Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Flowers and Suckers

Boy time. Snacking it up and watching morning shows. Levi and Max are so funny. They'll seriously grab anything out of their drawers and wear it. Shorts and long sleeved PJ shirt. Weirdies.
Max fell asleep in the corner. I'm sure he needed that nap. If I could I would make him take a nap every day.
It was in the morning and I heard a knock on the door.  I thought it was a mailman but then I saw this beautiful bouquet. At first I thought it was for Gram because she gets them every now and again from various people. But it was for me! I've never had anyone deliver me flowers!
It was from my mom and gram. And I'll have to admit it was very much needed after a long weekend of people in and out of the house and me playing hostess then cleaning everything up on a Monday morning.

Levi has been reading Harry Potter (again) and we were talking about it and he said that unicorns were more friendly with girls than boys. I told him that wasn't true, then he said yes, then I said prove it. So he did.
Davis loves being on the table. He loves it. I do not.
Library time = happy Levi.
We reserved a ton of books about ancient greeks, he's been in a mood. Now he is very eager for anyone to listen all about the greek gods and what they do.
It had been a VERY long week with Jason, Max and Davis being sick while Levi and I helped take care of them all. We decided we needed to go off together for a dinner date and settled on Applebees. I don't think he's ever gone before but he loved it all and we had a blast. He makes a great date.

Pretzel stick mustache.

Yes, we HAD to have dessert.
I don't know why but Max handed me these green pieces of cardboard that he had cut out and colored. It was Max dollars and he was wanting to buy various things. What a creative, long haired man.
Trouble maker!!!!
I have been saving change for a while now and now that it was finally full we decided we needed to take it to the bank. The boys and I talked it over and we decided we needed to start a fund so that we could go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It will take a while to save up but it'll happen!
They love the bank because of the suckers. Need I say more? Davis now lifts up his open hand to the jars when we come in now. He knows what's coming.
Slide. He can now go down by himself. Sort of.
He was pooped and laid out on the floor. I only let him for a minute or so before I put him in his bed. I can't really let him sleep other places or it will only be a few minutes nap and we all need more than that. It was so cute though. I normally have to coax him into nap time.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Easter Time

Time for a bottle and book in the morning. Best way to start the day.
New this year. The boys love getting their Christmas coupons and I'm trying not to go too nuts with all the treats but go for activities instead so hoped these would do the trick.
For some reason my mom sent me a few old pictures and I loved seeing my guys little again. Time passes so dang fast.

Max at a couple months old. Look at his face.
Levi and Elijah.
And Levi. Davis looks so much like him.
It had been a while since we went to Uncle Monte's and Aunt Cheryl's so we did. Davis got to see their chickens for the first time and was quite fascinated and kept running back to see them whenever he could.
We did an easter egg hunt with some families in the ward and it was fun. Davis had no idea what was going on but seemed to have fun. Of course he immediately went and found the balls. Then rode the bikes. Didn't want a single egg. That's ok, his brothers did know what was going on and were happy to share.

I had arranged to do a mom's only hunt afterwards with some of my jewelry and some fancy nicer chocolate. The mom's loved it. I'm pretty sure we need to make that a yearly tradition.
Giving your pink starburst. Now that is love. (He gave it to me, sweet boy)
Davis entertained us for a good half hour playing with a bag. He kept walking around like a robot with it on.
Playing at the school and all Davis wanted to to was RUN. At least it got the wiggles out. Kind of.
Levi reading through Harry Potter again.
Max has been working on getting across the monkey bars.
And besids running all he likes to do is climb.

On our way back from the school and our walk we found $20 in the middle of the sidewalk. We asked the house that it was in front of if it was any of there's but it wasn't so we got to keep it. We are putting it in our Harry Potter World fun. One of the things I've been trying to teach the boys is saving for something you really want and how I do that is I have 'funds'. I have envelopes where I put $ for different things. This is how I saved up for our fridge, the couches, trips.  Things like that. It feels so good saving up know that it's all paid for and knowing how much you worked for it. Right now we have some ongoing ones. I have one for a Bolivia trip which I've had for several years, it's going to happen. Our cruise, which is actually paid for but for some spending $. A fund for Harry Potter World which at first looked like it would be in Florida but by the time we have the $ saved the one in California will be open! Also Max wanted to start one for Great Wolf Lodge because we've never been, so we're working on it. It been good seeing the boys interested in saving towards a common goal.
And Easter! Super simple with some fun favorite treats and their coupons. Also was included was a small Lego set each. They loved it.
A small hunt around the yard. This time Davis was a bit more interested.
Easter dinner! The boys of course, both wanted the leg but since it was a turkey it was pretty huge. Good thing Levi has had a pretty much bottomless stomach these days.

Sunday, July 12, 2015


So in the process of moving all my photos to my desktop computer and then eventually my blog most of my March pictues got deleted. I was DEVISTATED to say the least. My pictures! I don't remember exactly what they were but I am sure they were awesome.

I know it's silly to get sad over pictures because I'll still have the memories of the good times BUT my memory stinks. Like I barely remember what I did yesterday. This is why I take pictures.

Here is Max with his bow and darts. I told him if he did a certain amount of work that I would give him three shots of me. He loved it. That kid is hard to get to do house work.
Bathtime! The boys are always so cute when they're in the tub together. It is hard to fit all three of them though with them all growing so fast (cough Levi cough)
We went to Omsi with Cameron and the boys had a blast. The bigger boys were off whenever we went to a certain area while I followed this little man around. He loved this air tube that shot balls up and hogged it for a good half hour or so.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Great Outdoors and Potterhead


Guess who has turned in a climber? Up stairs, ladders. It's terrifying but hes loving it. Also we kept him in footie pjs a lot of days because he keeps scratching. Eczema is not fun and I've never had to deal with it with myself of any of the other boys. Keeping him from scratching (then bleeding because he does it hard with his little nails that keep growing, is not easy. So I figured this or tighst. So footie PJ's it is.
Morning time with my man. Normally it is a great time to get stuff done but lately I've just wanted to snuggle because many times bottle time is the only time he will. Love.
Kicking it while the boys were at school and I had to get some things done. I know, I know. Kids aren't supposed to watch tv before 2. Whatever. He's just starting to actually sit for 10-15 minutes at a time so I can get something done without him tearing the house apart.
I actually watched The Voice. Ok, only a couple of episodes. Not my favorite but eh. Also popcorn is the best.
Max had begged for some canned pears after dinner, so we did. When I wasn't looking this is what I found him doing. Those are mine by the way. He had sucked his down in two seconds.
Time to pick up Max at the bus stop! We walk sometimes but more often take the stroller because Davis likes to run off and it's a really busy street. I've found that I can either hold the wiggling, fighting, kicking man sometimes for 15 minutes or stroller. It's just easier sometimes. If he didn't want to run off I would have him walk more, it's so cute! But he just doesn't want to hold hands as much. Oh well.
Big bro always helping.

More climbing, PJ's and someone has now claimed Max's seat. It's probably good since Max was getting to big for it anyways.
My first flower of spring from Max, he's my big flower giver. Then Davis promptly tried to take it away.
He can now push chairs around then climb them. It's awesome.
It's hard to get him to be still for a minute but he is strapped in when he eats and still for more than a minute.
Now he insists on eating with his own spoon. His first try with yogurt. I love his little face and big bald head.
Forget the spoon. He ain't got time for that!
Jason Dean. I yelled at him for this one, after he did it a bunch more times after. I confess I get after him a lot for all the rough housing. I'm just no used to it I suppose and I try to just walk away.
Jason building a greenhouse for his flowers. This man loves his plants.
We (I) got a label maker. Who knew it was so fun to label things?
See Max's face? Not amused one bit.
Amidst the green hgouse construction also came an add on to the patio. Grass really doesn't grow there and we figured it would be nice to add to it and have more space. I thought once we were done we could do some family dinners out there with Gram since she can't really do it upstairs and downstairs gets cramped (we've tried it!).
At Lola's house, swingin'.
Davis was having one of those late nights where he woke up in the middle of the night and I just couldn't get him back to sleep. He's not a rocking kid but we tried. Half the time he was laughing or saying 'dada'. Crazy kid. Eventually he went back to sleep. Eventually.
We found a present we forgot to give to the boys for Christmas, Lego picture frames. I saw the idea somewhere and saw someone selling them for like $25 which wasn't happening so Jason and I made some up then put them on top of the bookshelf far away to dry. Then we forgot.  The boys loved their belated gifts.
This is church. Gram at the end, then mom, kids in the middle and me and Jason wherever. I think I need to get some more bow ties for the boys, they're awesome.
One of my favorite snacks.....And this is why I pick so many blueberries in the summer.