Monday, August 29, 2016

Camping and Ice Cream Time

The boys working hard to save up their money. They were still deciding what it was for but saving is always good.
HP spell book. I found a printable one online, it was so easy to make up.
And we invited the Rowleys over for a swim. Swimming's always better with friends.

Ugh. Seriously so many shoes.
Football practice.
I love his deep contemplative look. And eating a favorite granola bar.
And I randomly found this water balloon on the piano long after the fight was over. Boys.
I love these series of photos. Davis interested in what Max has, Max trying to keep it away and then big goofy grins.

I was working hard to try and get the boys to practice their writing (mostly Levi) so I would write down a question and then they would have to respond to it in writing.
A pre nap snuggle.
My anniversary gift! A ton of my favorite fruits and some bubble bath. Jason knows what I like.
More of the same. Watching them play kind of made me want to get one of those old school machines.

This kid. I totally let him go to practice and then to the grocery store in PJ's. I used to say I would never be one of those moms but I just don't care. Pick your battles. Oh and after this Davis pushed the panic button and the alarm on the van went off.
On the ride to go camping. Typical.
I found these card holders to help the boys with their game playing skillz.
Oh Dave.

We also went to the cheese factory. These photos were taken because I was looking at Davis on his tippy toes and saw his calves, he has such definition on them. That kid is buff! I think he gets his calves from Jason, they're pretty muscley.

I saw this little jug of milk and had to get it. Then Davis had to carry it which was adorable.

Working at the Harry Potter scarf factory. I know it's a little crazy but I love doing parties because I get to use my creative energies on things I don't normally get to do like sew. And instead of doing a little goody bag that would get thrown away I like to do things that would actually get used.

Tidied up. Kind of. It usually looks like a mess no matter what I do.
And time to can some pears.

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