we went to breakfast which was a hit though Levi was not impressed with Pigs in a Blanket. You think he would because he likes them separate. Kids.
And this was some time later. It might not look like much but it is the cider we made back in the fall. We made enough for a gallon per month so once a month we get to pull out a jug and it gets drunk in a day or two.
And Jason is working on setting up a new, saltwater tank in our room. It is a bit more complicated than freshwater and a lot more expensive but he wanted to try it out. So he started setting it up because the water has to sit for a month or so. Now we have two Nemo fish, some crabs, a fire fish, and several coral. The light is kind of weird in the bedroom but everyone loves it.
And that is the end of our spring break adventures 2014. Love those baby legs.