Thursday, June 25, 2009

He Man Women Haters Club

Now I am definitely out numbered 3:1. It's not a big deal and I've never been much of a 'girly girl' anyways. But every once and a while I feel like I am totally surrounded by boys. Good thing they are so much fun and I love it.

The other day we went to visit a friend and it was an all boys afternoon. 4 boys. Max (1 month). Cameron (1 year), Levi (2 years) and Jackson (3 years)
What would a day be without snack time. They were all pretty well behaved. Levi of course refused to eat much more than the cookies. Definitely his daddy's boy. Recently he doesn't want to eat much more than hot dogs, cheese, raisns, and we just found he'll eat refried beans. Oh and of course any sort of cookie, candy, cake, ice cream. I'm told it's just a phase and he won't be eating hot dogs every day his whole life. I hope so. I feel bad giving the kid hot dogs all the time, even thought they are the more 'healthy' turkey dogs. At least he's eating right?
Watching a little bit of Ice Age. Levi lost interest pretty quick. His attention span is greatly reduced when there isn't a furry red monster as the main character.
Feeding the horses! They LOVED it. We went for a walk to the neighbors house and got to feed the mini horses (whatever you call them). Little Max went too. He slept through the whole thing.
Rolling on the ground. Silly boys.

Levi saw Max up on the chair and HAD to get up with him. He thought it was very funny.

Since that first time, Levi has wanted to hold Max a number of times. What a good big brother. He also loves to 'give' Max his pacifier (by give I mean shove in his face when he's sleeping), cover him with a blanket (throw a wadded up blanket on top of him), and "rock" him. It is all very cute to watch. He also makes sure to give him a kiss each night.

Boys are a lot of fun and don't worry, I won't be looking to try for a girl anytime soon. Boys are just fine with me.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Man Day

This year our family decided that instead of doing "Father's Day" we would do "Man Day" to honor all those in our family who are not yet 'official' fathers, and are wonderful uncles, brothers, sons....

What do you do to celebrate Man Day? Well. For us it was ribs. Pretty manly right? Also we did man day presents for all. Among the gifts: ties, shirts, work gloves, Old Spice, razors, and even some Milk Duds. For my man: a fire bowl so he can be a man and do what men do. Build fires. For the little men in the fam: clothing from Grandma Nese. Don't worry, they were pretty manly cloths, even Max's outfit which had sharks all over it.

I wish I had taken more pictures but my littlest man decided he didn't want to sleep for pretty much the whole weekend and even the latter part of the week, so I was a little sleep deprived. Ok. A lot. Pictures were not a priority at the moment.
What is a "Man Day" without a cake? I think the fishes were in honor of Jason's love of fishes and fish tanks. Or maybe it was all they had left at the bakery.
We invited the Carstens over. Guess who is one of Levi's best buddies? Hint....he's wearing green.
Ribs. Mmmm. Jason did an amazing job, couldn't even tell it was his first attempt. This is all that was left over, and there was a LOT....So messy, so manly. As we were eating one of my brother's declared it was ok to be messy and burp on Man Day. I protested a little to the burping part.
This pic was from last week but it is of two of my favorite "Men" being very manly.

Happy Man Day to all my favorite men!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Golf Balls, Dress Up and New Hiding Spots

This is a samplin' of the random things that happen in our house. As I commented to my cousin about her hilarious Sunday school class: 'Heavenly Father had to make kids funny, it is the only way to keep the adults around them sane'. Anyone care for a burrito? He likes being all bundled up.
Levi was playing with his toys on the couch and I had been tidying up. When I looked over to check on him this is what I found stuffed in the cracks of the couch. Puzzle pieces and little people animals.
Jason decided to play dress up with Max. On his head is a 'do rag' from a Harley Davidson outfit Levi had. I'll have to admit he looked pretty cool. Though he didn't seem to like it much. Dad had fun though and I thought it was adorable.
Our garage and house is filled with various sports equiptment. Basketballs, volleyballs, tennis rackets, soccer balls.....and of course golf gear. Levi loves golf balls for some reason, so much so he insisted on napping with two of them one day. What a funny little man.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our big day

It has been a long time since I have been to the zoo, at least in Oregon, the last time being some school field trip. I do remember it was always fun. This week we went to the zoo with Levi, Max, Rhonda and Gary (step-mom and dad), Aunt Kathy and Luna (my aunt and her granddaughter, which would make her my cousin?).
Looking at the monkeys, after words he was climbing all over the display, info things. He's part monkey, get's it from his dad.
Sand time! This is the best sand box EVER. It was funny because Levi does not like his hands dirty or sticky (well only for a minute maybe) and he fell. But because he didn't want to get his hands dirtier he refused to use his hands to help him get up. It was hilarious.
Luna (3) feeding Levi goldfish crackers.
Grandpa feeding ice cream. That boy's got everyone wrapped around is little finger.
Max did a great job on his first 'big outing' (big outing being a trip bigger than a 20 minute Costo stop).
For some reason we are posing in front of a construction site. Don't we look great? I'm just glad I made it out of the house not wearing pj's.
More ice cream! Sweet Tomatoes has these tiny cones which are perfect for little hands.

We had a lot of fun and can't wait to go back and see the rest of it (we only saw bits and pieces, toddlers can wear you out pretty quick. Thank goodness for zoo passes)