Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Fiverr Birthday

So I've discovered a site called Fiverr. Everyone might already know about it but I don't, I'm not exactly the most 'hip' or 'with it' person in the world. It was late one night and I went a little crazy. It's a site where people are willing to do random (clean) things for $5. Here's two of the three things I got Jason on it for his b-day. I know they're things I probably could have pulled off myself but it's easier this way also I think it's a clever way for someone to make some extra $$. I think this might be my go-to birthday site. Most things made me laugh hysterically.

I just loved this one.
I went with the turtle because when we were at BYU one day we were walking by the duck pond next to our apartment and saw these turtles on a log sitting in the sun. Jokingly I told Jason to get me one. Yeah, he caught it and we took it to our apartment. Sadly it didn't eat turtle food because it was a 'wild' turtle so we had to take it back to the pond but he bought one at the pet store we could keep. It was fun but stinky. This was actually how Jason got into fish.

Eventually he died which happened to be on the 4th of July and he just threw it in the garbage. Didn't even let me give it a proper burial. It was then I realized we had a slight difference of opinions when it came to animals. Luckily I loved him too much to hold it against him for more than a few days.

Oh also funny story about that turtle, while I still have some of my memory. We lost it a couple of times. Once it took forever because he had gotten himself up on his side and wedged himself in between some cans in our food storage. We never thought to look for him there, almost thought he'd escaped out of the apartment. Silly turtle.

Now it's noodle time.I went with this because Jason is always writing J hearts K or J&K everywhere he could, especially when we were first married in Utah. In the snow, on the ground, on our windshield, and yes, even in noodles. I even have a picture some where. So I thought I'd return the favor.

Happy Birthday Jason. Hopefully surprise #3 will be here soon. It's hilarious. At least in my head it is. But then again, most things are, reality might be a different story.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


For some reason I decided it would be fun to let the boys have a friend sleepover. We haven't really had many kids over during the holidays because I was so dang busy and we were all missing having our friends come over. So we decided to have our good friend Cameron over for the night.

First we started of playing, then more playing. And then some more running around.

They helped me prepare dinner and gobbled it up
Everyone that is except Max who deemed it as 'yucky'
Then it was train time.
Followed by cooking making, bath and pajama time so they could snuggle in and watch Kung Fu Panda 2,
which they loved.
Bed time was a lot easier than I expected. They all quickly climbed up the ladder into Levi's bed and all seemed so content I couldn't bare to separate them, though I told them I would if they didn't behave. I put in a book on cd on and they were out in no time.

When I went in to check on them when I went to bed Cam was half way on Max so they made an X and Levi's foot was dangling out one of the slats, but they were out.

What I really worried about with the three of them in one bed is that they would wake up at 5am which is a lot earlier than we normally get up. And I'm not at my best at 5am, ask anyone. Max wailed for a second at 6 but must have gone back to sleep because they didn't get up until 8, which was way later than they normally are up. We are definitely do this more often.

In the morning we had waffles and milk then headed off to a ward playgroup to ride scooters and play with other kids in the church gym. Finish it all off with a happy meal picnic and it was a great morning. We were all sad to see Cam go home but he'll definitely be back. At least that's what he said.

After he left Levi told me he wanted Cameron over again and Jackson too (his cousin and other good friend since they were babies). I just love little boys.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Slush Day

Last week there was supposed to be a huge snow storm. But not for us, this was the most we got. I had been up really late the night before, per usual, and at about 1am there was a gorgeous powdery half foot of snow outside. A part of me really, really wanted to get everyone up and make a snowman. But sleep is just too important. Luckily, sort of, Max had woken up crying so I tiptoed in and we peeked out the window for a few minutes.

The next morning this was what we had, and a few hours later it was all gone. Oh Oregon. I love you so.
The boys still loved it and we had a snowball fight. And by snowball fight I mean I let the boys throw handfuls of slush at me. This lasted only a few minutes because we didn't have gloves on and Max eventually freaked out at the cold. But it was fun enough to do it several times that morning.
Maybe we'll get enough snow to make a real snowman sometime this year.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


For Christmas the boys got some hoodies from their great Grandpa Jim. I don't think this was the one intended for Max but he has taken it over and wears it every chance he gets. He loves the lizard, to stick his hand in the pockets and see how much stuff he can carry.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Talking to Strangers

I'm going to rant for a moment. Bare with me anyone who cares.

Levi just asked me "Mom I shouldn't talk to strangers right?" I paused. Several months I would have quickly said, 'Right'. But recently I read a book that has helped me to get a little different point of view on parenting called "Free Range Parenting".

I'm not huge on parenting books, partly because I don't have a ton of time to read like I used to and partly because in any book or article you can find just as many articles to contradict it. So I try more to go on what I feel is right for us and our kids, what the pediatrician says and what I have learned from talking to friends who have gone through what I have.

The reason why I decided to read this particular book was because it was highly recommended by a mom who I think is amazing and knew that if she recommended it, it would be a good read.

If I could sum it up in one sentence it would be that the book is about taking a step back and not over parent kids. It talks about how things are so different from when I was growing up. Walking to school? I did that every day by myself all through elementary school and even on some days Jr. High and High School (they were both pretty far). Now? Hardly anyone does it. Playing outside without shoes and a coat? I loved it but now, what IS that mother thinking???? They might catch a cold. Going out front to play some kick ball or hide and seek with the neighbors? My streets seem practically deserted. When I drive around rarely do I see kids playing, even on sunny days. It's makes me a little sad sometimes because I remember all the good memories I have of playing hide and seek with friends, building a fort in the orchard behind our house, or playing in the rain barefoot in jeans and a tee shirt.

Now we live in a time where we allow fear to dictate what we will and will not allow our children to do because we see this as dangerous times, with threats of child abductions, abuse or worse and believe it is all on the rise. Because of this it would be unsafe and negligent to give our children any of the same freedoms we had to roam roam neighborhoods without parents. So their lives have become a series of planned activities making them extremely supervised and very scheduled.

In reality we live in much safer times than when I was a kid. Yeah, I didn't know that one but it's true. Also I found out that there has never been a substantiated case of a child getting poisoned by Halloween candy. Ever. But media likes to hype things up because you don't get ratings from news stories talking about how the streets are have gotten safer or to stop worrying about any poisoned candy.

In one part of the book it talked about how we have all been taught to tell our kids not to talk to strangers. If they were lost what would they need to do to find their parents? TALK TO A STRANGER. We teach them to find a police man or something but what if one isn't there? Just the other day I was in a department store and I saw a little girl of 4-5 alone. I look at her, and she at me for several moments. Then she told me she was looking at the toys and lost her mom and dad. I took her hand and we soon found her mom. Me, a stranger, was able to help her.

As a missionary all I did was talk to strangers everywhere I went. I loved being able to talk to and meet new people I otherwise would have never come in contact with. Even before that if I was riding a bus or airplane, while I would at times be nervous talking to a stranger, I was always glad I did and I learned that people, as a whole are good and not out to steal from me or try to kill me.

The book emphasized that instead of teaching kids not to talk to strangers to rather never go with a stranger. And as soon as I read that I decided that is what I wanted to do and to teach to them. I don't want to my boys to think that the world is a fearful, dangerous place full of people wanting to take them away and hurt them. But that overall people are good and wonderful to talk to, just don't ever go anywhere with someone without talking to mom or dad.

It was a great read and gave me a lot of hope for the future.

The end.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Dress

Today I taught Levi what the word 'snazzy' means. Lately I've been working on some baby girl presents for friends of mine having girls and I had so many ideas running through my head for things to make for them. It made me a little sad that you can't find much for boys out there. But luckily I figured out how to make ties and I adore looking at my boys in them. They are just.....snazzy.
Oh, and Jason made up a little key with a chain that attaches to the vest and goes in the pocket. Levi loved it.
On a different note. Hilarious things that happened at church today.

- Max was asked to get a hymnal and he went to the complete opposite side of the room for one despite the fact that he passed 15 or so on his way to get 'the one'. Typical Max.

- During the Sacrament song Levi spied a boy in front of us, someone from his class, playing with a race car. He goes up to him, in very loud voice tells/yells that he's not being reverent. It took a few moments for us to get him calm. Then during the sacrament prayer all us adults who had watched the whole thing were trying desperately to contain the laughter. This is one of many reasons why we sit in the back row week after week.

On the not so hilarious side:
- Levi is doing great as a CTR4 and has been singing really well. He even got a sticker for singing so well. He loves it all.

- Max also loves nursery and when I went in to do some stuff for my calling and he saw me he didn't even freak out.

- I am figuring out my calling and enjoying being in with the kids. I loved doing singing time but I still get to help out some times. Also it is a lot less work on a weekly basis which is good, but I still miss it a bit. I'm sure I'll do it again someday and until then I'm enjoying one of the best music leaders I've seen and taking notes.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

More Office Updates

This is just for you Larry.

The office 'remodel' is going great. The desk was finished and brought upstairs earlier this week. I am in love. It's huge and with all the new organization and things off the desk it gives me lots more room to work rather than just pile things.
A lot of stuff is going to be up on the walls and off the desk giving easy access. I'm still working on a magnet board and a necklace and jewelry organizer for finished products and works in progress.
Jason finished the shelves and put them in the other day and I'm working on organizing it . There are perfect spots for everything, the printer, my tumbler and other jewelry gear and even my sewing machine, laminator and silhouette. Also we're putting a countertop on it for extra durability. We met with the guy the other day and it's going to be a dark green/black super strong slate. It's very pretty and I can't wait to see the finished product.

We just bought a new chair, Jason is working on building a foot rest/shelf under the desk for my feet (cause it's so high) and also for storage, he's out to get a long power strip so I can easily plug things in as well. It's all coming together and I'm very excited about the whole thing. Best Christmas gift ever.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Group Shot

When school picture time came to Levi's preschool I wasn't going to buy any because they are ridiculously expensive. Truthfully I just wanted to get a quick copy of the group shot from someone but we got the proofs free of charge and I couldn't resist.

He sure is handsome.
And here's the whole crew, Teacher Kim and Teacher Martha.
Top row Teacher Martha, Teacher Kim
Third Row: Levi, Nathan, Calem
Second Row: Anna, Everett, Amanda, Braden, Nicole
First Row: Kade, Isaac, Anna Marie, Gabriel