Monday, February 8, 2016

Schools out, Road Trip and BYU!

We were cleaning up and doing chores when Max told me he had done his part of the bathroom. Then I looked and it was definitely not up to my standards (which aren't that high in my opinion!) One of the things that can be so hard in motherhood is choosing what is better for your kid and usually harder vs going easy. Sure it would have been a lot easier for me to just overlook the obvious quick job he had done (which he knows how to do) and would have avoided stress and headache of trying to get him to redo it all but what would that serve him? I want my boys to be good workers in everything they do and that means making sure they do jobs well as kids even though its really really hard a lot of times and I often times don't want to.
 Davie keeping an eye on the neighborhood.
Davis. This is all you buddy. If you ever read this as an adult with kids of your own I hope you understand the magnitude of the messes you made in your toddler years. Seriously. Any time I'm not looking something is usually being dumped out.
 Money for date night and some goals Levi has for the summer. 1.) Learn to swim in the deep end. 2.) Learn to ride a bike. 3.) Read 100 books.
 It was kid date night and since it was Levi's turn you'll never guess where he wanted to go!
At least he was polite enough to carry the massive bag of books we got. Well, he did to the door at least. I could barely carry that thing. Maybe we need to start bringing the wagon....
The a quick practice on the bike. Sometimes I feel like a complete failure as a mother because he still doesn't know. He's almost there but not quite. Our house is on a hill and not the best place for it. Plus when I was a kid I was on a scooter and ran right into the mail box at the end so it's kind of terrifying for me so I don't let my guys do it much. I know this means we just need to pack up the bikes more but I'm lazy and we end up doing other things. We'll get it down soon right?
Lastly, Wendy's.
Werdie face.
Morning toast and some cartoons.
Davis is slowly discovering toys. Yey!!!!! Normally it's just destruction 100% of the time. Now with actually wanting to play with toys for a little bit its more like 95% of the time. Little by little.
Davis insisted reading with his brother (without his pants). It was a blank notebook but he would turn the pages when his big brother did and laugh whenever he did. One of the cutest things ever!

At the church Davis saw all the older kids jumping around this and so he had to have a couple turns at it too.
The top of the list was having Cameron over for a sleepover. This is how I found them all at night. Davis was still sleeping in our closet but we had yet to move him in with the boys so Max and Levi took turns sleeping in it.
More Cameron time. 
I have no idea what he was eating but he looks happy.
Kids sleep in the weirdest positions, especially Max.
We went over to Julies and she had us come and look at the construction that is going on right next to their house. The kids loved seeing all the big machines at work.
At a work party for Jason. I think someone was leaving. The boys loved playing with her kitten (we went to his co-workers house. She's extremely nice and I've made up a number of necklaces for her)
At the house she had a TON of awesome boy toys because she had two boys but they were all in collage. All the boys were in heaven. So much lego and Star Wars stuff. We need to go over again soon to play.
This was from a book I found amongst the ones we were donating. Seriously, going through others stuff and having to make the decision to keep or not is so hard but I think I did an ok job. 
And cleaning out some of Max's papers. They are all so sweet but I'm trying to keep the 'stuff' in my life to a minium and that includes kids papers (I tell myself to only keep 10 or so papers a year, doesn't always happen but that's the goal).

Driving home from errands. Such tude. They were just joking. I think.
I was getting ready for our big Utah trip which meant a ton of packing and laundry. The boys were such helpers.
Not. Good thing they're cute and I like them so much.
And I don't know why I took a picture of this recipe for Swedish Pancakes. Probably just in case. Jason got it from her mom who got it from her step mom who is from Sweden. We use this recipe all the time.
Me pulling a very late nighter getting things ready for our big trip! Also you can't tell but Jason has Davis sleeping with him. He kept getting out of his pack and play so it's about time to move him.
I love working as we drive. It seems to make the time go by much faster.
Boys are ready.

At a rest stop Davis immediatly saw this and ran for a drink.
Then we found a cute little dog.
A toy we brought. He loved giving it kisses.
He's so cool.
So we went to the place we were supposed to check in but I got the dates mixed up. Sort of. We were planning on spending the night with the friend on the way but decided to do that on the way but didn't adjust our other room. Oh well. It was crazy and we ended up searching for a place to stay at 11:30pm and found this little one room place. It was small and extremely hard to sleep because Davis was insisting on sleeping in the middle of the bed kicking and rolling and crying. I don't see how people can sleep with their kids cause this mama can't.
Thank goodness for morning cartoons.
In the morning since we were in Provo we went off to campus to walk around.
Davis was excited to see the candy counter. Man I miss this place.
Lunch from the bookstore. The campus was pretty empty because it was a Saturday so we got to run around a bit. So many memories.
Then to the library. They couldn't believe there was a library 5 stories high. Max just wanted to pretend to be studying.
They have some really great art work.
Looking up the windows from the bottom level. I loved sitting there and studying. It's so weird to think that it's been 8 years since we lived there.
After hanging around campus a while we went to the Bean museum. We tried to go last time we came but their had been a fire and it was closed. Now it was new and better than ever. Max insisted I take a picture of this guy. Then shook his hand. That kid.
He loved the giraffes.

When we got there we made it just in time to see their last animal show. Max got to be a volunteer.
And Davis tried his best to get picked.

Seeing all the animals. I don't know why he's looking away here but he was definitely into them at the time.
We had fun taking all these pictures. Jason was not amused but he tolerated us.  
Levi spouting animal facts and Dave trying to get on a wild boar.

This was one of my favorites. Bugs sure creep me out but they are so interesting.

We found this little guy in the gift shop and had to take a picture so I could find one later for a better price. We had a Harry Potter party coming at the end of summer and still needed a Hedwig.
More wandering around then it was off to J-Dawgs! I remember when it was just a little stand only a minutes walk from our house. Also when Smart Cookie was there. Mmmmmm.

The boys remember coming here the last time we were in Utah so it was definitely on the list.
And so was The Creamery. They must have had some sort of sale because it was way cheaper than what I remember.
After he was all ice creamed out, which I didn't think was possible, Davis found a nice corner to hang out in.