Sunday, March 29, 2015

Gross Kids and Girl Time

Max is officially my go to mail helper. He loves to 'feed mailer' then make him burp.
Checking out sofas. I am itching to get new ones. I can't hardly wait to replace them. Now it's just a matter of finding something that works and we can agree on which is no easy task. This would actually be the first couch we ever bought together. In college we lived in a furnished apartment. Then lived with my mom for almost a year then moved here which was furnished and we've had the couch and recliner ever since. They are getting pretty worn and the time has come. Hopefully new once soon!
The boys got hot dogs of course. Sometimes it is so hard for me to stand back and let them do things  themselves even doing their own ketchup and mustard which they get everywhere but I suppose they have to learn sometime.
And they earned some Lego Harry Potter time.
We had a Costco chicken for dinner and guess who got into the garbage? This kid!
Baby belly!
Trying to be like big brother. Notice milk jug on the floor. Again he loves the recycling and garbage. Kids are so gross.
This is where Max used to sit too. Right underneath my desk by my feet. I'm so glad I have a taller desk to keep them from pulling too much stuff down.
And he's into everything. Everything.
Finally got the pictures up!!!!
We don't go out to restaurants too much especially when it's not a birthday or something probably cause most of the time they just want a hot dog anyways. But for fun we decided to go to Red Robin and the boys got to drawing right away.

Or in Davis' case into sucking on the chalk. Again. So gross.
Dave loves to eat whatever dad is eating.

Flirting with the baby a couple tables down.
Max got hold of my camera. He thinks he's so slick.
Baby on the roof!
Friday I got to head off early for a girls weekend! Mom took the boys and we all headed off. I got like 0 pictures but it was a lot of fun. We stayed up late, slept in, ate junk food, talked about everything, pranked husbands, went shopping. Basically the best weekend ever. I don't know why we didn't do it before but I'm glad we did. I need to schedule next years so it's in the books!

I came home to this guy. Paint all over him. So cute though. Even though I had tons of much needed away time it was good to be home with my guys.

Beach Trip and Other Stuff

Mr. Fix it Max. He insisted on these pictures. He is so funny, sometimes he hates the camera, sometimes he loves it. It's completely random.
So Miss Incecisive finally figured out what she was going to do on one of the walls of the bathroom. I kind of knew what I wanted but had to collect the frames (all found for less than a dollar at garage sales). Then had to find the prints I wanted. The round ones didn't have glass because they are acutally plate displays so I had to laminate the prints so it would protect them since they were going in the wet bathroom. I figured this arrangement. Now just needed the final touches and get them on the wall.

I almost went with something different but I realized I really loved having meaningful quotes up and I always remembered them from when I was a kid and later on in life so I tried to find things that worked that I wanted us to look at often.
Davis' absolute favorite book ever. Especially the page with the owl. He's starting to like the page with a rooster and will say 'Doo! Dooo!'  So cute. I need to record that.
And this. Levi was so dang funny. He had been working on his homework which sometimes involves measuring things while I was working and Davis was napping. He comes in my office and shows me this. I almost burst out laughing but let him explain. He said he broke the ruler then tried to glue it back together. It wasn't drying fast enough so he put it in the microwave. Silly kid. Good think it didn't have metal in it. I am very proud of him that he came and told me what happened rather than hide it. In those situations I do my best to be calm so I don't scare him into never telling me things. Kids. They are so weird.
See? Weird.
More book time. He looks at it pretty much every day.
It was time for a little Studio C. We absolutely love it. And how cute is Levi with his baby bro? He is such a sweet and thoughtful guy. Max is too, just in different ways.

I turned in some credit card points for a few Nike gift cards. I'm working on losing some weight and am using this as an incentive. I'm more than halfway to my first goal. New shoes here I come!
Cheesasaurus Rex. PS these water bottles are the best.
Davis is obsessed with pulling out recycling stuff whenever he can. Jason had been on a root beer binge and so Davis decided he needed to bring me all the bottles. Nice kid.
Bunco night with RS! It was really fun. I wish we would do more activities in our ward so I could hang with some awesome women.
Levi watching Elmo with Dave. It's one of his favorites. Davis' not Levi's. He'll tolarate it but I secretly think he loves it.
Then we were off to a family beach trip! We actully had it planned in the fall but it turned out to be the weekend of the big primary program practice which I was leading the music for so I didn't want to miss it so we moved it.

Anyways, it was at a new place at the beach and for 3 nights. I had a little bit of a cold but we survived. We went to the outlet stores and Max and Levi were outraged their would be an Adidas store in the same area as Nike (Jason has turned them in to major Nike fans).
And Max had a project he needed to work on due the next monday. It was a diarama of a favorite animal so he decided to do a shark so we used some down time in the condo to work on it. Jason mostly work on the homework with them while Davis and I napped. He's a good daddy/hubby. We'll keep him.
Beach time! The boys loved it and threw lots of rocks. We even happened to see some of our friends who took a couple pictures for us.
Then we were off to the so Max could check out and learn about some sharks. Plus the aquarium is awesome.
We let them get a couple of little things along with some some souvenir pennies.
This is so typical of Goodrich boy life. Max gets something, Davis freaks out then Mom or Dad (this time dad) comes in to fix it. Or it's Max and Levi. Or any combination of any of the boys.

Now they're both happy.
Levi and I did not freak out.
Max's end product. We got stand, sticks, rocks and shells from the beach. He was very happy with it.